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2021/02/27 US finds Saudi crown prince approved Khashoggi murder but does not sanction him

2021/02/27 Priest: Joe Biden Is ‘Most Aggressively Anti-Catholic President in History’

2021/02/27 SOLDIERS IN CAMEROON, A CLOSE U.S. ALLY, COMMIT MASS RAPE, REPORT SAYS; The atrocity-filled raid on a village in Cameroon included the rape of at least 20 women, according to Human Rights Watch.

2021/02/27 The Assassination of Malcolm X: Ex-Undercover Officer Admits Role in FBI & Police Conspiracy

2021/02/27 Discuss: The US Bombs Syria. Again. Syria attack shows Joe Biden was telling the truth when he said “America is back!”

2021/02/27 Report: Facebook Wants to Build Facial Recognition Tech into ‘Smart Glasses’

2021/02/26 PROJECT OPUS: Erik Prince and the Failed Plot to Arm a CIA Asset-Turned-Warlord in Libya

2021/02/26 Gay Republican group denounces “insidious” Equality Act as “transgender ideology”

2021/02/26 California man allegedly tried burying wife alive during beach attack following argument, police say

2021/02/26 ‘Everyone Agreed’ on Vaccine Passports, Says Merkel at EU Coronavirus Summit

2021/02/26 Rand Paul goes on unhinged transphobic rant at Dr. Rachel Levine’s confirmation hearing

2021/02/26 Like Trump Before Him and Every Other President Since 9/11, Biden Likely to Continue ‘Endless Wars’ in Afghanistan

2021/02/26 Hasbro's Gender-Neutral Mr. Potato Head Rebrand Is Causing Confusion

2021/02/25 Watch: Joe Biden’s Transgender Nominee for Assistant Health Secretary Faces Senate Hearing

2021/02/25 Will enough Republican senators sign onto the Equality Act for it to pass? Probably not.

2021/02/25 Texas Bishop Warns Equality Act ‘Threatens the Heart of Our Nation’; Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler Texas warned late Wednesday the Equality Act is destructive legislation that would do untold damage to the country if passed.

2021/02/25 FBI 'aware of' American Airlines possible UFO spotting, stops short of confirming investigation

2021/02/25 Mother shot her daughter & trans son to death; Police found the mother on her porch with her children's blood on her hands in "a gruesome scene."

2021/02/20 Ghislaine Maxwell told me Jeffrey Epstein made secret recordings of Clinton and Trump, journalist says

Voice Writers, Exclusives, and Original Content - (Updated 02/21)

2021/02/21 COVID-19: A Controlled Demolition of the "Baby Boomer Problem?" A quasi-artistic and ultimately chilling political exploration into the subject of whether or not the covid-19/coronavirus pandemic has been used to reduce or solve a problem that has been recognized by every government in the western world for some time, namely, the "baby boomer" problem and the financial/ecological problem posed by an aging population.

Jenn Smith: 2021/01/31 BC Election Police Target TNT Writer But Ignore Media Promoting "Legalize Everything" Candidate

Jenn Smith: The Specter of Transgender Ideology and the Exploitation of Vulnerable Children: An Unlikely Alliance between “SJW Dragonslayer” Derek Sloan and Transgender Activist Jenn Smith in the Call for a National Inquiry

BC News (Updated 0227)

2021/02/27 ‘A Monstrous Monument to Greed and Stupidity’: Critics React to Site C Decision; BC Liberals accuse NDP of mismanagement; Greens warn public to brace for higher costs.

2021/02/27 Orthodox synagogues in B.C. granted exemption to hold small, fully masked indoor services; Health ministry says ban on use of electronics during the Sabbath makes virtual services impossible

2021/02/27 2 Vancouver police officers caught on video posing with dead man on Third Beach; Officers seen on video laughing and snapping photos in front of body lying on the shore

2021/02/27 Delta Hospice Society gets final notice to vacate property after refusing to allow medically assisted suicide

2021/02/27 Chelsea Handler Skis Topless In Whistler To Celebrate 46th Birthday

2021/02/26 B.C. government to make major announcement on future of Site C dam megaproject

2021/02/26 Argument over physical distancing ends with father being stabbed in front of family; Nanaimo RCMP say father, 50, struck with coffee cup and then stabbed, suspect arrested

2021/02/26 Threats against Dr. Bonnie Henry 'unacceptable,' B.C. health minister says

2021/02/25 Police issue over $900 in tickets to 2 BC Ferries' passengers for not wearing masks

2021/02/24 Dr. Bonnie Henry sits down with Paul Wells: Maclean's in Conversation; B.C.'s health officer sits down with senior writer Paul Wells to discuss the challenges of managing a year-long health crisis, and what comes next

2021/02/21 University of British Columbia medical school teaches that women 'may or may not have a penis'

2021/02/21 Concerns about spread of misinformation at Vancouver ‘Freedom Rally’

2021/02/17 Social gathering crack down in Richmond

Canada News (Updated 0227)

2021/02/27 Why are Alberta's Care Home COVID-19 Statistics not Public?

2021/02/26 Body of newborn baby found in Hamilton basement, parents arrested

2021/02/25 Flu cases drastically down this year; February is typically peak flu season, but this year the annual epidemic is in drastic decline. Flu is practically non-existent this year, with levels of the virus lower than it's been in decades. (The Voice warning: flu cases are bound to be down because of mitigation measures. Compare flu deaths from ALL flus in previous tears to deaths from COVID).

2021/02/25 Hamilton man in custody after stabbing two women at Maple Leafs Foods facility

2021/02/24 Just "Democrat" Cuomo in New York, "Conservative" Kenney Transferring COVID-Positive Patients into Care Homes

2021/02/24 ‘A Matter of Trust’: The Grim Reality Behind Indigenous Vaccine Fears; The BC government has prioritized remote First Nations communities. But a record of health-care racism has left many skeptical.

2021/02/19 Liberals Are Trying to Price Independent Media Out of the Market

2021/01/29 Trudeau's Minister of "Heritage" wants to Censor the Internet

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2021/02/27 Despite the presence of unethical robocalls to unlisted phone numbers originating from her campaign, Dr. Carin Bondar was sworn in as a trustee during a special meeting of the Chilliwack School District Board of Trustees Tuesday

2021/02/23 Controversial “Wild Sex” School Board Trustee to Be Sworn in Tonight.

2021/02/20 Ridiculous Endless Taxpayer's Money-Draining War Against Barry Neufeld Continues (The Voice is issuing an extreme bias warning on this story as The Progress has a HEAVY far left bias)

2021/02/17 Mounties seeking public’s assistance to identify robbery suspects

2021/02/15 Global TV. Carin Bondar Elected in Chilliwack. Stands By Her Use of Sexuality to Promote Education INcluding Sexualizing an 18 Year Old Boy

2021/02/15 Progressive wins Chilliwack school board byelection after divisive campaign

2021/01/31 BC Election Police Target TNT Writer But Ignore Media Promoting "Legalize Everything" Candidate

2020/01/31 Microscope Fellatio and a Cigarette: A Tale of Two Scandals in the Chilliwack School Board Byelection

Commentary (Updated 0223)

2021/02/23 Why Democrats’ Equality Act Is Dangerous To Women, Children, And Gay People Like Me

How Premier Jason Kenney went from defending conscience rights to jailing pastors

2021/02/23 RIP RUSH LIMBAUGH, WHO SPENT HIS ENTIRE LIFE ON THE GOVERNMENT DOLE. The hilarious irony at the core of Limbaugh’s life was that his career and wealth were a handout from the U.S. government.

2021/02/22 Politicized, woke and afraid: Gen Z needs to start thinking critically

2021/02/22 ‘My thoughts became poisonous’: the toll of lockdown when you live alone

2021/02/22 The Gender Identity Industry, Transhumanism and Posthumanism

2021/02/21 How the Big-Tech monopolies are hurting their own value; Political crusades, censorship and bullying their smaller competitors will drive users away from the internet giants

2021/02/21 Really, Rex Murphy? When it comes to the conversation about renewable energy and climate change, the falsehoods fly faster and farther than ever before, writes columnist Max Fawcett.

2021/02/15 Man Asks That You Respect His Preferred Adjectives (The Voice Satire Alert - This Story is Satirical)

2021/02/10 Polish law on “protecting the freedoms of social media users” will do exactly the opposite

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2021/02/21 BC Christian Leaders Survey on the BC Government's Response to COVID - Shannon Stange

2021/02/25 OPINION | 'Comfortable martyrdom' on display as churches defy government COVID-19 orders; As a Christian, this is grimly difficult to watch, says writer and Anglican cleric Michael Coren

Video - Funny, Amazing, and Shocking - (Updated 0223)

2021/02/19 Caught on cam: Wallaby hops into Aussie hospital

Chase With A Crazy Ending... Wait for the ending on this one!

Amazing Sawing Lines with Automatic Sawmill Machines - Modern Wood Processing Factory

Kangaroo Rescued During Family Boat Trip in Western Australia

30+ Dangerous Big Ship Launch Gone Bad ! CLOSE CALLS and Huge WAVES

Video - Historical

2021/02/16 The Assassination of Fred Hampton: New Documents Reveal Involvement of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

JFK to 911: Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick. [The Voice Content Warning (Do your own research)]

Video - News and Commentary - (Updated 02/25)

2021/02/25 Gabor Maté on Jordan Peterson

2021/02/21 NASA releases first colour images sent from Mars

2021/02/21 Caught on cam: Horse rescued from icy Texas pond

2021/02/19 Is the coronavirus here to stay?

2021/02/18 Kristi Noem takes on Bill Gates' latest environmental demands; South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem slams Bill Gates' for saying Americans' should stop eating beef and weighs in on the devestation of canceling the Keystone XL pipeline.

2021/02/18 Tucker Carlson Claims George Floyd Wasn't Killed by A Cop

Time Games Conspiracy Theorists With Cave Wall Distractions

Political media's bias, in a single chart

2021/02/12 When Establishment Journalist Jonathan Kay Uses Dog Shampoo He Whines About Getting "Canceled" Because People Said Mean Things

2020/12/03 Mainstreaming Q: How QAnon Infiltrated the Wellness and Yoga Communities (w/ Rachel Greenspan)

Video - Pop Culture

2021/02/15 FINAL LAPS: McDowell avoids massive wreck to win the 2021 Daytona 500

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