NEW! A Voice Original by Jenn Smith: Immolating Parental Rights and Overruling Truth: How the Jailing of a BC Father Shows the Extremes of Transgender Ideology and the Failure of the Media. Be sure to join Jenn in downtown Vancouver at the Museum on Saturday ."There are important parallels between the 1963 case of the self-immolation of Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thích Quảng Đức and the recent case in British Columbia (2021) of a father who was forced against his will by the court and the state to facilitate the pharmaceutical “sex reassignment” of his teenage daughter. Both cases speak to the desperation of people whose rights were trampled by an invasive all-powerful state and who were ignored by an indifferent and corrupt establishment beholden media"


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Top International Stories - (updated 0318)

2021/03/18 What Did FBI Director Wray Actually Say About the Jan. 6th 'Insurrection?'

2021/03/21 Twitter Deletes QAnon to Protect US from Upheaval; Russia May Delete Twitter for the Same Reason

2021/03/18 Nazi Healthcare Revived Across the Five Eyes: Killing Useless Eaters and Biden’s COVID Relief Bill

2021/03/21 Journalists, Illustrating How They Operate, Yesterday Spread a Significant Lie All Over Twitter

2021/03/18 Covid-19 Is Big Business. But Who’s Making a Killing?

2021/03/18 Trans woman of colour tops Sports Illustrated swim issue

2021/03/18 It’s Time to Investigate the FBI—for Its Deep-Fake Kavanaugh Investigation

2021/03/18 Digital Trails: How the FBI Identifies, Tracks and Rounds Up Dissidents

2021/03/14 On The Psychology Of The Conspiracy Denier; A closer look at the class that mocks.

2021/03/14 Glamour Magazine Includes Transgender Woman in ‘Women of the Year’ Awards

2021/03/14 Return of the Leviathan: The Fascist Roots of the CIA and the True Origin of the Cold War

2021/03/14 NIH Director: ‘Hopeful’ about July 4 Goal, ‘But There Are Clouds’ Like States Lifting Mask Mandates

2021/03/14 The Burglary That Exposed COINTELPRO: Activists Mark 50th Anniversary of Daring FBI Break-in

2021/03/14 NYPD releases chilling video of deadly shooting during Church Christmas concert; Suspect was carrying two guns, gasoline, ropes, knives, and a Bible

Hilarious Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden: FULL debate on the Joe Rogan Experience (PARODY)

2021/03/10 CALLED IT: WaPo calls anti-vaxxers “domestic terrorists”. Back in January I wrote about how the Capitol Hill “insurection” was laying the groundwork for Biden’s administration to introduce a much-talked-about new “domestic terrorism” law.

2021/03/10 The Four Horsemen of the Media Apocalypse; The legacies of Trump, Limbaugh, Murdoch, and Ailes are a lasting plague of misinformation, propaganda, and fake news.

2021/03/10 Milo Yiannopoulos claims he is now “ex-gay” in latest grift; Yiannopoulus has tried to make his life performance art. But is the religious right gullible enough to give him a second act?

2021/03/10 Biden, Afghanistan and Forever Wars

2021/03/10 The Cat in the Tinfoil Hat Never take away a 50-year-old baby’s favorite toys.


One year of the flu versus one ear of COVID-19. Are the virus deniers still sure it was overblown?

2021/03/08 The Nightingale Alternative; We used to learn in Sunday School that perfect love casteth out fear. It is equally true that perfect fear casteth out love: and since the advent of The Virus, it has been doing just that - remorselessly, callously, self-righteously.

2021/03/05 5 ways they’re trying to trick you into taking the Covid “vaccine”; The increasingly desperate ploys are all in play, and if you’re not paying attention you might just fall for them

2021/03/05 LGBT Identification Rises to 5.6% in Latest U.S. Estimate; Bi-sexuality Skyrockets

2021/03/03 DRUG LOBBY ASKS BIDEN TO PUNISH FOREIGN COUNTRIES PUSHING FOR LOW-COST VACCINES. Big Pharma is fighting for tight control over Covid-19 vaccine production, limiting availability worldwide while reaping billions.

Voice Writers, Exclusives, and Original Content - (Updated 03/14)

2021/03/14 VOICE EXCLUSIVE: Game of Throness: The Insatiable Appetite of Cancel Culture and the Cancelling of Laurie Throness. By Rob Bogunovic.

2021/02/21 COVID-19: A Controlled Demolition of the "Baby Boomer Problem?" A quasi-artistic and ultimately chilling political exploration into the subject of whether or not the covid-19/coronavirus pandemic has been used to reduce or solve a problem that has been recognized by every government in the western world for some time, namely, the "baby boomer" problem and the financial/ecological problem posed by an aging population.

Jenn Smith: 2021/01/31 BC Election Police Target TNT Writer But Ignore Media Promoting "Legalize Everything" Candidate

Jenn Smith: The Specter of Transgender Ideology and the Exploitation of Vulnerable Children: An Unlikely Alliance between “SJW Dragonslayer” Derek Sloan and Transgender Activist Jenn Smith in the Call for a National Inquiry

BC News (Updated 0318)

2021/03/18 B.C. father arrested, held in jail for repeatedly violating court orders over child's gender transition therapy (NOTE: Major The Voice exclusive story forthcoming on this)

2021/03/18 B.C. premier expects those who are vaccinated will get flexibility to do more

2021/03/14 VOICE EXCLUSIVE: Game of Throness: The Insatiable Appetite of Cancel Culture and the Cancelling of Laurie Throness. By Rob Bogunovic.

2021/03/14 Premier John Horgan supports vaccine passports for international travel but lukewarm for B.C. Social Sharing; John Horgan less certain about need to provide one for sports or entertainment events once they resume

2021/03/14 B.C. Mounties call in reinforcements to investigate series of explosions in Penticton

2021/03/14 Metro Vancouver residents tossed half a billion pieces of PPE in landfill in 2020: report

2021/03/14 B.C. government replaces 600 clauses in 70 laws and regulations with gender neutral terms

2021/03/14 Your questions about B.C.'s new rules on social gatherings, answered; Patios beers with friends are still on hold, says Dr. Bonnie Henry

2021/03/04 Transgender woman detained at B.C. jail for men files human rights complaint

2021/02/26 Threats against Dr. Bonnie Henry 'unacceptable,' B.C. health minister says

2021/02/21 Concerns about spread of misinformation at Vancouver ‘Freedom Rally’

Canada News (Updated 0318)

Voice Exclusive Op-Ed: On the primacy of Political Correctness in Education. By Heather Maahs, SD33, School Trustee

2021/03/18 Justice Centre says pastor of Edmonton-area church to be released

2021/03/18 Canadians not near death gain access to assisted dying as Senate passes Bill C-7

2021/03/14 Ontario Lockdown 3? What Science are Doug Ford and his Experts Following?

2021/03/14 CSIS, RCMP modelling new security collaboration efforts on British lessons; Canada's national police and spy agencies, long under pressure to co-operate more effectively on security cases, are developing new ways to work together based on Britain's recent responses to deadly terrorist attacks.

2021/03/14 More than $3B paid to 28,000 victims of residential school abuse: report

2021/03/14 Summer in Canada will be better if all goes well, but experts aren't booking travel just yet

2021/03/21 Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg summoned to testify before Commons heritage committee

2021/03/14 Liberals are Very Late Releasing 2021 Budget - Not a Good Sign for Fiscal Conservatives

2021/03/14 Trudeau warns COVID-19 vaccine passports raise 'questions of fairness'; Justin Trudeau expressed caution Friday over the use of “vaccine passports,” suggesting they could unfairly impact some people if used to decide who can go to a concert or dine at a restaurant.

Law prohibiting election misinformation struck down; A key section of Canada's elections law designed to curb misinformation during elections has been struck down and declared unconstitutional.

2021/03/10 Bloc leader says he would back fast-tracking bill on medical assistance in dying

2021/03/08 Forty Years of Failure to Curb Media Monopolies; A 1981 commission set out a plan to protect the public interest. It was ignored, and the Postmedia-Torstar machinations show we’re paying a high price.

2021/03/04 Lack of evidence-based medicine in debate around new MAID law should concern Canadians; 'In medicine we quantify the harms of new treatments before deciding whether it is acceptable to use them'

2021/03/03 Estate of slain Hells Angels prospect who led double life split between spouses in court battle

2021/01/29 Trudeau's Minister of "Heritage" wants to Censor the Internet

Chilliwack Coming Events - (Updated 0304)
Chilliwack Community Group Listings
Chilliwack News -- (Updated 03/18)

2021/03/18 Shop in residential area catches fire in Chilliwack

2021/03/18 Chilliwack school board unaminous in support for new prison education funding model

2021/03/18 Mounties seeking assistance to identify a suspect

2021/03/14 VOICE EXCLUSIVE: Game of Throness: The Insatiable Appetite of Cancel Culture and the Cancelling of Laurie Throness. By Rob Bogunovic.

2021/03/14 After repeatedly being deemed unfit to stand trial, man charged in Chilliwack River Valley shooting is now fit

2021/03/14 RCMP seek the public’s assistance in a break and enter investigation

2021/03/14 VIDEO and PHOTOS: Standing in solidarity in Chilliwack for missing, murdered Indigenous women

2021/03/14 BC RCMP notify the IIO BC of an police dog incident in Chilliwack

2021/03/05 Chilliwack man facing murder charge sentenced Thursday to unrelated robbery

2021/03/04 Man in Van Tries to Grab Boy Near Chilliwack’s Robertson Elementary

2021/03/03 Pairing up teens and seniors to keep pandemic loneliness at bay; A group in Chilliwack, B.C., has paired young people up with seniors to stave off loneliness and isolation in this pandemic

2021/02/27 Despite the presence of unethical robocalls to unlisted phone numbers originating from her campaign, Dr. Carin Bondar was sworn in as a trustee during a special meeting of the Chilliwack School District Board of Trustees Tuesday

2021/02/23 Controversial “Wild Sex” School Board Trustee to Be Sworn in Tonight.

2021/02/20 Ridiculous Endless Taxpayer's Money-Draining War Against Barry Neufeld Continues (The Voice is issuing an extreme bias warning on this story as The Progress has a HEAVY far left bias)

2021/02/15 Global TV. Carin Bondar Elected in Chilliwack. Stands By Her Use of Sexuality to Promote Education INcluding Sexualizing an 18 Year Old Boy

2021/02/15 Progressive wins Chilliwack school board byelection after divisive campaign

2021/01/31 BC Election Police Target TNT Writer But Ignore Media Promoting "Legalize Everything" Candidate

2020/01/31 Microscope Fellatio and a Cigarette: A Tale of Two Scandals in the Chilliwack School Board Byelection

Commentary (Updated 0223)

2021/02/23 Why Democrats’ Equality Act Is Dangerous To Women, Children, And Gay People Like Me

How Premier Jason Kenney went from defending conscience rights to jailing pastors

2021/02/23 RIP RUSH LIMBAUGH, WHO SPENT HIS ENTIRE LIFE ON THE GOVERNMENT DOLE. The hilarious irony at the core of Limbaugh’s life was that his career and wealth were a handout from the U.S. government.

2021/02/22 Politicized, woke and afraid: Gen Z needs to start thinking critically

2021/02/22 ‘My thoughts became poisonous’: the toll of lockdown when you live alone

2021/02/22 The Gender Identity Industry, Transhumanism and Posthumanism

2021/02/21 How the Big-Tech monopolies are hurting their own value; Political crusades, censorship and bullying their smaller competitors will drive users away from the internet giants

2021/02/21 Really, Rex Murphy? When it comes to the conversation about renewable energy and climate change, the falsehoods fly faster and farther than ever before, writes columnist Max Fawcett.

2021/02/15 Man Asks That You Respect His Preferred Adjectives (The Voice Satire Alert - This Story is Satirical)

2021/02/10 Polish law on “protecting the freedoms of social media users” will do exactly the opposite

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Memes (trending - Updated 03/08)

One year of the flu vs one year of COVID-19. Keep in mind COVID-19 is just one thing whereas flus are multiple. Incuded are excess mortality statistics

Religious, Spiritual, and Cultural - (Updated 02/25)

2021/02/21 BC Christian Leaders Survey on the BC Government's Response to COVID - Shannon Stange

2021/02/25 OPINION | 'Comfortable martyrdom' on display as churches defy government COVID-19 orders; As a Christian, this is grimly difficult to watch, says writer and Anglican cleric Michael Coren

Video - Funny, Amazing, and Shocking - (Updated 0315)

Hilarious Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden: FULL debate on the Joe Rogan Experience (PARODY)

2021/02/19 Caught on cam: Wallaby hops into Aussie hospital

Chase With A Crazy Ending... Wait for the ending on this one!

Amazing Sawing Lines with Automatic Sawmill Machines - Modern Wood Processing Factory

Kangaroo Rescued During Family Boat Trip in Western Australia

30+ Dangerous Big Ship Launch Gone Bad ! CLOSE CALLS and Huge WAVES

Video - Historical

2021/02/16 The Assassination of Fred Hampton: New Documents Reveal Involvement of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

JFK to 911: Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick. [The Voice Content Warning (Do your own research)]

Video - News and Commentary - (Updated 0313)

Vitamin D, Deep sleep & Gut Bacteria w/ Dr. Stasha Gominak

Society of Editors demands evidence of bigotry in our Press… HERE’S THE EVIDENCE

2021/02/25 Gabor Maté on Jordan Peterson

2021/02/21 NASA releases first colour images sent from Mars

2021/02/21 Caught on cam: Horse rescued from icy Texas pond

2021/02/18 Kristi Noem takes on Bill Gates' latest environmental demands; South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem slams Bill Gates' for saying Americans' should stop eating beef and weighs in on the devestation of canceling the Keystone XL pipeline.

2021/02/18 Tucker Carlson Claims George Floyd Wasn't Killed by A Cop

Time Games Conspiracy Theorists With Cave Wall Distractions

Political media's bias, in a single chart

2021/02/12 When Establishment Journalist Jonathan Kay Uses Dog Shampoo He Whines About Getting "Canceled" Because People Said Mean Things

2020/12/03 Mainstreaming Q: How QAnon Infiltrated the Wellness and Yoga Communities (w/ Rachel Greenspan)

Video - Pop Culture

2021/02/15 FINAL LAPS: McDowell avoids massive wreck to win the 2021 Daytona 500

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