Bondar slipstreams to a win

Front runners battle for School Board seat

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The 2021 SD33 by-election results.

Four contenders vied Saturday, February 13, for the seat left vacant on the Chilliwack School Board by former Chair Dan Coulter who bolted for greener pastures after being elected as the local MLA.

Votes for the two top runners; Richard Procee and Carin Bondar, were close most of the evening with the former ahead by a 100 votes at one point and then Bondar kicked in the afterburners to finish 669 votes ahead.

Procee told The Voice prior to the polls closing that no matter what happened he'd be fine with the outcome.

"Win or lose I'll be okay with it. I've learned a lot along the way," he said.

Candidates Brian Vangarderen and Adan Suleman finished a distant third and fourth with 287 and 182 votes respectively.

Procee sent out a press release afterward gracefully thanking Chilliwack residents who supported candidates in the by-election that saw 10,710 votes cast.

Procee also congratulated Bondar on her win.

"I would like to thank Carin Bondar, Adam Suleman and Brian VanGarderen for putting your name forward," said Procee. "Our democratic process is enhanced and strengthened by your courage to stand and place yourself under the scrutiny of public opinion. Finally, thank-you to my team and supporters. My thanks cannot be conveyed by the written word. I am silenced by your dedication and hard work as it is above the call of duty. For this I am humbled."

For more information about the election, visit the City of Chilliwack website.

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