Welcome all.

The Valley Voice has changed ownership and is in the process of restructuring, refocusing, and relaunching. Please be patient during this transformation.

If you would like to be part of a new independent bottom up media project, that stands on communities and reaches up to the world, please stay with us and check this announcement page until the full relaunch. The objective is to create a free speech and thought platform, and one stop information spot that is neither left nor right on the political spectrum but welcomes all thoughtful researched information, and even some funny and forbidden ideas. Our goal is to compete with  mainstream media's monopoly over information. 

If you are a writer, reporter, a journalism student looking to practice your skills and want to contribute, please let us know using the contact form.

If you have a story or commentary suggestions, please feel free to use the contact form below to let us know.

We also will consider letters to the editor and guest writer spots.

Our editorial policy is to only present material that is researched and responsible, where statements of fact are either proven or restated as opinion. Where some external material might not meet those standards we will put a Voice warning to do your own research. All Voice original material will meet high standards: statements of facts must be proven, and when writers are stating opinion and theory that is not proven, they must say so.

We also believe in a dialectical process, which means if you see an article and think you have an idea for a powerful rebuttal article, story, or video that has an opposite thesis, let us know. Of course we cannot respond to everybody and cannot post everything.

Thank you for your patience.

The Editor.

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