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11  Ways  to  a  Clean Future





Time to stop killing the planet before it kills us.




ENVIRONMENT  An open letter to Premier Horgan and PM Trudeau



MYRTLE MACDONALD M.Sc. A. B.Sc., Author — wiki image




was born in Alberta, but live in BC  and have lived in both for many years and from coast to coast in Canada, and in four countries overseas.


I believe both of you want safe non-polluting energy, but that wanting jobs seems to be put first.  You can do both.  Just keep the old Kinder Morgan pipe line and route and make it safe.  Invest in coast line protection and cleanup. 


Soon China will not need three times as much oil because they are making real progress with Solar Energy. Please make scientifically sound decisions.


The extra jobs and economic boost anticipated are very short term.


1. Make sure no poisons are leaching into the Peace River and its tributaries.


2. If you triple the size of Kinder Morgan to sell three times as much crude oil to China, that will triple the number of Chinese ships in coastal waters. They dump raw sewage into Vancouver harbor, polluting sports and fisheries. Oil leaks are frequent and are supposed to be cleaned up by the Federal Government.  This has been very slow and there is no budget to improve even what they are doing at present. The Exxon Valdes oil spill in 1989 has not been cleaned up yet.  Crude oil sinks quickly to the bottom of the ocean. Birds, fish and shell fish are going extinct.


3. By investing in alternate energy (solar, wind, tide, waves, geothermal and fusion) the number of jobs and economy would benefit greatly. See below some thrilling examples that indigenous tribes have had success with. Subsidize small industries rather than large enterprises. People should be taught what geothermal heating and cooling is and be offered subsidies to covert their new and old homes. Most people mistakenly think it is utilizing hot springs!

4. Both provinces give very little attention to family farmers and their youth so they vote Conservative. My Alberta cousins even call Rachel a Communist. To make a living they have to get a second job. Why? Single crop absentee farming on huge farms has killed mixed farming which produced a variety of crops and livestock all year round. Small towns, 4 H Clubs, school fairs, sports arenas and high schools died. Another reason is that produce from California and Mexico is less expensive than it can be grown in BC or AB. People have forgotten how much better locally grown tastes.

5. Free trade between provinces, marketing projects and a network of light railroads would give rural areas a boost, and provide jobs. Aboriginal youth in the cities would be able to afford to visit their reserves for birthdays and special events. This would improve their feelings of loneliness and alienation, and also help prevent women going missing.

6. ALR land is misused for those dairy and chicken farms that do not have cows and chickens grazing on green grass. They could be located on marginal land.
My parents were honored as Master farmers at Vegreville AB. They had a loafing stable with no individual railings and curbs for each cow. When they wanted to be milked they went up a ramp in turn. Dad had several green fields and closed them in turn to revive when overgrazed. Mother did the same with baby chicks. They had a two trap doors for chicks to go in and out to green grass. One was kept bolted shut when that half of the field needed time to grow up again.

7. Split the Ministry of Agriculture into two. Agribusiness stifles and oppresses family farms and orchards.

8. Immigrants should be subsidized to live in mountain valleys and be asked to terrace the hillsides, using the rubbish and grass to make compost and the rocks to support the edges of the fields. Mountain springs and streams can be directed to irrigate the fields with an even gradual slope. Alfalfa has strong deep roots so can edge the fields and fertilize them from the nitrogen produced by their roots. Market gardens, orchards and many kinds of legumes would thrive (peas, beans, grams, lentils).

9. New rural Universities and high schools with trade school classes, would keep youth and professionals living in rural towns, with joy.

10. We owe it to Europe to ease their heavy burden of accepting many millions of refugees.

11. Pine trees killed by pine beetles can be made into fine furniture. Subsidize the unemployed and skilled immigrants to set up furniture factories. Clean the dead rubbish to revive the forests and prevent forest fires.



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