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Sunday, Sept 10, 2019



Close Encounters of the Treasure Kind

The treasure hurters are at it again with this month's finds


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Cassandra and Dennis Augustynowicz, Mark Lewis (c) are this month's  Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters' big winners. Below, the treasures.


he Frazer Valley Treasure Hunters (FVTH) are at it again winners showing last month's finds.

The FVTH is one of the most popular items on The Voice. Each month members go out on hunt in search of valuable and semi- precious items which they bring to meetings with them and winners get the prestige of having their photos in The Valley Voice and they're certainly welcome.

The community always look forward to the results find it very interesting what members come up with.

The club is always looking for new members and are charged a very nominal; fee to join. Every so often they get together for some laughs and networking with other members over potluck dinners.

The fee to join is very nominal. Basically, all you need is a metal detector you can buy new or used and who knows, maybe you'll be the one who finds gold that worked its way out of a gold rush miners pack. It's always a surprise whet members come up with.

The top three are mentioned and get all the glory.

This month club founder Mark Lewis came in first place and located a sterling silver ladies ring with a rose quartz stone. Cassandra Augustynowicz found a ladies gold ring for second and getting the third place nod was Dennis Augustynowicz with of all things a gold plated whistle.

In October they will be having a Treasure/Scavenger Hunt challenge in and around Chilliwack. The Top Prize is a 1906 British Gold 1/2 Sovereign.

The club can, and has gone out in search of special items lost like gold rings, pendants and other things that were near and dear to those who lost them. If you can tell them approximately where it was lost, chances are they'll find it and have had quite a few people who couldn't thank them enough.

Who knows what you'll find, but you never know unless you try.

For more info about the club, check them out here.

Watch a 3 minute YouTube clip here.



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