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Finding the Past

Club gets ready for July Treasure Chest

Mark Lewis, FVTH/submitted photos


Mark Lewis (l) and Jamie Ovens show off a 1978 Canadian silver dollar.


raser Valley Treasure Hunters club go out on excursions regularly seeking things lost that have in the past included: rare silver coins, gold jewelry and other interesting items.


Club members are available to help locate lost rings and other items of sentimental value with mostly successful results.

New members are always encourage to join the fun group at potluck meetings each month.

All that's needed is a metal detector which range in price and are available at SMI's store  here.

Dennis Augustynowicz (left to right), Bob Glover and Mike Wesloski.


"Each month we have 2 tokens that are buried in our territory and left for members to find," said club founder Mark Lewis. Whoever found the token last must hide it again and come up with some clues to help find it again. Clues are given out at our monthly meeting.

And for their troubles we have prizes:

Cassandra Augustynowicz won a 1935 Silver 1 Riyal
Jamie Ovens won a 1978 Canadian Silver Dollar

Our Hunters of the Month Are:

Bob Glover (c) 1st place with a Man's Tungsten Ring
Mike Wesloski (r) 2nd place with a Canadian 1978 50 Cent Piece
Dennis Augustynowicz (l) with a Enamelled Heart Pendant

"Our Port Douglas Trip is coming up this weekend. Looking forward to it," concludes Lewis.

For more information about Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters, visit here or contact Mark via e-mail here.

Watch a 3 minute YouTube video clip here.

In July FVTH hold the Fifth Annual "Treasure Chest" festivties at Chilliwack Heritage Park. This year, they're sponsoring the SPCA and Dhana Metta Rescue Society.



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