Sunday, April 26, 2015


Plant a Row, Let it Grow!

Food Matters kicks off the growing season at the community garden

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Kids check out some gardening goodies at the Plant a Row event Saturday at Ruth and Naomi's Community Garden downtown on Saturday.


he Paramount Theatre is showing a different kind of movie these days — green ones.


On Saturday, Food Matters helped kick off the growing season at Ruth & Naomi’s Community Garden by hosting a plant sale event. The raised beds are ready for the season.


People lined up for one of 75 goodie garden bags loaded with seeds and seed potatoes. Garden experts Jack Kouwenhoven and Brian Minter were on hand to give interesting demonstrations and offer advice to the local green thumbs.


Funds raised at the sale will go to pay for the insurance cost of the 2015 gleaning season.


Gleaners go into a field after the machines have harvested, such as with corn and berries, and clean off any left behind.


Food Matters, a local gardening group recently launched a new website which will feature:

• Up-to-date info on all of our upcoming events and programs

• A Local Resources section, where you can source local food, local food

events, and related organizations in our community

• Blogs featuring our "Ask Jack" gardening advice column and coming soon: "Yummy Valley," which profiles local food producers' favourite recipes.

• A donate button so that you can help to support our programs

• Up-to-date volunteer opportunities


What: Healthy Eating on a Budget - "It's All About the Beans"

When: Tuesday April 28 at 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Who: Facilitated by Melanie Brown Preston


 In this class you will learn how to make:

• Chickpea Burgers - Unlike store-bought veggie burgers that use a multitude of ingredients to achieve a firm texture, this recipe uses a handful of ingredients to a make delicious, yet soft-textured burger.

• Chickpea Soup - A rustic soup with kale and chickpeas. This is a meal-in-a-bowl that cultivates happiness and full bellies.

• Perfect Hummus - Ridiculously easy to make; creamy and nutty, it has lots of fiber, protein and healthy fats.

• Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies - These cookies are so chocolatey and chewy, you would never know they were made with chickpeas!


Green thumbs line up for a goodie bag to get their garden growing.


Please register by sending us an email here. Please make the subject "Healthy Eating on a Budget." There is a cost associated with this workshop:

1) $30 for non members of Food Matters Chilliwack.

2) $20 for members. Members have already paid a $10 membership fee. Subsidies are available upon request.

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email. Finally, any notes or requests will be sent out along with the location just before the workshop.


The workshop has a maximum of 12 participants so register early! We will inform you when the it's fully registered. This workshop is made possible by a generous grant from VanCity.


Learn more at Food Matters or connect via e-mail here.


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