Controversial “Wild Sex” School Board Trustee to Be Sworn in Tonight.

Highly controversial “legalize everything” School Board trustee Carin Bondar will be sworn in as a sitting trustee of School District 33 tonight. Bondar takes her seat after a heated election campaign that pitted socially conservative forces against left liberal forces.

Bondar has become best known for swinging naked on a wrecking ball and telling viewers of her “educational” web series “Wild Sex” (which got 130 million views) that they should not knock “group sex” until they have tried it, all while being surrounded by a group of ripped half-naked lusty men. In an interview on Chill TV on January 14, Bondar said she wants to bring her videos and message to schools and be a role model for young girls.

The Valley Voice is preparing to release information that will show Bondar deliberately withheld important and relevant information from the voting public, which possibly influenced the outcome of the election, so stay tuned to The Voice for that.

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