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Nov 7, 2018

Cst John Davidson Plaque

Thank you so much Craig.... looks fantastic!  We are so appreciative of your support :) Thank you!
Sgt. Judy Bird




Nov 7, 2018

Cascadia Wind Ensemble


Thanks so much, it is such a fun event. Hope you can pop down and check it out.

Stephanie Myers

Program Coordinator

Touchstones Nelson: Museum of Art and History




Nov 6, 2018

Cascadia Wind Ensemble

That's awesome! Thanks for publishing the information for us.





Nov 3, 2018

Provincial Award of Distinction


Take care and thank you for all that you do in your reporting with integrity for our community.

P MacAhonic



Oct 31, 2018



"Thank you! That's awesome!"





Oct 31, 2018

Indie Media!


"Now that the Progress thinks they are the only newspaper in town, they are getting a bit too big for their britches, I think. But there is an alternative. TheValleyVoice is an online paper, and the editor usually reports what I send him without deliberately twisting it. Try sending your article or letter to thevalleyvoice <@> shaw.ca."



Oct 24, 2018



Great! Thanks for the support Craig.


Jon Asher




Oct 4, 2018

AAA Hockey


Great, thank-you for the coverage! 

Let me know if you want to interview the head coach of the AAA Chilliwack team. 




Oct 4, 2018

Road Safety



Thank you for the opportunity. The release looks great. I appreciate your efforts in helping me share this information. I look forward to chatting with you in the future.

All the best

M Rhoney.  



Oct 4, 2018

Photo Op


I love it! Thanks Craig! And it was great to see you last night.




Sept 27, 2018



Hey buddy yeah for sure.  Long time no see / hear. 
Wasn't sure if this was still you or not. 
Thanks for that. 
I'll let you know how things turn out. 



Sept 24, 2018



Hi Craig,

I somehow missed your reply email back! Things are well, and we're busy with TEDxChilliwack. Thanks for helping us promote it. You appear to be as busy as ever.

Michael Berger



Sept 21, 2018

Fountain Tire Truck-Thru


Hi Craig – my online searching failed me! I’m so sorry I didn’t see the post before I followed up with you. Thank you so much for posting the information! 




Sept 20, 2018

Beverage Server Program


Hi Craig,


Great, this is helpful — thank you for the instructions.


Have a fabulous day.


Warm regads






Sept 19, 2018

Ski on Inn


Hi Craig,


Thanks for sharing coverage with us.






Sept 19, 2018

Culture Days


Thanks, Craig!


We're looking forward to an exciting weekend.




Sept 18, 2018

Top Trucking Co. in BC


Thank you Craig,


Let's hope we can inspire someone.


Thank you for your support.


Daman Grewal, Operations Manager 

Centurion Trucking Inc.

T: 778-565-1486 x 223        

C: 604-726-7205




Sept 16, 2018

Terry Fox Run


Bless you! Thanks Craig :)


Glenda Standeven - Inspirational Speaker and Author


604-792-6638 land line for interviews

604-997-5787 cell phone - call or text 

Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn



Sept 11, 2018

Urban Safari


Wonderful! Thank you so much



Sept 10, 2018

Vancouver Fashion Week


Thank you so much, Craig! I really appreciate it! 




August 15, 2018

LGBTQ Flag Flap

Thanks tons for your support.
Stephanie M.


August 15, 2018

A Good Punchline

Thank you very much.

Keller Reeves


June 21, 2018

Alzheimer's Society


Hi Craig,

Thanks again for helping spread the word about dementia!




June 21, 2018





We continue to read your paper. Your support is most appreciated.

John ~ Military/RCMP Veterans CPP Pension claw back issue.


The Voice always backs The veterans.




June 20, 2018


Hi Craig,

Thank you very much for sharing our story. Hope you are enjoying the sun out there!


Thanks again,

Jessica Thiessen, BA, GDBA
Manager, Communications

Prospera Credit Union



June 13, 2018


Hi Craig,

Thank you for publishing our blog on hypothermia.  : )



June 11, 2018

Family Fishing BC

Thanks Craig!




June 8, 2018

Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters

Hi Craig

Thank you, but you haven't got rid of me yet. I am not going anywhere, just need a bit of a break. I may stay on doing the emails and press releases and so forth. 

Which reminds me that I owe you the Hunter of the month results. I will get them to you over the weekend.

Thank You




June 7, 2018


Great Thanks Craig will get this shared.





June 5, 2018

LETR Run for the Special Olympics


Thanks again — love the story and photos!

Michael O.



June 5, 2018

TV Show


Hey There!

Thanks so much for writing about Queen of the Oil Patch, it is so exciting to see such great Canadian content being talked about. I just thought I’d shoot you a message about the title, as you have Queen of the Oilfields instead of Queen of the Oil Patch – might be confusing to readers.

Anyways, thanks for the article and have a nice day!




June 4, 2018

Fox Run

Hi Craig,

Thank you so much for your help, our Foundation could not do it without you! It is incredible how many people are connected through 
Terry and it is people like you that help us to keep the dream of ending cancer alive. Thank you!

All the best,
Serena Meister


May 29, 2018

Vet's Editorials



It is us Veterans who say thank you. You are a pillar of strength by printing our editorial that informs Military/RCMP Veterans across Canada.

Thank you and take care.





May 24, 2018

Summer Programs

Thanks Craig much appreciated!


Thank you.

AYC Abbotsford Youth Commission




May 11, 2018

The Forgotten - Book Tour


Thanks Craig!

We certainly appreciate all of the support.

All the best,



Mickey Mikkelson




May 9, 2018

Chilliwack Seniors Resource Society


Thank you Craig, we appreciate your support!




May 7, 2018

Essence of Elvis


Thanks Craig, I appreciate your help.



May 6, 2018

The Foundry


Hi Craig,

That's great! Thanks so much.



May 1, 2018

Raunch and Roll



That rocks! Thank you. The cast is super grateful. Love that email, "splashed some ink" I will send your regards. Thanks again. 🙇💃

Until next time,



May 1, 2018

MS Walk 2018


Hello Craig,

Amazing - thanks so much! :) 

Kind regards,

Alisha Martin | Coordinator, Volunteer Engagement 
MS Society of Canada



April 18, 2018

Kaeshammer's New CD


Hi Craig


Thanks so much for your help!


Appreciate you sharing the news with your readers.






April 14, 2018

Norah's Heart Health Journey


Thanks Craig!




Kari Kylo

SOMA Concepts & Solutions



April 14, 2018

Norah's Heart Health Journey


Amazing, love it! Thanks Craig




March 30, 2018

In Service to the Community


The money part.....I can understand....I was born poor, today I'm not rich but I'm not poor. My health is fairly on the good side. In 2005 when I started the campaign I promised myself that I would do my best to answer all mail and never charged a penny. That's a lot of paper and ink....You and I are alike, we care for our Veterans. I'm not in it for awards or any thing else. They know you across Canada. Veterans read your paper. It does feel like a lonely road sometimes. Who in hell do we vote for next time around?


John Labelle

Veterans Annuity Campaign




March 26, 2018

MS WALK Chilliwack Volunteers Call

Hi Craig,

That is great news! Thank you so much for connecting. We appreciate your help and we will re-connect soon with a call for volunteers that can be released on The Voice. Is there any space restrictions we sould keep in mind?

Kind regards,

Alisha Martin | Coordinator, Volunteer Engagement 
MS Society of Canada


March 23, 2018

Veterans Annuity Campaign


Very busy with 2 major reports to prepare for a friend. I just wish to say thank you for printing Vet Fred Hawrish contribution.

Talk later,





March 21, 2018

Vancouver Fashion Week Event

Hey Craig,

Thank you so much for your e-mail, kind words and the post itself, it looks great. Hope you can make it next season.


Kind Regards




March 19, 2018

Student Fair

Thank you so much for your continued support.  We really appreciate it!  Keep up the great work in our community.



March 15, 2018

Student Fair


Hello Craig – I really appreciate your support for our event!  Thank you!


Regards, A

Audrey Baker

Administrative Assistant

Child & Youth Services, Mathieson Centre

Chilliwack Society for Community Living




March 13, 2018

Dragon Boaters


Hi Craig, Thanks again for featuring our Open House 10am-12pm, Saturday April 7th.



March 12, 2018

Lung Ride Fundraiser


Hi Craig,

This is amazing, thank you so much!


Please let me know what else is needed. Thanks again!

Warren Mui

British Columbia Lung Association




March 12, 2018

Monday Painters


Hi Craig, As usual you're the best! Thanks!

Bye for now, Loretta


March 11, 2018

Anti-Oil Demonstration

Thank you Craig! Reach out if you ever need anything!



Protect the Inlet



Feb 26, 2018

Thanks a Laugh

Awesome! Thanks Craig
Ken Hildebrandt
Executive/Artistic Director
Gallery 7


Feb 22, 2018

Banks A Lot

That's great! Thank you so much for your support....and I'll see what I can do about that request...
(regarding a request for a few thou if they had any extra)

Talk soon,
Jessica, Propsera Credit Union



Feb 22, 2018

BC Culture Day

That's wonderful. Thanks so much!



Feb 22, 2018

Top BC Employer


Hi Craig,
Thanks for your email. I've attached a picture of our Women's Leadership Group that is comprised 
of women from our head office in Abbotsford and Abbotsford branches.

Thanks for considering our story! Love that you are keeping it local.

Let me know if you need anything else,

Jessica Thiessen, BA, GDBA
Manager, Communications
Prospera Credit Union 



Feb 21, 2018

Mini Med

Thanks Craig! 


Feb 15, 2018

Bullying Pink Shirt Day

Awesome, thanks Craig! I'll share our spring break information with you next week :) 


Feb 15, 2018

Mercy for Animals

Thanks so much, Craig 


Feb 9, 2018

PIGS Concert

WE appreciate your help with this.
And did not want to let you down like we did last year.




Feb 9, 2018

PIGS Concert



Thought i had .... it will be me and my wife Carol. Do I pick the tickets up st the theatre or from you?
Really looking forward to it ... thank you so much!




Feb 8, 2018

Children of the Street


Dear Craig,
Thank you for your email and for notifying us on this feature. We greatly appreciate it!


Tiana Jacquet
Program Coordinator
Children of the Street Society



Feb 6, 2018

Life is a Pain


Thanks, Craig. The reason I haven't been writing many blogs is because I am trying to finish another book and my eyesight is definitely not what it used to be. I just returned from an eye treatment where the doctor delivers the medicine by sticking a needle in your eye. I'm not going blind or anything, but i can't stay at the computer for hours on end the way I used to.

You take care, too, Craig. My best.


Betty (Krawczyk, noted author and activist.)



Feb 6, 2018

GV Zoo

Thanks Craig! I've never been formally trained in writing press releases so it is quite a nerve wracking experience for me so I am very glad to hear you enjoy them...although I think the animals take the spotlight :)

Take care,



Feb 2, 2018

Family Day Scouts

Hi Craig,

Thank you so much! I just checked it out and it looks great! Never have I ever had such amazing service!

Kerri Harding



Feb 2, 2018

Dawn of the Ducks

Hi Craig - you are not a bug. Thank you for following up. Attached is a photo of Laura.


Ashley Lewis
Communications Specialist
Ducks Unlimited Canada



Feb 1, 2018

The best Pet Food

Hi Craig,

Thanks so much for featuring us in your publication. Looks great!





Feb 1, 2018

Duck's Unlimited

Hi Craig.

It is World Wetlands Day tomorrow too. I will send the release to you.  Maybe you can combine? Just a thought if you are pressed on time.  So wonderful to hear! When you have time, if you ever have time, I would love to meet you for a coffee.  We appreciate any help we can in getting the word out. 






Feb 1, 2018

The "Unremembered" Veterans

Thank you Craig.
I look forward to hearing from my buddies in the Chilliwack area!



Jan 29, 2018



Good friend of Veterans, rest assured that my first e-mail will be to you...I will advise you more tomorrow.

Take care,


"Honour, Dignity, Justice, Equality!"


John Labelle
Veterans Annuity Campaign




Jan 28, 2018



Thank you very much for sharing, it is really changing lives!

Best regards,





Jan 25, 2018

Diversity in the Community


Thanks so much!

Patricia Driessen
Event Coordinator, Fraser Valley Cultural Diversity Awards




Jan 25, 2018


Thank you so much for posting!  Greatly appreciated.

Have a great afternoon.


Jordan Zimmermann
Department Assistant, Theatre;
Publicity and Box Office




Jan 22, 2018

Metal Fest Weekend

Great! Thanks for the support Craig, will get this shared.






Jan 17, 2018

Keeping Young Women Safe

Dear Craig
Thank you for your email and for notifying us on this feature. We greatly appreciate it!


Tiana Jacquet
Program Coordinator
Children of the Street Society



Jan 17, 2018

Keeping Young Women Safe

Lovely - there are so many wonderful community groups like the Chilliwack Elks who are doing so much to make communities stronger, happier, and safer places to be. Thanks so much. I will let them know you'll be recognizing their generosity.


Maura, Children of the Street childrenofthestreet.com



Jan 16, 2018

Spirits Fest

Thank you very much and we will be sending out a release after to thank all who helped support our fundraiser

Warm Regards





Jan 15, 2018

From the Veterans



Regret delay, far too busy.....We wish to say thank you for all the editorial stories you have printed on behalf of Military/RCMP Veterans in 2017. We look forward to feeding you more stories in 2018.


John Labelle



Jan 15, 2018

Logan and Nathan


Hey Craig!

Thanks so much for getting back to us, and posting about our show. We greatly appreciate it, and we'll be sure to bring the best kinds of fish food.



Jan 10, 2018


Thanks Craig, that's awesome! I like the box with the quote in it. Really gets the important point across even if people don't read the whole piece start to finish.




Jan 9, 2018

Help for Autistic Kids


Hi there Craig,

You will have our Media Release later today along with great photos, thanks for the interest!

Warm Regards,

Team Admin
CalmWear Sensory Armor



Jan 4, 2018

On With the Show


Hi Craig;

Thank for including us. Much appreciated. We just had our publicity shoot yesterday and should have shots ready shortly. Will send you one with the official press release in a little bit. Hope that helps. Talk soon!

Ken Hildebrandt
Executive/Artistic Director




Dec 20, 2017

Kindred Spirits Art Show

Thank you so much Craig! You've just made my day!


Mary Main

Chilliwack Visual Artists Association



Dec 20, 2017

Girls Fly2 - Achieve Anything Fdn.

Hi Craig,


That’s really awesome – you’re the best!


Best Regards,


www.achieveanything.ca // www.girlsfly2.ca



Dec 18, 2017

Gun Collectors

Hi Craig

Merry Christmas,


HACS Poster for 2018 Monthly Shows.  For posting on your Valley Voice Media site.







Dec 12, 2017

Autism Golf Fundraiser

Hi Craig

The ad works, got the house rented

Thank you so much.

Raquel :)



Dec 12, 2017

Autism Golf Fundraiser

Hi Craig, thanks so much for the feature. We appreciate it. Thanks for sharing the release as well. Everyone is welcome at the tournament, August 13, 2018. If you feel like seeing the tournament 1st hand, put it in your calendar. It is a great day.

Merry Christmas.

Warm Regards,


Dec 12, 2017

Gallery 7 Live Theatre

Hey Craig;

Thanks for including us - much appreciated! I've got you in our database now so 
you'll be receiving news releases from us moving forward. Wishing you the very best of the holidays!

Ken Hildebrandt
Executive/Artistic Director


Dec 9, 2017

Women's Show


Hi Craig, Thank you so much!  


It looks great, and I wish you a very nice weekend.

Jo-Ann Whitman. EXPOsure Events Ltd.




Dec 8, 2017

New Home to Rent

Perfect ! 

Thank you so much Craig, I will let you know as soon as it got  rented .




Nov 28, 2017


Hello Craig,
Thanks so much.  It all looks really good I think.  Thanks for doing that too!



Nov 24, 2017



Thanks again Craig!
Have a great weekend!



Nov 22, 2017

Annual Metal Fest


Great Thanks so much for the help Craig much appreciated will get this

Jon Asher



Nov 22, 2017

Salute to Brave and the Modest


I'm sure the non-Irish half is just as good!

Canadians have every right to be extremely proud of your forces' courage
and devotion to duty.

I hope the heroism of Captain Christopher O'Kelly during the final days of
Third Ypres one hundred years ago last month was suitably recognised in



Nov 17, 2017

Innis & Gunn Contest


Thanks, Craig! Great piece!!




Nov 16, 2017

Music Awards


Thank you so much Craig!

We'll follow up with FVMA winners and include text and photos for you!
Vince Dimanno



Nov 13, 2017

What a Treasure


Hi Craig

Thank you again, this is great for us and I hope it brings you more new





Nov 13, 2017

East Vets


Brother Craig,

Thank you! Can't say it any better.

"Honour, Dignity, Justice, Equality!"


John Labelle, Super Annuity Campaign Director




Nov 13, 2017

UFV Theatre


Thank you





Nov 13, 2017

Highstreet Tree Lighting


Hi Craig.

Thank you for the Highstreet story! Just want to make sure you got this one too!

Tanis Sullivan



Nov 8, 2017

Free Vet Clips

Hi Craig, thanks for your reply. Here's a gig poster, let me know if it works for you. Thanks so much for your help, we really appreciate it!



Nov 8, 2017

Free Vet Clips

Thanks Craig. Much appreciated! I'll let you know what kind of overall response we get.

Best regards,

Gwyn R. MacGregor RSE, PMP, BBA
Owner / Team Leader
Sport Clips Haircuts
c 604.290.8182
w 604.449.6859


Oct 17, 2017

Canadian Cancer Society

Craig "Screecher" Hill!


Hi Craig,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured. I'll look forward to seeing the story in a few days' time.




Oct 15, 2017

UK Screenwriting

Craig "Screecher" Hill!

You are incredible! You're a legend. Thank you SO much for this.

Ed Collins



Oct 8, 2017

You're in the Movies

You are amazing Craig!
Thank you SO much!
We will gather everything that you have asked for this weekend and send it over to you!
This really means a lot to us!
Thank you again, and have an amazing Thanksgiving!

Ed Collins
ICT, Network and Systems Professional, Change Manager, Project Manager.



Oct 5, 2017

Pride and Respect


Outstanding article . Well presented and the truth spoken. I would like to believe the native community would seriously look at this article and think about what you have written and understand that what happened in the past has to be let go if we are to better understand one another.


You are like a cook. You keep tasting the recipe but the original ingredients (words) were fine. You said nothing that needed to be smoothed out. It was good and you spoke the truth. Probably why I enjoy reading your articles even though I have now moved to Langley. I find articles which are not in local paper but are in The Valley Voice. All my best for continued efforts




Oct 2, 2017

Classroom Class

Thank you for helping parents and the community become aware of classroom issues.

Sandra Devenney



Sept 27, 2017

Compassionate Gorilla

Hi again Craig, just wanted to follow up on this and see if you were able
to include anything online?

Cheers and thanks!


PS. Never mind, I see it there - thanks for taking the time!



Sept 27, 2017

Ontarian Vet Speaks Out for War Veterans and retired RCMP


No, thank YOU Mr. Hill, for allowing me this opportunity.

If we allow these lying politicians to say & do whatever they want, and when they want, without anyone saying anything about the lies they utter, we would soon end up a third-world Country, run by a dictator. /JDW


(Some of these guys have been to Chilliwack in support before.)



Sept 20, 2017

Live Music at Triple Play


Thanks again Craig

Yes I did search out Chilliwack area news outlets.
I'll try the Progress and The Drive
Appreciate the leg-up!
Let me know if you'd like to be on the guest list for the show!




Sept 19, 2017



Thank you Craig! Appreciate all the support.

Daman Grewal -
Centurion Trucking Inc.



Sept 16, 2017



Mr. Craig hill
The Valley Voice


You may wish to publish the enclosed information regarding former MP Peter Stoffer.
I will keep you informed.


Nova Scotia
Military/RCMP Veterans



Sept 10, 2017

Berry's Fishing


Lol thanks , Craig 




Sept 10, 2017

Treasure Hunters


Hi Craig
Now that Fall seems to be in the air and we had some rain, we can get back
to hunting our favourite spots.
We are now putting together a Scavenger hunt for next month, I have
attached a flyer for you.
It will be fun and we will have some great prizes.
Thank you for your support Craig



Sept 9, 2017

Music Man


Thank-you so much Craig!

- Bruce Coughlan



Sept 7, 2017



Wonderful, thanks so much Craig!

With joy,




Sept 7, 2017

Fashion Week


Hi Craig!

Love it thank you I'm about to send you a new release!



Sept 3, 2017

National Veterans



Again thank you for your great and most appreciative support. We will continue to be busy. You are aware that the Conservative Party has appointed Hon. Steven Blaney as their Veterans Affairs critic. The Liberal Party has appointed Hon. Seamus O'Regan as the Minister of Veterans Affairs. We start over again...


Take care,



August 26, 2017

Order of Canada


Thank you very much for doing that. I hope we see you at the rally. All the best.

Jean Swanson



August 22, 2017

Invictus Games


Hi Craig! Yes, absolutely. I’m waiting to receive images from our photographer from today’s event and will send as soon as I receive. Should be within the hour – stay tuned!

In the mean time, for reference, I’ve attached a copy of our press release.




August 22, 2017



Thanks Craig!




August 20, 2017

Longines Qualifiers


Hi Craig,

Thank you so much!! We really appreciate the coverage!! I will
definitely keep in touch with other events! We will be sure to go and
get some copies of the paper when it comes out! Thank you! I will download it for sure!!

Oh amazing! Sorry I just misunderstood before! Thank you so much!!!

Thank you!




August 19, 2017

26 Little Letters and This One


Hi Craig!

Thanks so much for the photo and the encouragement! Hope your day is going
very well :)




August 18, 2017

Armstrong MetalFest

Great Thanks. Going to schedule it for share on our socials, that should boost some



August 18, 2017

Canada's Most Prolific Youth Book Author


Hi Craig:
It's very nice to hear from you. I am certainly honoured to know that people continue to visit my page. That is great. I was interested to learn about your activities and ambitions, Craig. I will always remember the pleasure of talking to you, and I wish you continuing success with your excellent publication.


Mysteriously yours, Eric Wilson



August 15, 2017

Veterans Annuity


You are a genius! A veterans best friend. Thank you so very much. you will hear from us again soon.

Thanks Bro.



August 15, 2017

Fish and Oil


Thank you so much, Craig.
It looks great. Thank you for giving it such great placement.

Best wishes,




August 9, 2017

Treasure Hunters


Hi Craig
Thank you. I was hoping on a ring retrieval for you but I ran out of time.
Thank you for your support. Let's see how this month goes.
Take it easy.



August 6, 2017

Cultus Community Assn.


Thanks Craig. I'm forwarding this to people I think might be interested - with the caveat that IT WAS NOT MY IDEA to put my picture in - you get the blame for that. It is a great publication and I encourage people to check it out regularly for local information.

Thanks for adding our community association info - it is much appreciated.




August 6, 2017




Thank you. Much appreciated. Claude



August 2, 2017



Be the first to see our attached poster. Soon we will distribute it and you will receive a copy. You can use it in any format you wish. Our aim is to get it posted everywhere and display it on the Nov 11 ceremonies.
Also a great thank you for Claude Latulippe e-mail to you. Give him all the credit you can.

Have a great day.



August 2, 2017

Prospera Bank


Hi Craig,

Here are two photos you could use.




July 29, 2017

The Coast


That's great thank you - I hope to talk soon!

Nathan Mawby
Food & Beverage Manager
Coast Chilliwack Hotel & Prestons



July 27, 2017

TTF First Aid


Hi Craig,

Thank you so much for the photo's!

Warmest Regards,



July 27, 2017



Looks great Craig.






July 26, 2017

Frik-Shuhn Yoga


Hi Craig...

Thank you so much. This is my assistant Natasha, though I really appreciate
your follow up!!!!






July 25, 2017

Music Seen


Great stuff thanks Craig.




July 24, 2017

Golf Fundraiser


Hi Craig,

Thank you so much for including that so promptly!


July 24, 2017

Mercy For Animals


Great, thanks so much Craig!


July 24, 2017

Women's Expo


You're awesome!

Shannon Ross




July 23, 2017

Music Seen


Hi Craig,
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Let me know if you need anything else!

Cheers, Danjo

DAN WALSH (banjo, guitar, vocal)
BBC Folk Awards Musician Of The Year Nominee 2016




July 22, 2017

Chilliwack Artists


Thank you Craig. You are always very nice to me!


Mary Main



July 18, 2017

Treasure Hunters


Thank you Craig, it looks great. Thank you for the article and support. If
we go back next year, who knows, maybe I will find a third tooth. I have
enough gold now to get my teeth done.




July 18, 2017

Habitat for Humanity


Thank you so much Craig! this is so great! I'm certainly enjoying my time here at the party in the park and also building up community at the habitat for humanity restore! Please stop by anytime and say hello!!

We also have Facebook and Instagram! and if you are into it, we also have snapchat!

Facebook: Chilliwack ReStore
Instagram: restorechilliwack
Snapchat: restorechilly

See you Friday!

Sonya Crombie

Upper Fraser Valley Habitat for Humanity
44384 Yale road, Chilliwack, BC
W: 604-402 1020
sonya.crombie@habitatufv.ca  www.habitatufv.ca



July 16, 2017

Tractorgrease Show


Great stuff thanks Craig.





July 16, 2017

Basil Vallarta


Haha, thanks!
It was an interesting night for sure.



July 16, 2017

Kid's Books


Thank you so much :)

Barefoot Books Founding Ambassador
Amazing children's books, games, puppets and puzzles! Book, Fundraisers, Birthdays and Children's Parties
Barefoot Book's mission is "to open hearts and minds by Sharing Stories, Connecting Families, and Inspiring Children”
Diana Kehoe



July 15, 2017

Personalized Glassware


Thank you :)

Here is my company logo.

Shelly McColeman
Everything Glassy




July 15, 2017

Changing the World One Petal at a Time


Hi Craig




Donna Jordan
Chilliwack Dance School
604-316-1908 call or text



July 15, 2017

Changing the World One Petal at a Time


Hi Craig,

Thank you for your kind words and for sending us this picture. Thanks for adding our logo there - that works just fine for us.

If you ever need any flowers or handmade cards, please give us a call. We'd love to help out.

Did I Mention Flowers?
#5 - 9360 Mill St., Chilliwack, BC




July 12, 2017

Special O


Thanks so much Craig!

Megan Pollock
Manager, Communications
Special Olympics British Columbia



July 10, 2017

Citizen Jane

Hi Craig,


Thanks so much for getting back to us! I attached our tour poster.







July 10, 2017

Treasure Hunters

Thank you Craig





July 7, 2017

Music Fest

Thanks Craig! absolutely working on the next one right after. I'll set a
reminder to get ya this after the fest.

Thanks again for all the support.




July 7, 2017

Bird's the Word

Hi Craig,

Thanks for getting to us so quickly! It is much appreciated.

Have a great day,



July 6, 2017

Rock and Roll Show

Great. Thanks again for the support Craig. \Would you like to attend? Can set
ya up with media passes.


July 6, 2017


Hi Craig


Great, thank you so much!


July 6, 2017

Bird is the Word

Hi Craig,

Yes the email I sent above contains all our summer programs in
chronological order. You can publish them ASAP or to your discretion. I
have attached a few photos to use along with them, it doesn't really matter
which goes with which.



July 5, 2017




Hi Craig,

That is great to hear, we were excited to see the story featured, and also that our logo is on the main page :)

We do have one edit, however. It appears that “Carrie Vanderwal” was listed as our CEO in the story, when it should be Esther DeWolde, the woman in the centre of the photo.

Thanks again, and hope you had a great weekend!

Kambria Newton


July 5, 2017


 Hi Craig

"Police Service Dog FORD #991 who passed away on Monday 2017-JUN-19 due to GI tract complication."

"This photo along with so many more on your page capture the true essence of Policing here in Chilliwack. If at all possible I would really appreciate the requested image for personal use."



July 2, 2017


Caitlin Press


Hey Craig,

Thank you for these great pictures and attending Shelley’s event. I’m real glad to hear the turnout went well. I’ve extended your request to Shelley and i’m sure she’ll get back to you as soon as she can. I know the summer tends to be a bit busy with family fun for her.

Thanks again and talk more soon,



July 1, 2017

Elon Musk

Paul, reader


Hey Craig
Just read the subject article you posted. Here is your chance to open up the first newspaper on Mars. All my best.



July 1, 2017

Ann Davis



That's more than enough - in kind media advertisement can be the best type of sponsorship! We will be in touch. Hope you have a great week Craig.



June 27, 2017

Square Dancers

Brian Elmer


Craig,  "Upon telling of your post on The Valley Voice News, one of the co-chairs of the Festival, Wendy Krueger of Abbotsford, has exclaimed by e-mail: "This is excellent coverage for our event... it's a big swing event--swing your partner will be one of the most called moves all weekend! I am thrilled. It's nice to have online news and information services such as yours. Thanks so much for publishing our submission. I was concerned that with our media release being about a Surrey event it wouldn't be relevant to your upper Fraser Valley audience."



June 27, 2017

Toys R Us!

Toyota Likes Us!


Good morning, Craig!

I just wanted to thank you for the kartSTART article that you released on June 17.

Your kind support is greatly appreciated.

Have a great day!


Brianna Scullion
Toyota Canada Inc.




June 26, 2017


Thanks, Craig. You're very funny.


My very best,


Betty Krawczyk




June 25, 2017

Police Dog Story


Hello Craig,

Great photo - great article! Thanks again; I really appreciate this and we as a section appreciate your support for our efforts here in our local coverage area.

All The Best,





June 24, 2017

Hanna at The Shelley Callaghan Book Review


Hi Craig,

Thanks for sending the photos. My husband printed me a few extra ones One
went out to my sister with a birthday card on Friday. We will check your
website from time to time. It looks very interesting

Greetings, Hanna.




June 22, 2017



Hi Craig,
Sounds great! I looked at the page a little while ago and must have just missed it. Thanks for forwarding the links, we’ll be sure to share them through our own social media.

Thank you for all your help




June 22, 2017

Habitat for Humanity


Hi Craig,

Thanks for the quick response, I’m excited to hear that you’ll be running this!

I will get those photos and links to you before the end of the week.

Enjoy the rest of your day,





June 16, 2017

We're in the Movies!


Hi Craig,
Sounds great! I looked at the page a little while ago and must have just missed it. Thanks for forwarding the links, we’ll be sure to share them through our own social media. We’ll be sure to be in touch if we’re ever back in the area.

Thank you for all your help!




June 16, 2017

It's Showtime!


Hi Craig, thanks so much! Here's a poster for the Festival. I haven't
quite made ones for the individual shows yet, but most of the names are on
here so... Thanks again!



June 16, 2017



Hi Craig,

That's perfectly okay. We're just happy to be featured on The Voice!

Thanks for letting me know!





June 15, 2017

Big Toys for Little Boys

You're awesome, Craig! Thank you again for your support.

Brianna Scullion
Consultant, Corporate Communications Support
External Affairs, Toyota Canada Inc.



June 15, 2017

Have Mercy

Hi Craig,

Thank you for the quick response and for your interest in Toyota's kartSTART program! Thanks again for your support! Please let me know if you need anything else.




June 15, 2017

Have Mercy

Thank you very much for publishing and sharing that information, Craig!
I've passed it down the line.

We'll be sure to keep you informed as this story develops.




June 14, 2017

The Big Ride


Thank you Craig! I have forwarded to Alison who has some images and the
route that she will pass along.

Mary Lovell



June 14, 2017

The Spiritual Side of Chilliwack


Thanks Craig,
Yes, it is a little late but would you mind putting the poster up anyway?
Join us if you're free.



June 14, 2017



Thanks Craig, for supporting us so well! Cheers, Mary




June 14, 2017

Gone Fishin'


OK great that is awesome!





June 13, 2017

Radio Frequencies







June 12, 2017



Thanks so much Craig!

With joy,





June 12, 2017


Hey just read your latest email. For what it is worth, that tour poster in
the Press Assets doesn't have specific info, so I took the minute and added
all the info to a poster.

Thanks again, Craig!





June 11, 2017



Thanks so much Craig, that's great!





June 6, 2017

Fraser Health


Hi Craig,

You are most welcome! Thanks for publishing the story.

Kind regards,




June 6, 2017



Sure... here you go!!!
....and thank you!





June 6, 2017

Queer Art Fest

Thanks Craig






June, 5 2017

Thrash Metal


Thanks Craig much appreciated will share




May 29, 2017

Big Bro's


No problem, thanks for helping us get the word out.




May 29, 2017

Accident Alert


Thanks very much Craig.
Looks like a great service you are running there.



May 27, 2017

Youth Geniuses


Hi Craig,

Great editing, layout, photos and intros.

I didn't write the news release I sent to you so can't take credit for the great words. It was written by Dick Wilson, special advisor to the Youth Can Innovate Awards and a former journalist.

Thanks so much. I'll post this to the Youth Can Innovate Facebook page.

Cheers, Rosemarie




May 27, 2017

Flights of Fancy


Very nice,

I’ve put a link to your article on all our social media outlets




May 24, 2017

Award-Winning Students


Hi Craig,
Thanks so much.

I wonder if you would like to ask the teacher that was accompanying the entire delegation of BC students from the Valley - who said to me - I HAD to reach out to the Valley Voice because EVERYONE reads it - how the entire delegation of students did. I can send her a note if you like to get in touch with you. She'll have the medal count and number of scholarships and other awards for the entire team.

Do you actually print hard copies of the paper as well as on line? If so, is there any chance you could send me two copies? I'll promote the piece on the Youth Can Innovate Facebook page.

Cheers, Rosemarie




May 24, 2017

National Vets


Thank you for the kindness you display towards Veterans issues. What a master piece you have presented.

Thank you from all Veterans





May 13, 2017

Golfing with the Greats


Thanks Craig!

Could you post this on your website?

That would be great, thanks so much!





May 13, 2017

Wild Food


Hello Craig,
Thanks for your interest! I don't really have a formal press release other than what I sent you, but I would be happy to chat further with you about what EatWild is all about. It has been a fun project with so many interesting people taking an interest in hunting. You can call me anytime.




May 10, 2017



Hi Craig,

Thank you for a splendid job! It looks wonderful.





May 9, 2017

Tune It In


Cheers Craig,

Best Email I have had in years!

Will definitely do that!

Thanks again




May 8, 2017

Eat it Up


We would also like to partner with you at The Valley
Voice during this exciting time!




May 8, 2017



Thank you Craig, hopefully I will have something good to show you.




May 7, 2017



Thanks Craig! It looks awesome! Hopefully this will encourage your readership to come check us out. Love to see you at our event as well. Thanks again for your help in publicizing the SCI-BC Handcycle Demo Day 2017!




May 5, 2017



Hi Craig,
Thanks! I have attached the release as well as a poster of the event. Thanks so much for the support! Please feel free to send the link when it's uploaded. I would love to have a look.


How are you? I just wanted to connect about promoting our new youth event through the Valley Voice News. I have attached a media release and a photo to promote the event. We hope to reach youth from all across the Fraser Valley so are connecting with all community papers. Is there a chance to promote this in the community section of your website?



May 3, 2017

Farmers Market


Great, thank you!



May 1, 2017

Alzheimers Walk


Hi Craig,
Glad to do so. I appreciate any space you can find to share the info
with your readers.




May 1, 2017

Don Alder


Below please find our press release regarding the upcoming concert of world champion guitarist Don Alder. If would be great if you could publish some information on the event or add the event to your online event calendar. While in your area, Don would also be available for interviews.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Susanne Schwager



May 1, 2017

Food & Trucks

Hello Craig,
Just a reminder about the Food Truck Festival headed to Chilliwack this

Laine Ogilvie
Memory Laine Events Inc.



April 26, 2017

Fine Wine


Hi Craig,

Thank you for putting up our poster already, I appreciate it! Of course, take your time with your other project, I apologize I didn't get this out sooner. I appreciate anything you can do for us!




April 25, 2017

Music Seen Again



Perfect, thanks for the response! Would love to see you for your help, I imagine I could chuck you on the guest list if you would want to attend at all? Freak Folk = Folky style music with kinda odd vocals over the top most of the time.




April 25, 2017

Music Seen


Hey Craig!

Sweet - thanks for the help! We love Tractorgrease - great place, and great people! I've got a couple dropbox links here, so you can download hi-res versions of the poster, and a couple photos. 



April 22, 2017

Art Show


Hi Craig,


I saw the announcement that you've posted about our Harrison Art Show. It looks great!

Bye for now, Loretta



April 18, 2017



Thanks Craig! Our advertising poster should be ready soon. We have a planning meeting tomorrow. I'll send it to you when I get it.




April 18, 2017

Soccer Fundraiser


 Hi Craig,
The story looks great!!! Thanks for making it a feature story!



April 7, 2017

Canadian Author of 20 Books


Craig, what a great article and thank you for including me. It's an honour. You really do meet a lot of interesting people in your work and you have an ability to draw out – and write about – very interesting aspects of these people. Keep up the good work!

All best from Eric



April 7, 2017

Chilliwack Museu/m


Good Morning Craig,
I have had my curator Jane, who has been doing the graphics for the conference, ask if we should create a poster for your main page. Would there be any specific dimensions needed for such a request, or would you just need it in landscape orientation?

Thank you for your reply, apologies for my delay.



April 7, 2017

Epilepsy Centre


Dear Craig,

I would love to personally invite you to join us this year for our annual Gala for Epilepsy.

We would love you to come and join Mayor Randy Hawes and Mayor Henry Braun, dignitaries, businesses leaders and other special guests this year, for this special event. May 13, 2017, at the Abbotsford Banquet and Conference Center, 33738 Laurel St. Abbotsford - will be fun evening, "An Evening in Wonderland".

Dinner, Dance, Yuk Yuks Comedy/Magician Chris Yuill , Live and Silent Auctions, WestJet raffle, Live photo booths, and all with the Alice in Wonderland theme of a fun filled evening for you and your friends.

We would love you to attend, but also would appreciate your support.





April 2, 2017

Event News


Thank you, Craig. The event is on June 22nd (you'll see that towards the
end of the PSA that I sent)

We'll look for it in your publication!




April 2, 2017

Gig News


Hi Craig,
no poster for this one, but there are some promo photos included in our EPK
attached in the first email. Thanks so much! Yes we've heard really good things about Tractorgrease. Looking forward to playing out there!



April 1, 2017



That is great news, thank you so much Craig!
You are more than welcomed to come on down if you would like :)

Thanks again!



April 1, 2017



Thanks for the info! Here is some of the letters that the parents sent to
Jane Philpott, she is obviously supporting the Wireless Industry.
Letters to Health Minister Philpott about statment on CBC Marketplace “The
secret inside your cellphone”




March 31, 2017



Hi Craig;
Could you post this?


Urban Safari Rescue Society



March 31, 2017

Museo de Arté


Hi Craig,


Perfect! Thank you so much. I will have a look for something else that fits your criteria when I'm back in the Archives later this morning.






March 28, 2017



Hi Craig,

So sorry, just had a last minute change to Shelley’s event — it is now on June 22nd. Could I ask you for a quick edit?

And thank you again for posting all this — it’ll go a long way, I’m sure. I’ll also keep you in mind for future book coverage. Do you have any other tastes beyond history/memoir?





March 28, 2017

CSO Concert


Good morning Craig,

This looks absolutely wonderful. Thank you!





March 28, 2017

Meet Myrtle



You are a genius. The title Trams is just fine.





March 23, 2017

Elections 2017


Thanks Craig,

You do the best photos of anyone...





March 23, 2017

New Chilliwack Book

Hi Craig,

Sounds great. I can tell from my research that your audience is a good fit for this book, and they will certainly appreciate getting to know Shelley’s words.

We have some time, so feel free to schedule this at your convenience. Attached is a mockup of the book that is more on a horizontal aspect. I’ve also attached the book cover to use where that helps. Once I have the poster ready, I’ll send that over to you too, but feel free to proceed without it.

Send me your address and I’ll happily mail you to the book as a thank-you for your support. If there are any other people in your network you think would be interested in learning more about this book, feel free to let me know or introduce them to me.

If there’s anything else I can do help, just ask.



March 23, 2017

Top Doc


Hello Craig,

Thank you for publishing! It's certainly given us something to smile about - great title.
(Just one thing - it should be CDSBC not CDSBD...if it's not too late to correct. :))

Kindest regards,
Jocelyn Chee
Communication and Event Assistant




March 23, 2017

New Exercise Clinic

I sent you some photos and info on March 17 about the opening of our new
clinic in Langley. Our Grand Opening is tonight at 6 p.m.

Were you able to do a feature on it? We would so appreciate it. I'm hoping
it is slated for today as it might help get the word out to people in the
community who might want to come hear Sara Hodson speak tonight! There will
be an exclusive deal available tonight only as well!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Nancy DeHart...


I missed it somehow! I admire your efforts! Local,
community news is so important, especially in this 24-hour, repurposed
world of online news where articles are recycled and rarely contain local


Nancy DeHart
Director, Marketing & Communications
LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic



March, 22, 2017

Author Talk

Thanks Craig


Great - thanks for that, Craig!


Hope you can make the event on April 5th.







March, 19, 2017

Art Show

Thanks Craig! It has already been a lot of work, and it will be a lot more! I think it will be worth it. I have been dealing with computer work and publicity for it now for a long time with more of our coordinators and executive, but my job will end when it opens. I might get asked to do more stuff, but apart from sending out more publicity if they require it, that's it, then just enjoy the exhibit. Mary


March, 17, 2017

Hooker Monologues

"Just read the piece, Craig. Nice quote you took from my email. I think you’ve done a great job. Truly, want to thank you for giving the show space in the News. And, it’s wonderful to know that local community news is still available in our smaller communities" – Esther Shannon, The Hooker Monologues.



March, 17, 2017

Book and Show Tour


Hi Craig,

Thanks so much for your email and for including our show on your website.
Much appreciated!

I'm based in Ottawa and only recently started gathering contacts out west.
I will definitely be in contact earlier next time.

Please let me know if you're interested in attending the show on Sunday,
and I'll connect you with the company.


Jessica, Booking Agent



March, 17, 2017

Agazziz Monday Painters


Hi Craig, "Happy St. Patty's Day" to you!
I saw the ad that you posted on the Voice. Fantastic! As always you do a good job.

Bye for now, Loretta



March, 14, 2017

CIVL Radio

Thanks so much Craig, really appreciate all the work you do!

Aaron, Station Manager



March, 13, 2017

Pigs Concert

Thanks a bunch Craig. I'll email you pictures and poster tonight.

Matt Laundrie,

Ghostfinger Productions



March, 10, 2017

Looking for Special Rings

Hi Craig
Thank you for all your support, depending on the weather I hope to make it
back to Harrison tomorrow and see if I can find the ladies rings. She lost
them 2 weeks ago, a wedding and an engagement ring. I was out last weekend
but no luck.


Mark Lewis, Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters



March, 10, 2017

Treasure Finders


Hi Craig
Yes the weather has sucked lately, the rain not really a problem but the
frozen ground makes it a bit rough going.

I am going back out this weekend to continue a hunt for a wedding band and
engagement set lost at Harrison.

Thank you for your support, it means a lot.
Take care

Mark Lewis, Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters



March, 10, 2017

Zebulon: Control of the Universe Board Game



Hi Craig,


Thank you so much for your help and it is a lovely article. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you!

One minor edit change - under the title image (Jacob Hardin) is should be 1
1/2 years not 10 years.

Thank you so much for your help. :) It is greatly appreciated.

Brandon Monahan




March, 8, 2017

Somewhere Between TV Production


Hi Craig,

Hope you are well. See attached!





March, 8, 2017

Positive Living

Thank you Craig I appreciate the media support J





March, 8, 2017



My friend and I are both from the Fraser Valley. I currently reside in
Abbotsford. thank you for providing a spot for the local community to
connect and learn about what is happening in our communities.


Brandon Monahan



March, 8, 2017

Sideways CA Tour



I got your email from Jeff at Tractor Grease Cafe.

We'll be performing there on the 15th of April and it'd would be great to
get featured by you leading up towards the show to help towards its
promotion. I've attached some info and a poster for the April tour. I've
also included some links to videos.

Let me know if you need any further information.

Yours sincerely,



March, 8, 2017

New TV Show "Somewhere Between"


Hi Craig,

We just went to camera so nothing quite yet. There are some photos of Paula and Devon circulating which Kaila can send if those work.

Nicola, Thunderbird TV




March, 8, 2017

Scott Carrier Visits CIVL Radio


Hi Craig,

No worries, glad to help someone help us spread the word!


Aaron Levy, CIVL station manager




March, 8, 2017

Shooting a New Show


Hi Craig,

We just went to camera so nothing quite yet. There are some photos of Paula and Devon circulating which Kaila can send if those work.






Feb, 22, 2017

Gambler's Anonymous


How can we get an announcement into your paper? We are Gamblers Anonymous
and would like to reach out to the people in your community and tell them
that Problem Gamblers can call us on our Hotline Number 1-855-222-5542.


Steve W.




Feb, 22, 2017

Dragon's Den


Hi Craig,

Thanks so much for your response and for posting the info on your website. That's fantastic!

I've attached some photos for you. We really appreciate the support.

With gratitude,


Carly, CBC Radio Canada




Feb, 22, 2017

Big Little Lion


Hi Craig,

Thank you so much!! That's great!



Feb, 17, 2017

No Work in Working Out

Wonderful! Thank you very much Craig, it looks great! I'm glad the photos
made it and worked out.

We have a new clinic opening in Langley in March as well, Do you cover out
that way as well? I should have mentioned it yesterday as you could have
included it.

The location will be: #113 - 20353 64th Ave Langley BC

The location of our Abbotsford clinic by the way is: #300 - 1945 McCallum Rd
Abbotsford, BC.

Any chance you could include the Abbotsford clinic location in the piece

Many thanks and have a wonderful day!


Nancy DeHart
Director, Marketing & Communications




Feb, 16 2017

Wifi Dilemma


This is getting crazy! Everyone is jumping on board to make some fast
money with no regards to what they are doing to our health.
Thanks for the article





Feb, 16 2017

Fraser Valley Women's Expo


Hi Craig,

Please see the attached poster. Thank you for all you do!

Kind Regards,

Shannon Ross
Event Manager




Feb, 10 2017

Vets Forgotten - Super Annuity Awareness

I want to thank you for your article A Lump of Coal for Vets. It seems that most people in this country only appreciate the vets at Remembrance Day Ceremonies. This includes most politicians.

I like most Veterans, have no faith in our government any longer. It doesn't matter what party is in, They talk a good fight but that is all they do is talk. This present government has a chance to right the ship, but will they? No, they don't care about the Vets, they care about votes. The Vets numbers are not large enough to really matter in an election.

I wanted to thank you again for writing the story as it may help some who do not know what or why we are fighting so hard for.

All the best,
Wayne Helpard CPO2 Ret'd



Feb, 5 2017

One ring

Thank you Craig, that is wonderful.
I will post a link on our Facebook page.
Mark Lewis FVTH




January 22, 2017

Good Deeds

Amazing - thanks Craig! Morning Craig!
That's great news - thanks a lot.

Good to keep people happy :)
Have a good weekend.

Jayne, Mr Mikes




January 22, 2017

Abby Eats

Love the picture, love the logo, love your effort and interest in the project!!!! Yahooo!

Thanks bro!






January 22, 2017

Girls Fly2 Boss

Hi Craig, Could you post this new poster for me. I sure would appreciate it

Bernie Constable




January 22, 2017

Girls Fly2 Boss

Thanks Craig!
As always I really appreciate it!

Best Regards,
Kirsten Brazier




February 3, 2017

Veterans' Thanks


Dear Veterans and Forces Personnel,

You are requested to view the Veterans editorial printed at the reference. The Committee is pleased to announce that Mr. Craig Hill, Publisher of The Chilliwack, Fraser Valley News has printed a resume editorial that penetrates the issues that affects Military/RCMP Veterans and their Families, CPP Pension claw back for far too long.

A lump of Coal for Vets editorial clearly indicates the frustration of Veterans for the failure of the Government of Canada to address their CPP claw back issue when they have over 60 billion dollars surplus in their pension plan to pay for their earned and paid for benefits. Veterans seek no funds from the tax payers. Can you imagine that Veterans who suffer from PTSD/disability get their CPP disability pension clawed back from their service pension by the Government of Canada.

Veterans are requested to send thank you notes to Mr. Craig Hill, editor at: thevalleyvoice [@] shaw.ca

He has presented a number of facts gathered from our Committee and the Chilliwack vets led by Claude Latulippe. Craig’s efforts to prepare this special report that affects Veterans in Canada is second to none. The Committee would appreciate it if Veterans were to send notes of appreciation to Mr. Craig Hill for devoting his time towards our Veterans issues.

With the support of over 112,500 Veterans, 121 former Colonels, 54 former officers of the rank of Generals and/or former RCMP Superintendents, we continue our march towards justice. We expect that some day our Canadian Government will really support its Veterans with more than just a few flattering words. When will Prime Minister Trudeau stands up for his Military/RCMP Veterans and their Families and take action to terminate the CPP claw back to their paid for service pension?

John Labelle, Veterans Annuity Campaign  Coordinator



January 20, 2017

Sing Your Art Out
Hi Craig,

My writing group are going to work on writing something together for your
the next time we meet. Until then, could I have an event I'm
organizing posted on your site? Here's the info and poster...

Come paint, collage, or create another craft of your own and join in on our
group "improv" painting. Then, participate in and/or enjoy a casual open
mic (all art forms welcome)! Art supplies, a light snack, and a hot drink
(coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or, yes, espresso) are included.

Admission is a suggested donation of $8 at the door. If the cost is a
concern, don't worry about it - no one will be turned away.

If you would like to perform in the open mic, you can let me know ahead of
time so I'll know who to expect (email ginavmarrelli@gmail.com) - or just
show up! An acoustic guitar and piano will be available for use. Performers
get in for free!

This is the second event organized by the Valley Art Project, an
organization founded by student Gina Marrelli. It's a small part of a
bigger vision to open an arts cafe right here in Chilliwack, to bring
people together through art of all types.

Thank you!


January 19, 2017

NDP Campaign Donators List
Thanks. Regrettably, the NDP hasn't posted their 2016 numbers. When they
come out in April, I'll be writing about them. Before this, we tweeted them
regularly. ~ Dermod Travis, political writer



January 2017

Community Bee's Buzzing

Hi Craig,
Thanks for thinking of me - as I always love to spread the buzz about our

Laura, Chilliwack CircleBee


January 2017

Community Bee

Hi Craig,
This is so nice of you and the headline is great! I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself. My name is Jay Pearson. I am a quadriplegic confined to a wheelchair and live at The Waverly Seniors Village in Chilliwack. I operate my computer, TV and phone etc. with voice commands and that is how I am writing this email. I drive my electric wheelchair with a sip and puff controller. I love technology! I am 56, the youngest person by far in here. You would be welcome anytime and it would be nice to meet you either here or at our Scrabble Club. I really appreciate the free publicity, thank you so very much. I will add you to my contacts and if we have a special event I will certainly let you know. The next big event is a tournament in Vancouver but I don't have the dates yet in March. I was unaware of your website and am very impressed. So nice to have some local news and the layout is really cool. Well done! Take care, bye for now…

Jay Pearson
Chilliwack Scrabble Club


January 2017

Veterans' Story


Your article: a lump of coal for veterans' is extremely timely and informative. As a veteran of 30 years service and in my position as President of the Atlantic Chief and Petty Officers Association here in Halifax, I find it very pertinent to our cause. The second hat that I wear is that as editor of our bi-monthly association newsletter, Crown and Anchor, and I would ask your permission to reprint the article in our March-April issue. Have a fine Navy day.

J. Gaylord Kingston



January 2017

"Murder on the Canadian" Author


Thanks for this Craig. Much appreciated! So glad you continue to capture attention from your followers. Keep it up!



January 2017

Veterans' Story


The Committee and I wish to express our sincere appreciation for your devotion and support of Military/RCMP Veterans issues. The editorial printed in the Chilliwack and Fraser Valley News is excellent in nature and very well presented. We request permission to distribute it across Canada to our Veterans and Members of Parliament. Full credit will be given to you and your paper. Again, on behalf of Military/RCMP Veterans, we say thank you. We will keep you posted.

"Honour, Dignity, Justice, Equality!"


John Labelle
Veterans Annuity Campaign



January 2, 2017

Best Wishes in 2017 from a Wonderful Reader


Most appreciated to see such a positive article and that you are staying with us through 2017 especially after I read that the Times had printed their last article.
All my very best for a healthy and prosperous New Year Craig.





January 1, 2017

Veterans' Story


What a master piece! Thank you! 2 small corrections..The spelling of my name para 4. Labelle. At the end of the message... the petition is now closed. Once you print it, we would like to send it to our supporters. You may print as you wish. We praise you for all the work you have done preparing a wonderful master piece. Take care and Happy New Year.

John Labelle, National Veterans Advocate.



January 1, 2017

First Baby


Thank you Craig...and same to you. Happy New Year!

Tasleem Juma
Senior Consultant, Public Affairs
Fraser Health



Dec. 30, 2016

Smiling Man Faces

Very important for The Voice women readers!


I love the way you think. You make me laugh.


Just an additional note, I put your item on the main page in the
Feature slot. That's just to keep The Voice's women readers happy to
see some smiling man faces.

Good luck with the show.





Dec 21, 2016

It's Only a Pipeline

Very impressive! Well and courageously said.
Merry Christmas!

Rafe Mair




Dec 21, 2016

It's Only a Pipeline

What makes you think I wouldn't like your article? I do like it. You are right on.

Thanks, Craig.


Betty Krawchyk




Dec 20, 2016

Christmas Treasure

Hi Craig

Not a problem, I will get that out to you as soon as I can, that would be
very nice. No, I don't have a Santa Hat , sorry. I will see what I can scare up.

Thank you Craig. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

Take Care
Mark Lewis, FV Treasure Hunters




Dec 20, 2016

Time to Run With The Torch


I have attached our campaign paper for your perusal. Our answer will quote a lot of information from it. I will try to be polite to his statements.......We will prepare an answer shortly, I'm sure you will enjoy it and I hope that you print it. We would like to distribute his comments and our answer across Canada. Do we have your permission to distribute the comments that were sent to you.




Dec 20, 2016

Veterans Pick Up The Torch
The Valley Voice News
Please consider printing the enclosed Veterans editorial. Minor adjustments are appreciated.

"Honour, Dignity, Justice, Equality!"


John Labelle
Veterans Annuity Campaign




Thank you for taking the time to write. The enclosed e-mail is this year editorial. It can be printed at any time that you are able to do so during the festive season. We have now corrected your e-mail address.


Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your Family.




"Honour, Dignity, Justice, Equality!"




John Labelle
Veterans Annuity Campaign



The second photo. The one in the middle.

Thank you for caring.




For your information the enclosed Christmas card was sent to all Liberal MP's and Many more MP's.






Dec 20, 2016



Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about your offer.
I've just been busy getting help to get us out of being snowbound with 2 ft
of snow on our driveway last week then possibly getting an apt to move to
this week, besides all other homebound duties.

I definitely will write an article soon. Hopefully over the holidays!

Merry Christmas Craig! To you and your family I wish you the best holiday

Will be in touch soon!




Dec 16, 2016



Hey Craig
When you had started to wind up on them the other day I knew you were going to tell it like it is and I couldn't wait for your article and if it got their blood pumping then so be it. I admire your writing on this and many other articles over the years and hate to think you will wind it up at year end but I also know when the time is up you will not remain quiet and I would hate to miss your writings. All my best and Merry Christmas to you and your family Paul  





Dec 16, 2016

It's Just a Pipeline

Great article Craig
Well put together and to the point.




Dec 8, 2016

Unwelcome Wagon (at CGH)


Re: First baby of the year

Dear Craig:

 Thank-you Craig, & a great holiday season to you, as well.


Carol Vance,

Welcome Wagon Representative.



Nov 14, 2016

Wired Only Please


Dear Craig:

Thank you for your coverage of my document Heads in the Sand, Pies in the
Sky in today's edition of your online magazine.

Few journalists today seem to have the courage to tackle this highly
controversial issue (or perhaps they're just too attached to their wireless
devices :o). Either way, I'm glad to see that there are still a few brave
ones left!

I was the editor for Shared Vision magazine, back in the 90s, and it's good
to see that Georgia Nicols is still going strong with her columns.

You cover a wide range of interesting topics and I look forward to reading
more of your magazine, now that I've been introduced to it-thanks to my
friend Janis Hoffmann.

Many thanks again for sharing this important information.



Wow. Thank you for your lengthy response, Craig, and for sharing your
stories and experience.

I'm glad you liked the cover on my doc. My hubby, Lewis Evans, is a graphic
designer and I'm fortunate to have him to bring all my material to life.
Documents like that take on another dimension and become a lot more
digestible when they're properly laid out, with graphics and images, as you

You are dedicated, indeed, and I'm impressed by what you have achieved,
despite the odds, the 'presstitutes' (:o) and your own health challenges.
Retaining your editorial integrity is a rare and precious thing.

And good for you for remaining 'wired', versus going wireless. I know that
all the microwave radiation is affecting everyone's health and causing
symptoms that many people fail to connect to the true cause. Having had a
brain tumour caused by WiFi radiation, I can now feel it when I'm exposed to
it and I recommend staying away from it all as much as humanly possible.

I'm familiar with Spare Change and was happy to regularly support it when we
lived in Vancouver. You had some good contributors and I was always
pleasantly surprised by the meaty and often poignant content.


Georgia and I have had our 'moments'. When I was editor of Shared Vision, I
had to make some tough decisions in terms of our columnists and I wasn't
always very popular, as a result. But that's a long time ago and hopefully
she doesn't think too badly of me.

Let's stay in touch, Craig, and I hope you stay well for a long time to

I wish I could support you. I know how challenging it is to produce a
publication, and it sounds as if you're doing much of it on your own, with a
lot of opposition and not a lot of support. I'm writing a book about my
experience with electromagnetic radiation, and doing as much as I can to get
the word out there, but it's a full-time job!

I will, however, share your site with my growing network, and I look forward
to following your news.

In the meantime, keep throwing rocks!



Nov 14, 2016

Friends are Where You Find Them


Thanks old friend, glad to hear your doing okay.


Local BCAS paramedic




Nov 14, 2016

Smoking Replacement


Hi Craig,

Thank you so much for that, it's great to see it live. If you ever have any ideas for a future topic you'd like me to cover for you please do let me know, as it was a pleasure to write. Alternatively if you'd like me to come up with something I think your readers would enjoy, I'd be more than happy to give it some thought and send something over. Please just let me know!




Nov 14, 2016

Get Cooked


Thank you so much for letting the public know what is going on. I can
hardly believe with all the testimonies from scientists and medical experts
from all over the world that our government is still refusing to
acknowledge the prolonged and permanent health effects it has on our
children. Just shameful!

Thanks again!



Nov 11, 2016

Great Canadian Author


Hi Craig:

I'm touring schools in Ontario so only get to see my emails on occasion. Although your health isn't perfect I'm glad that things are looking up for you and that you have a roof over your head. I was very interested to read about the history of your family. It's amazing what people went through in the past, absolutely amazing. Thanks for giving me the stats for my book on your page, I'm very pleased to get that kind of exposure! I can tell you one thing about Ontario and that is the weather is turning mighty cold. Take care, Craig, and keep up the good fight.
All best wishes from Eric




Nov 11, 2016

Scouts Canada


I am inquiring about pricing and placing an ad for a fundraiser event that scouts Canada is planning. Basically what our ad would need to say is; Our chilliwack local kids are saving up for the 2017 jamboree in Nova Scotia. Currently we are searching for clothing donations that will be picked up by the parents, this will be ending November 26 in the O'Connor parking lot 10-4pm with BBQ hot dogs by donation. Also bottles can always be donated to scouts Canada. Thank you for your time. I also welcome any ideas you may have to help us along.

Editor's Note ~ There is never a charge for anything on The Voice.


Wow Craig! You're amazing, thank you very much! On the day of, we are having a hot dog BBQ in attempt to raise more money that day. What a great idea about a basket I'll start working on that right away. Fantastic! I will also try and come up with something to write? Off the top of my head maybe something like, experience of a lifetime, or life changing memories...... oh boy, I'll get back to you on that.

Phewf.... go team!
I really really appreciate your time!!



Oct 26, 2016

Poverty Hero


Thanks for the note about Nov. 2, I hadn't heard that. Keep up the great work Craig!
Trish Garner / Community Organizer
BC Poverty Reduction Coalition



Oct 26, 2016

Poverty Hero


Hi Craig,

Yes, we've been hearing that a lot. The "raise" is either clawed back directly or rent is a percentage of income so mostly clawed back through that.

And I do remember you from when I was out with the Torch in Chilliwack! That feels like a long time ago now, and not much has changed!

It is tough to take on big media and I commend you for doing it. Whenever we're featured in the Valley Voice, we share that through our networks so your name gets out there.

I'm glad you're still able to see the humour in life Craig, keep up the good fight!

Take care,



Oct 18, 2016

One of Canada's great Authors


You're very welcome, Craig. Great that you are continuing with your important work.
All best for now,



Oct 18, 2016

For the Kids


Hi there,

I’m reaching out today with a feel-good community health story about the beneficial healthcare opportunities Zajac Ranch, a camp for kids with chronic, life-threatening or debilitating conditions, provides its campers.





Oct 18, 2016

Fisher Friends


Hello Craig,
If you would like a photo to go with this I have one to send over. Or we can arrange for a photo.
Have a great day.
Heather, FFSBC




Oct 18, 2016

Great People to Work With


Hi Craig! :-)

Thanks so much. I have linked to a few images you could use. Also can give 2 tix away for whatever show location the prize winner prefers. Let me know what you think would work best for that. If you run a contest, just give me their name, email, phone number and I can get them set up with tickets from the respective box office of the theatre of their choice.


Caroline, Ghostfinger Prod.




Oct 18, 2016

Awesome Community


Hi Jane,

We have always had a good relationship with Craig Hill of the Valley Voice News.





Oct 18, 2016

Great Things for the Environment

Thanks Craig,
Tracy, Footprint Press




Oct 18, 2016

A Big man

Hi Craig I recently won the BC's Strongest Man and an now heading off to
Canadian Nationals Sept 24 and 25!! That would be awesome all my pics are
on my Strongman page on Facebook Scott Wallace - BC'S Strongest Man 2016
you can use any pic you like there is also a link to a story the Leduc Rep
did on it.




Oct 18, 2016

Dangers of Microwaves


Thanks for printing the story!





Oct 18, 2016

A Super Book


Hello Craig! Thank you so much for the note and for running the story, much


Tracy, Winnipeg




Oct 18, 2016

A National Hero


Re: John Wichers

Hi Craig Looks great Thank-you too We got home safe today We'll keep you posted about the event. My name is Barbara.




Oct 18, 2016

Learn to Fish


Thanks very much Craig!
Have a great weekend,




Oct 18, 2016

Super Local Band


I was approached by someone while at the PIGS concert at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre, tonight, and asked if I might forward some photo's to you. I don't mind if you can use any of the photo's in the link, but would like recognition as the one who took the photo's. I've only just started going through what I've taken - it'll take a few days to process anymore, but these are what I quickly put together to put up on Facebook tonight. I'm a little biased towards one of the band members as he's my son . . . hope you can use one of these, if not, no worries.

Thank you

Elaine Baglo



Oct 18, 2016

Highway Thru Hell


Jamie Davis and Mark Miller are available for interviews either by phone (or in person in Vancouver & Toronto).

To request an interview, please contact:
Nicola Pender
Director of Media & Marketing, Thunderbird



Oct 18, 2016

More Than Just Breakfast


Hi Craig,

My colleague Seffrah mentioned that you were interested in further information about our IHOP Westlink grand opening, which took place yesterday! Below is a recap and pictures from the event for you to cover the community celebration for your readers.

If you'd like to email some questions for William Urrego, Vice-President of the Americas, DineEquity Inc. or franchisee, John Sikking to answer, or conduct a phone interview, I'd be happy to coordinate!




I wanted to know if you can please send me the link to the article from your website on the IHOP in Edmonton grand opening near Westlink Park that took place yesterday. I am having trouble locating it on your website, but see it in my Google searches. Thank you!



Oct 18, 2016

Great Musicans


Hi Craig,
thank you so much for your support, it looks great. I'm not sure if it's possible to change but if so it would be lovely.

Warm regards
Andy Gordon


Oct 18, 2016

A Wonderful Cause


Hi, I wanted to pass along a story opportunity featuring youth and adults
who are blind or partially sighted from across Canada taking part in the 3rd
annual Canadian Blind Hockey Summer Development Camp in Burnaby this week.
Several participants are from Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley,
including Vancouver, North Vancouver, New Westminster, Maple Ridge and

Everyone is able to appear on camera and give interviews provided they are
comfortable doing so.

Members of the media are invited to attend the first ever Blind Hockey
skills competition portion of the camp.


Matt Morrow



Oct 18, 2016

At Work for the Community


Hi there,

Starting this Thursday September 1st, The Home Depot Canada location in Chilliwack is coming together with the support of their community to raise funds for Cyrus Centre. This outreach is part of a national initiative to provide youth access to safe, stable housing and life-skills development programs. And with more than 6,000 youth in Canada without a place to call home on any given night, there has never been a greater need.

Please see below for more details and let me know if you are interested in speaking to someone from your community about this initiative.




Oct 18, 2016

A Great Group


Just wanted to send my email so u could send the photos u took.. as well as
thank you very much for coming out and spending time with us all!!



Oct 18, 2016

Great Musician


Hey Craig,

Thanks so much for listing that! I couldn't seem to find the link to share.
Where is the posterland on the main page?




Oct 18, 2016

Great Musician


Hey Craig,

Oh sweet. Yea for some reason I was on the digital version of the paper.
Looks great. Will share away


Oct 18, 2016

Firefighters Robbed


A few weeks ago the volunteers answered a 2 a.m. page for a crash on the
highway involving two trucks. They raced to the hall, suited up, jumped in
their trucks, and headed to the rescue.

Meanwhile, back at the hall, someone took the opportunity to loot their
vehicles and take off with wallets, cell phones, work tools and other
personal belongings. They also stole pagers and radios belonging to the

Could you please SHARE so we can help out this fire hall and the




Oct 18, 2016

Great Musician



We are doing a British Columbia tour with our show A Tribute To Elvis in Concert. It would be wonderful if you would be able to give us some publicity about our show. Pete Paquette is one of Canada's top Elvis Tribute artists from Toronto, and Chris Connor is coming in direct from the United Kingdom for this one week tour. I have also attached a photo that you are
free to use.



Oct 18, 2016

Kid's Stuff


Hi Craig,

How has the rest of your summer been?

Touching base regarding your interview with Splash'N Boots. Might we be able to arrange it for this week? Next week will be pretty crammed! Let me know :)




Oct 18, 2016

Great Musician


Hi there!
Jeff has suggested I send over a press release for The Burying Ground's concert on Thursday October 13th.
Here is the concert info plus a short bio, photo and press release.

Will you be able to help promote? We appreciate it!!




Oct 18, 2016



You are very welcome. I will send you a poster in January when they are ready.

Kind Regards,

Shannon Ross
Event Manager
Fraser Valley Women's Expo



Oct 18, 2016

A Helping Hand


Hi Craig

Thank you so much for offering to cover this very worthwhile event - we really appreciate it.


Richard Niezen

First Christian Assembly



Oct 18, 2016

Art for Art's Sake


I'm so glad! I've been thinking about you. I don't keep too well, it's off and on. Sometimes I'm fine, then I get very tired. I'm going for a lung capacity test in October, and an X-r ay to make sure my pneumonia is all gone. How are you?




Oct 18, 2016

Cops for Cancer


Hello Craig,

Yes the riders will be in Chilliwack on Monday September 26th all day, they will start at the Best Western Rainbow Inn and our last stop is at Kal tire on Progress way. I will share a copy of our route with you for that day in case you were hoping to catch us. If anyone is wanting to make a donation they can at http://convio.cancer.ca/site/TR/CopsforCancer_BC/COPS_BC_?pg=entry&fr_id=21831#.UvwYzEHTmUl

Hopefully we will see you out there along the way,

Rachelle Perkin
Annual Giving Coordinator-Fraser Valley
Cops for Cancer-Tour de Valley
Canadian Cancer Society, BC and Yukon Division



Oct 18, 2016

A Great Cause


Raising funds and toys for families in our community.
Let’s make someone’s holidays worth remembering!

Thanks to caring people like you, since 1986 we have collected over 12,000 toys and over $320,000 which has brightened the holidays for so many children within our community.

Once again, we’re pleased to offer you an opportunity to contribute to this worthy cause while participating in such a fun activity...

Start thinking about your dream team and start talking to your friends, family or
co-workers and stay tuned for registration details…

Lots of fun! Come out and play and contribute to this worthy cause!

Separate refreshment area with food!

All proceeds go to the
Christmas Sharing Program and the Children’s Foundation.


Oct 18, 2016

Women's Health


Hi Craig,

Thanks so much for sharing - it's a great initiative that we're so passionate about!






Oct 18, 2016

In Search of Clean Water


Thanks Craig!

I did a Facebook post linking to the story you ran on the Voice about the
pipeline and aquifer and so far that post had been seen by 1029 people.
That's huge for our Facebook page.

With the Ministerial Panel wrapping up today it's gray to see lots of
people getting the message!




Oct 18, 2016



Hey There,

My name is Emma and I am writing because of my passion for good, healthy living and exercise. You might say I’m born again having quit the habit 1 year ago. I was able to succeed after implementing a nicotine reduction plan using vaping and I’d like to share my experience with other smokers trying to quit the habit.

Recently I came across thevalleyvoice.ca while researching a new piece and realized this guide would be of interest to you. As a writer, I love sharing my work and good information to people I meet or sites I visit.

Would you like to give my resource a mention on your site? It would be fantastic if you did because I’m sure your readers would like to learn more about the best way to use vaping in this context. Of course, if you’d prefer me to write an introduction to it or a short summary of it, let me know.




Oct 18, 2016




I'm afraid not, but might whip something up if a few days would be ok?




Oct 18, 2016



Great! Thank you. Please send us a link to the piece, we'd like to see it.




Oct 18, 2016

Homeless Rally


Hi Craig,

Any chance of you coming to the rally today? And can you pass along to us what you write about the homeless situation in Chilliwack? We'd love to learn about and connect with what's happening there.
take care … dave



Oct 18, 2016

Ministry Helps


Looks great thank you. One thing here is the date for the mobile shelters




Oct 18, 2016

Football Fever!


Hi Craig,
I can certainly send you photos of the van from the event.
Thanks for checking,

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Lindsay Olsen
Senior Communications Specialist, Media Relations
Corporate and Stakeholder Governance



Oct 18, 2016

Football Fever!


Hi Craig,
Hopefully we will have a wrap up done up and too you directly. I'm doing up a media release on the awards dinner, just waiting for some pictures.
Thanks for your continued support it's really appreciated.




Oct 18, 2016

A Treasure Trove


Hi Craig
I can do that, maybe we can get some interested bodies to come out and have
a look.
Thank you for your condolences.
Talk to you soon.



Oct 18, 2016

Welcome to The Voice Pawdnuh


Hi Craig,

Thanks for the e-mail and letting me know about the posters. Appreciate that. Can't wait to read the article later today!




Oct 18, 2016

Women on the Street


Hi Craig,

Thanks so much!


Laura Dilley, Executive Director
PACE Society



Oct 18, 2016

Music to Make the World Go Round


Hi Craig,
I'll pass it on to our secretary, Lynne Preston. Thanks for your continued support.

Paula DeWit
Music Director and Conductor
Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra


Oct 18, 2016

CSO Says Hello


Hello Craig,

Paula asked us to send you our November concert poster. We have chosen to
send it to you in three different formats, so you can choose the most
appropriate one for display. We'll be sending along a "press release" soon
with information about the concert. Thanks again for asking about us. It
is good to keep up the contact with you and the Valley Voice! We've
appreciated you promotion of us in the past and we look forward to an
ongoing positive working relationship.

Thanks Craig.

Lynne and Don Preston
CSO Chorus Secretaries


Oct 18, 2016

Caring About Cancer


Thanks Craig - will do. As always, I appreciate the coverage!

Sheila Dong
Manager, Media Relations & Communications
Canadian Cancer Society, BC and Yukon Division



Oct 18, 2016



Hello Craig,

I want to thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention. I have
taken over the role of Program Director at Chilliwack Restorative Justice
and Youth Advocacy Association and we have some new staff working in our
office. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to learn more of
your past support as I think the Voice would be a wonderful resource to get
our messages out.



Oct 18, 2016

Reducing Poverty


Wow, thanks Craig!

Trish Garner / Community Organizer
BC Poverty Reduction Coalition



Oct 18, 2016

Award-winning Blues Musician


Hi Craig,
That's GREAT! Thank YOU for your kind words! Wow.
Note sent to The Drive.


Hi Craig,
That is soo awesome and very appreciated!! Thank you so much! Do you happen
to have any local radio contacts that may be interested in an interview??
(I know I've been asking for a lot!)
You rule,



Oct 18, 2016

Women's Cancer


Thank you Craig,

I should have dug a bit deeper. It turns out that major sponsors of the
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Canada's major breast cancer group
that just raised $17 million in the CIBC run for the cure.


Meg Sears PhD
Chair, Prevent Cancer Now



Missed quite at bit lately....




Sept 20, 2016

Party Animals


Hi Craig,


Thank you for the great spot for our poster. Attached is the News Release.

Thank again!


Lisa Luky



July 4, 2016

Webers Rock!

We are coming to the Tractorgrease cafe this Saturday July 9th. Tractorgrease gave us your contact info, we were hoping you may be able to help get our press release out there. Let us know if that's possible, thanks! Here are some photos. Thanks Craig! We're really looking forward to the show. I've sent the press release and photos out to other news sources as well, I hope that's cool. It's our first time in the area so any promotion will be quite helpful!
Thanks again!!
The Weber Brothers



May 8, 2016

Chilliwack Lawn Bowlers

Hi Craig...Merlin Bunt here. Thanks very much for coming out to the
Chilliwack Lawn Bowling Club's Opening Day on April 30th; much appreciated.
I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to actually meet and talk. Also, thanks for
the great write-up and multiple photos in The Valley Voice...they were well
received. If you ever want a free introductory game and lesson in lawn
bowling, just let me know...thanks again...Merlin



Feb 26, 2016

4½ Walls Local Production

HEY hey Craig,
Your the best dude ever !!

Take what you want out of the treatment
and I'll let you know as soon as the film is good to go.
First it will go to a couple film festivals then Netflix & HBO.

Thx bro
Ur awesome !!





Feb 8, 2016

Spring Spirit!

What a lovely Valentine's Day present you've given our team.

Thanks so much, it's a brilliant article for the upcoming season and such a privilege to have the team be a feature story with you.


It bodes well for attracting new paddlers, it certainly did last year with a number of new
paddlers resulting from our PR campaign, which is only possible with your support. :)




Feb 8, 2016

The Hooker Monologues

"Just read the piece, Craig. Nice quote you took from my email. I think you’ve done a great job.


Truly, want to thank you for giving the show space in the News. And, it’s wonderful to know that local community news is still available in our smaller communities" – Esther Shannon, Firehall Arts Centre




January 25, 2016

Books for kids who don't read

Eric Wilson, Victoria, BC

More terrific coverage. Thank you so very much! All best wishes for continued success.



January 13, 2016

Ride On!

D. Mackenzie, Chilliwack

Thank you for the coverage of the Jan 1st motorcycle run from Chilliwack to HHS. Us motorcycle people have a hard time getting positive press from the media. Thanks again. Duncan Mackenzie. (the old guy on the red 48 panhead Harley)



August 18, 2015

Stick Around, Kid

Brandi, Chilliwack

A great read, Craig!! I am sincerely hoping you will decide to stick with the news. I, for one, truly appreciate your time and dedication over the years; as I have said numerous times, we would have known nothing about so very many things that have affected us over time if it were not for You.

I hope against hope that other folk who have been reading you for years are speaking out to you now – letting you know just how much you have done for
us news junkies out here... hoping that they get off their collective asses and say
something, ya know.



August 18, 2015

The Biggest Thank You

Mark Lewis, Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters

Hi Craig
Thank you, that's wonderful. We are a fan of yours as well, I don't know if you can tell who is reading your article but I have posted your pieces all over the States and S.Africa and Australia. Take care, one of these days we will have to meet for Coffee.



August 9, 2015

The Biggest Thank You

Belle Nelson, Chilliwack

Hi Craig. I love reading The Voice. After reading your story I truly admire you and your efforts in doing this one man show. Please carry on as long as you are able to.



August 1, 2015

Race Day!

Barb Taylor, CCE

Hi Craig. Was an exciting and busy kayaking time up at Tamihi! I was judging for most of the weekend, and alas, was not able to leave my post. I did recognize a couple reporters across the river but do not know if one was you? Let me know if you need anything and I will be sure to help.


Thanks so much for your coverage leading up to our big Nationals event. We all had so much fun, paddled hard, and made life-long connections with athletes from across Canada. Whew, now a few fun daytrips, and some rest time before the BC Championships in Sept.



June 26, 2015

Music to Our Ears

Paula De Witt, Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra

We love your coverage of our events. You are good at what you do. We thank you for your support.



June 26, 2015

Wishes for Kids

Samantha Brum, Children's Wish Foundation

I just wanted to follow up on the Post Release for the Princess Tea Party, which colleague Andy had sent to you last week.
I saw the publication online and just wanted to personally thank you for working with us at Children's Wish!

Attendees of the weekends events did a stellar job in raising funds to help local wish kids, and we are all inspired by the generosity of supporters in the Valley communities.

We hope to be in touch for upcoming Valley events.



June 20, 2015

Site Love

Lisa Knowles

I really liked your page, I went and had a look at it. Exciting, informative, entertaining and driven for the "local" community. Totally love that. Thank you for making such a positive impact.
I have always enjoyed reading newspapers in general, but will really relish in reading your "local" paper


June 20, 2015

Paddles Up!

Carol Goh, Spirit Abreast

"That looks great, thank you so much!



June 12, 2015

Super Senior

Children's Rehabilitation Fdn.

What beautiful photos! Thank you so much. I am going to print these for John's scrapbook if that's ok. Would it be possible for you to let me know when the story is published? I'd love to buy a copy (either digital or hard copy) to have for our media records. Thanks again for covering the story. You rock.




June 12, 2015

Mary Main, Chilliwack Visual Artists Assn

The Art of Having Fun

Thank you for the wonderful publicity. As always, you have done us proud! I did not design that beautiful poster, but I will soon be sending you quite a bit more about our off-site shows as well as those in the Gallery. We have three members shows, coming up soon which are not in the Gallery, and I designed their posters, but it's not quite time yet! The end of June, the whole of July, and the end of August, before our new season begins is a very busy one for our artists, with some nice locations. We still have more Gallery shows before September, and I'll get them to you too. Take care, Mary



June 1, 2015

Matt Jensen

Fitness Story

Read the article, thank you so much! Written and put together beautifully!



May 29, 2015

Torch Run

Megan Gritanni, Special Olympics Chilliwack

Glad to hear you will try to make it out to the Torch Run, and thank you for your interest. I won't be issuing a release after the run. Thanks for offering to post material next year free of charge. We don't usually have all the info a month in advance, but I could try to get it to you sooner than this year.



May 20, 2015

Lotsa News

Cora Price, FV Blues Society

There’s been some great news to report on lately and I see you’ve been doing an awesome job of doing just that. Thanks for keeping us informed.



April 17, 2015

Sharing Shots

Dino Goh, Envr Canada

Environment Canada that helped organized the Chilliwack open house that happened on March 12th, 2015. Could I kindly have your permission to use some photos of the open house. Thank you for letting me use the pictures from the webpage!



April 17, 2015

The Art of Being Nice

Loretta Douglas, Harrison Art Show

The poster looks great! Thanks for all you do.




April 17, 2015

Sharing Shots

Dino Goh, Envr Canada

Environment Canada that helped organized the Chilliwack open house that happened on March 12th, 2015. Could I kindly have your permission to use some photos of the open house. Thank you for letting me use the pictures from the webpage!





April 17, 2015

Birds of a Feather

Fernando Selles, CFNC

Thank you. We appreciate very much the help you have provided us.



April 17, 2015

Art Uncharted

Catalina Turingan CCAC

Thanks very much for your note - really appreciate it!







March 15, 2015

Kennedy Sisters Coming to Chilliwack April 13

Carli Kennedy

Thanks so much! You rock!! :)
Hope to see you soon.




March 15, 2015

Worried About the Pipeline

Lynn Perrin Pipe Up Network

I thank you for doing what you can to put information out to the community no matter what your own personal views are. It is the mark of a journalist with integrity.





March 13, 2015

Clean Water Rally

Suzy Coulter, WWP

That's great you'll run it in the Voice. Cheers.





March 13, 2015

Gill Bar Cleanup Time!

Rachel Schoeler, FRK

Thanks so much for running our story!



March 11, 2015

You're Bloody Well Right

Nancy Bryan, Canadian Blood Services

Thanks so much for your support. Do you have an idea how many readers you have? (500-600 daily)



March 2, 2015

The Dream Team

Sherry Dunn, Spirit Abreast Dragon Boat Team

I have forwarded your posting to our executive, our captain and our coach, am sure they will be very happy to see such a great story! 


Thanks so much for posting our community group.  We really appreciate it.  Will forward the posting to the rest of the team too so they can see what a great job you are doing as a "voice in the valley".


Very impressed with your speedy reply too.


Thanks for the best wishes!  We have two weeks to spread the word before the meet and greet, should be able to find our new paddlers by then, especially when we have such a great local posting - will definitely be forwarding it through our networks.




February 12, 2015

Julius Caesar

Nipuni, UFV Theatre

Here’s a copy of our poster attached. Thank you for your support.





February 12, 2015

Hope & Healing

Michelle Cho, Reconcilliation Canada

Thank you very much for your note and for posting the event. Your support is greatly appreciated.

All the best



Jan 23, 2015

Smart About Meters

Kristina Matisic Creative

Your work in helping us get the word out is invaluable to The Coalition to stop smart meters in BC, The citizens for safe technology and everyone else in our province opposed to smart meters who think their voices will never be heard.

Gosh, SOMEONE has to speak out and without you, the only news media person interested in getting our word out in BC!

Thank YOU so much for all you do most of which probably goes thankless as well!



Jan 23, 2015

Canadian Domain's are Cool

Kristina Matisic Creative

Thanks so much for posting our press release about National Cupcake Day! There was a small error on our release and I was hoping you could correct it on your site. Third paragraph down, it should read www.nationalcupcakeday.ca  (NOT .com). If you could make that change it would be greatly appreciated!



Jan 15, 2015

Upcoming Kayak Races

Barb Tayor, CCE

Thanks for the plug! Austin does look dashing. I think this one is on the Hope Slough/River, not Chilliwack River though. Will send you more on the IceBreaker closer to the race days. The Feb/March Icebreaker series is
more of a fun, beginner, easy flat-water slalom. Your readers could watch or participate.

In March, we are hosting BoaterCross and The Rich Weiss Memorial Slalom in the whitewater up at Tamihi Rapids. Locals and a group from Alberta usually attend. These are high action races for experienced paddlers only and make for some interesting spectating. More later.

You are welcome to come out and take photos of the paddlers as well at any of our events. We often have various papers, and sometimes TV, pop by. Or
come and paddle!



Jan 7, 2015

New Year, New Treasures

Mark Lewis, Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters

I hope you and your family had a great Christmas and New Year. Who knows what 2015 will bring but we will see I guess. Anything new with you? I will be starting up the promos for our 3rd Annual hunt in July, we have already received the first entrant! Take care, maybe I will get to meet you this year?? Thank you for all your help and support. Have a Safe and Happy 2015.



Dec. 30, 2014

Going Animal

Sharon, Urban Safari

If you have room for this notice that would be awesome. Hope you had a great Xmas and look forward to an exciting New Year.




Dec. 29, 2014

Looking for an Artistic New Year

Mary Main, CVAA


Thank YOU! I was especially asked to do the poster as it was the one I had done for our craft sale! I'm doing well in the poster line, as I may be doing the one for our Photography Group show (I get into a lot of things!) in April. I did the one for our Harrison Show in August, and If I ever get the last painting done for "Newest and Best", I'll have three paintings hanging in the Gallery! I also sold one of my enhanced altered photographs on Fine Art America a couple of weeks ago. I hope this continues into 2015! I hope you have a very good 2015!



Dec. 29, 2014

It's Curling Season!

Ellie Lambert, Curl BC


Thank you for running our releases, I really appreciate it.
Hopefully we'll have plenty more good news for you in 2015!



Dec. 25, 2014

Voice Readers are 'in the Know'

Brandi, Chilliwack


Wishing you all the best of the season. I wanted to thank you for yet another year of keeping us all ‘in the know’



Dec. 19, 2014

Getting Good Advice 

Dr. Ron Unrah 


Thanks for this letter. I have just returned from a Habitat for
Humanity stint and have read your note and I will respond to her. Better yet, I will notify Ray Ferris, the man with the background in MCFD, and the one who understands both the value and the mistakes of child protection and has wise advice. Your sensitivity to this family is commendable. Have a blessed Christmas season.



Dec. 19, 2014

You're Bloody Well Right 

Nancy Bryan, Canadian Blood Services


Thanks so much for your support. We hope to get the Chilliwack Fire Rescue hosting a blood drive in the summer of 2015. Stay tuned.






Dec. 13, 2014

A Show of Support 

Jeremiah Ackermann,


Thank you so much for the quick response! We are very appreciative of any support or publicity that you can provide. Putting up our poster and release is more than we could ask for. (See more here.)






Nov. 25, 2014

Counting on You! 

Vivian Tse, CPA BC


You are most welcome!
We enjoy seeing our members and students being mentioned on the paper!




Nov. 25, 2014

Firefighter Photos are Hot Items 

Katie Tegtmeier, Chilliwack


Thank you so so so much!! I can't even express to you how thankful and happy I am for those pictures.

I really appreciate all the effort you went through finding these for me. My boyfriend is going to be so ecstatic!

My (firefighter) boyfriend, is a huge fan of your site. And because of him, I have become one too. I can't thank you enough for the pictures.

Hope you have a lovely day




Nov. 19, 2014

Value at the Village 

Nick Stubberfield, Value Village


Appreciate the heads up that your team posted news of the new Value Village coming to Mission. We're very excited for the grand opening tomorrow and can't wait to say hey to everybody that drops by the new store. :)




Oct. 22, 2014

You're in the Movies 

Cathy Rayner, Cottonwood 4


Thank you for the article.

Thank you so much for your support, its truly appreciated :0

But in all honesty I sent my newspaper listings this week to newsletter group instead of newspaper group, oops! Sorry for the bother!

See you at the movies,
Kind Regards




Oct. 22, 2014

Rings and Things 

Mark Lewis, Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters

Thank you for the article. I linked it with websites and Facebook pages from Canada, U.S and South Africa. It looks great.

I can hardly wait till we find another. That makes over $13,000 returned this year, not a bad start. Read the story here.




Oct. 16, 2014

Destiny's Fundraiser 

Barb Coates, Variety Children's Charity

Wow! Looks fabulous – thank you! And you got Variety’s logo in and everything. And thank you also for including the direct link to her fundraising page. Those pages will go live today and will be easy to find from Variety’s Kid Champions event page.

Have a most excellent day and I’ll keep you posted on Destiny’s progress.



Oct. 1, 2014

Ride On! 

Tricia Hoy, Tour de Valley, Canadian Cancer Society, Fraser Valley Region

Thank you for supporting Cops for Cancer, Tour de Valley 2014. We are very appreciative for your coverage in featuring our riders, fundraising events, and the tour over the past couple of months. The community support and awareness has greatly contributed to the success of the campaign.

We look forward to connecting with you again for the 2015 tour.




Oct. 1, 2014

A Classy Group 

Jake Siemens, CADREB

"Thanks again for attending CADREB`s celebration." Read the story here.





Sept ,27 2014

Song of Praise 

Lynne, Chilliwack Symphony Chorus,

You did great work for us and we thank you so very much. Your paper was acknowledged in the “thank you” section of the Magic Flute program. Last evening was the first performance and there was a pretty decent crowd, considering it was a Thursday evening.




Sept ,19 2014

The Art of Thanks 

Cynthia Berge, ACES

Most excellent, thanks so much. (See the story here.)




Sept ,18 2014

A "Special" Note 

Megan Grittani-Livingston
Special Olympics British Columbia

Thank you so much! All the best.




Sept ,18 2014

At Your Service 

Betty Krawczyk, Cumberland

Thanks! You're a gentleman and a scholar.

Best, Betty




Sept ,18 2014

Happy to Hail Readers! 

Mel Dunster, GM Harrison Fest Soc

Thanks so much for helping get the word out - we really appreciate it!






Sept ,11 2014

Doggone Nice 

Ivanna Ferris, Dir SPCA Chilliwack

Thanks for your coverage. Great photos.





Sept ,11 2014

Bike Likes!

Kathy Funk, Exec Dir Chilliwack Restorative Justice

Thanks, we appreciate your coverage of our events.




Sept 4 2014

Foodie Fun

Laine Ogilvie, Memorylaine Events

"The Food Truck Fest is coming up in a couple weeks. Thank you again for the advertising you do for us, we appreciate it so much."




August 10, 2014

Picture Perfect

Eddie Gardner, Sto:lo Elder

"I love your photography! Good to see you at the rally. See you at the next one!




August 10, 2014

Jumpin' for Gymkhana

Sharon, Gymkhana, Kiss Farms

Awesome article and pictures. Maybe one day the Gymkhana on Sunday will get Voice coverage. Our motto is "we run for the fun we don't dash for cash.



August 10, 2014

Treasured Thoughts

Mark Lewis, FV Treasure Hunters

Our friends over at The Valley Voice, out did themselves. Of course his first shot was putting Jamie on the masthead but for the third time in 2 years we have a main story in his online magazine. I ask you all to Thank Craig for what he has done for us. Please follow the link. Thank You.



July 9, 2014

Community Linked

Joyce, Chilliwack Quilter's Guild

Could you please put the Guilds link under Clubs and Associations. I enjoy checking your Voice - keeps me up-to-date
with Chilliwack news. Keep up the good work!



June 27, 2014

She's Not Happy

Carrie Leonard, BC

"Did Jeff Kooyman write this article himself? Very insulting of you to downplay this extremely serious issue. How much did the Kooyman family pay you? Shame on you! It's unfortunate you have such a slanted view and you write for a public newspaper. I'm glad other people are taking this issue seriously. The only thing more sickening than the videos and abuse is you defending it. "



June 13, 2014

A Growing Opportunity

Lisa Peach, Chilliwack Farmers Market

Thank you for all of your help, we really appreciate the support. *See Chilliwack's Greenheart.




June 13, 2014

We Create Change

Andrea Guernsey, We Create Change

I just wanted to touch base over email and thank you for coming out today. It was lovely chatting with you about all the great things that are going on in the area.

Hope you enjoyed the event. Hope to work with you again in the future-maybe We Day Vancouver! Thanks again.  (See the Voice story here.)




June 9, 2014

Acoustic Emporium

Vern Tompke, Pastor, Vineyard Church

Great article and amazing pictures!!! - Let me know when I can buy you a coffee!



June 9, 2014

Plant Sale Optimism

Coralee, Secretary, Optimist Club of Chilliwack


Thank you for giving us this opportunity to get out there and let people know what we are up to :)




June 9, 2014

Smart Meter Rally

Lori Giesbrecht, Mission


Thank you for your reply! We really appreciate you doing this for us! Have a nice day!!



May 29, 2014

Ride to Live

Colleen Groenlund, Ride to Live

Fantastic, thank you very much from us all. Love all the pics too. Appreciate your support and Feature highlight! Cheers!



May 29, 2014

Flying High

Rick Samuels, FVRCF

Very nice story, the club members love it. Thank you so much.




May 29, 2014

Jasmine Sings Praise!

Jasmine Netsenna, Singer-Song Writer

Thanks for the lovely write-up. That's easily one of the best
compliments I've ever received. Your comment on me being one of the best vocalists to be in Chilliwack—thanks so much! I love the photos. and thanks for your work. I just can't say thanks enough!



May 29, 2014

Terry Fox Run

Catharine Hodgins, Terry Fox Fdn.


Thank you so much for your willingness to contribute. Every contribution truly matters, no matter how vast the readership so we are very grateful for your generous offer.




May 27, 2014

Saying Goodbye

Janine Bandcroft, Editor Victoria Street Newz


Thanks for all you’ve done for us. I’m a bit sad, but very happy that the Megaphone will be moving in. I'm looking forward to (hopefully) organizing yoga and writing workshops for the street crowd. Will check the Valley Voice for updates. Keep up the good work!!



May 20, 2014

All That Jazz

Lynne Preston, Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra and Chorus


Thanks so much. I just had a peek, and you have done great work for us!

Read the item here.



May 15, 2014

Singer on Tour

Jasmine Netsana, Singer, Songwriter


It was great talking with you and I look forward to seeing the article you publish on our event.


Thanks again, talk soon.



May 13, 2014

Reaching Voice Readers

David Ellis, Pipeline Critic


Glad to be of service to your readers. I have sold many books in your area over the last 20 years. I now I try to give back.




May 15, 2014

Lords of the Rings

Mark Lewis, Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters


I truly cannot say Thank You enough. I will take lots of photos and some video as well. I will make sure everyone knows how big of a help you have been, I told lots of people about your article and photos of the ring and I still tell people to do a Google search of the group, last time I looked, you came up pretty high on the list.


Thank you again.



April 30, 2014

Puppet Talk

Sarah Argue, RocktheArts


Thanks so much!  Article looks great love the title.

Thanks for rockin' the art of puppetry with us and spreading the word!!!



April 30, 2014

Coldest Night

Sheila Scoble, Kiwanis Sardis


Thank you for taking the time to extensively cover the Coldest Night Walk this year. Your support is greatly appreciated.




April 9, 2014

Art with Heart

Loretta Douglas, Harrison Art Show


I'm impressed at your willingness to help. Thanks for the support.



April 4, 2014

Festival Fun Begins Soon

Mel Dunster, Harrison Festival Society


The feature looks great – thanks!

We are more than happy to support the Voice. Thank you for your continued support.



March 29, 2014

Battle Royale!

Eileen Mendez, CIVL Radio

Thanks very much! It's been wonderful working with you. See the Battle of the Bands story.




March 29, 2014

A Day at the Races

Dana Cave Interior Kart Centre

Great article. We're looking forward to seeing you again, keep up the good work and thank you.




March 29, 2014

Merchants of Speed

Greg Henderson, West Coast Kart Assoc.

Thanks for covering that
race. Please come by any time in the season as it gets much busier. You did a fantastic job and nice pics.




March 12, 2014

Water Awareness Week

Natalie Jones, WaterWealth Project

Thanks for coming out to take in (and report back to the community on) World Water Day, and for the encouraging words too :)

All the best, and keep up the good work as a local, independent media
outlet in our community.



March 12, 2014

A Sight to Delight!

Tricia, SPCA Vancouver

Thanks for posting! I know it's on the Island, but since the live stream is online and anyone can watch, I sent it to media throughout B.C.

Love your story! Love these cutie-pie critters too - the otters were really active in their pool pen yesterday, but it's dangerous, as it can keep me from getting my work done lol. Thanks for letting me know!
Kind regards



March 18, 2014

Seeding Support

Nico Bauman, Jelly Marketing

Thank YOU! Great to have your support – we will certainly keep you and your readers in the loop.



March 12, 2014

FV Treasure Hunters

Mark Lewis, Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters

Thank you for you're help Craig. That sounds great about the story. You can bet I will send you the info for the big hunt, circle July 26 on your calendar.



March 12, 2014

It's An Honour Tour

Francois Grenier, It's An Honour Tour Manager

Thank you again for your hard work. We appreciate your effort to promote our exhibit.




March 12, 2014

It's An Honour Tour, Again

Katie O'Brien, It's An Honour, Program Manager

Many thanks for sharing the link with me and thank you for covering the exhibit!

All the best



March 4, 2014

Special O Safeway Fundraiser

Megan-Gritannia-Livingston, Special Olympics BC

Thank you so much for the post! We truly appreciate your coverage.

Sincere thanks again



March 4, 2014

It's An Honour To Be There

Katie O'Brien, It's An Honour Tour


Thanks for helping us advertise the exhibit. It's much appreciated. It would be great if you could stop by the exhibit on either Monday or Tuesday. As noted in the release, we're open to students during the day (8:30-2-ish - with a few breaks during the day), though there will be no students visiting during lunch time.


All the best



March 4, 2014

Community Works Together

Brenda Listoen, Chwk Comm. Services


I wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you did in covering our Stopping Sexual Exploitation Awareness rally and march on Feb 12!



March 4, 2014

Happy Homes

Nico Bauman, Jelly Marketing


Mcbride station Langley real estate open house


This is great news! Thanks so much.

We are so grateful for the support of the Voice -- and I will keep you

posted on other great things coming your way. :)






March 4, 2014

Community Works

Brenda Listoen, Chwk Comm. Services


I wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you did in covering our Stopping Sexual Exploitation Awareness rally and march on Feb 12!


Your well written coverage and pictures were excellent in conveying the event and the need for community of Chilliwack to become aware of that this issue is indeed happening in Chilliwack and that we as a community need to find ways to education, prevent and protect our children and youth.


So thank you for doing the best news coverage of our event!


I am putting together a presentation for the City Council, to report on the events of the Stop Sexual Exploitation Awareness week.


I would like to enquire if it is possible to use any of the pictures from the rally that are in the paper, for my power point presentation?  I would be able to attach your name to them as well.


The presentation Is Monday, March 4.





February 24, 2014

Coldest Night Thanks

Sheila Scoble, Kiwanis Club Sardis


Eileen extends her appreciation to everyone who helped make the Coldest Night of the Year fundraiser a success.


"Thanks a million for your extensive, and upbeat article. I certainly hope it goes even more viral. I have forwarded this to CNOY headquarters. Your efforts to support us are awesome."

Yours in service



February 24, 2014

The Class of Kiwanis

Sheila Scoble, Kiwanis Club Sardis


On behalf of myself, Salvation Army Chilliwack, and  the Kiwanis Clubs - Sardis and Chilliwack, I must apologize for not reaching out and making use of  your  site as  a valued media resource in our community.


As a first year participant, it has been a huge learning curve for all of us.  Unfortunately, one of our key PR people from Salvation Army, Ian Pratt ,has been sidelined for medical reasons for the past two months.  This has left us scrambling to connect to all our potential partners in the community.  Did we drop the ball on this one?  Absolutely!  Would we love to have you be part of the "buzz"?  Hands down, yes!  There are still 4 days before Walk Day and would love to partner with you.


I am hoping we can connect by phone (604) 702 0497 or e-mail here. Please check out the www.coldestnightoftheyear.or/location/chilliwack  web page (if you haven't done so already).  There is a wealth of material that you would be welcome to utilize if are willing to join us at this point.


Again, my most sincere regrets on behalf of the whole Chilliwack  CNOY event Team.




February 5, 2014

Battle of the Bands

Eileen Mendez, #CIVLSSbattle Communications Coordinator

Thanks to you, and The Valley Voice for covering our event! We hope to see you at one of the battles!







January 12, 2014

Bee There or Bee Square

Laura Cameron, Circlebee Author, Chilliwack


Thank-you so much, so happy to hear! So glad to know that the message of my book launch party will get out there! So happy to introduce this bee-autiful educational tool to the community. :)


Warmest regards





January 4, 2014

Baptism by Cold

Pastor Darrell Lahay, BC Teen Challenge


I just wanted to extend a huge thanks to you for your support and loyalty year after year. Your coverage of our polar bear Plunge is always extraordinary!

May God bless you and yours in 2014!




Dec 25, 2013

Supporting Vets Coast to Coast

John LaBelle, Veterans Advocate, NS

Thank you so very much! I'm sure that Claude LaTulippe and other Veterans will enjoy reading my point of view.

You are regarded as a strong Veterans supporter and it is appreciated.

Wishing you and your Family a Merry Christmas!



Dec 23, 2013

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Released by Chilliwack Immigration Advice Bureau


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued partnership and support. May your holiday season and the new year be filled with much joy, happiness and success. We look forward to working with you in the coming year and hope our business relationship continues for many years to come. Happy holidays!



Dec 10, 2013

Positive Living

Darren Crook/Positive Living Chilliwack

Thank you Craig. That's very touching. :) You did well. Sorry I didn't see it until now. We've been having a rough go since then. Read the story here.



Nov 22, 2013

Rabble Merges with Strait Goods

Kim Elliot, Rabble.ca


Hi Craig,

Just a quick note to thank you for this message. It is much appreciated.

Keep up the great work you do with the Valley Voice.



Nov 22, 2013

Multiculturalism Week

April Neave, CCS


Thanks Craig for helping create greater awareness around community diversity through your stories and pictures. You have been very generous!






Nov 21, 2013

Christmas Breakfast Fundraiser

Donna Dixson, CHHCF


I am not entirely sure how it is already time to think about Christmas but apparently it is!

As one of our most wonderful supporters, thought I would send along the info for our Gift of Health Christmas Breakfast. Hope you can help spread the word and that you are able to come on December 4. Thanks so much!



Nov 18, 2013

Remembrance Day

Lt. Dan Brophy, Navy


Mr. Hill,

I wanted to thank you for the fantastic photography that you had for the 2013 Remembrance Day Ceremonies in Chilliwack.

I also hope that you don't mind that I referenced your article from our website's news and events and utilized one of the photographs.



Nov 15, 2013

Helping Out the Community

Bernie Constable, Chilliwack Lions Club


Hi Craig, Good to see you at Target the other day. Wow, you sure keep yourself busy. I love the photos of Remembrance Day. I have a poster for our Christmas Lights Tour for you when you have room for it. I sure appreciate all you do. Have a great day.




Sept 22, 2013

Po Lam Shows Support for Independent Media

Sister Jesse, Po Lam Buddhist Assoc.


Thank you to Sister Jesse who sent the Voice a beautifully designed magazine featuring their Meritorious Giving fundraiser and in it she credits The Valley Voice News for past support.


Dear Craig,

Greetings from Beijing.
Thanks for your email. You have always been a great help to promoting activities organized by Po Lam and this is a good opportunity to show that
we are always thankful to you.

Best regards,



Sept 13, 2013

Community Helping Community

Cora Price, Chilliwack


Thank you Craig. Love what you do for the Valley in keeping us all up to date on the happenings. If I can assist outside of this, let me know what I can do for you.




August 6, 2013

The Heart of the Arts

Rod Hudson, CCAC


Hi Craig,
On behalf of Rod and Marnie Kidder I thank you for the post!

It's been a great summer so far for us at the Art Room with sold out classes being the end result. We have never had such a tremendous response for our
programs and I can hardly wait to see what happens this fall once we announce our fall programming.


We have had wonderful support from the likes of yourself and others in the community which I'm sure has had a positive impact on our enrolment. Thank you very much, we appreciate your support!



July 19, 2013

Party in the Park Feedback

Heidi Bannerman, DCBIA


Hi Craig,
Wonderful article and photos on your website of Party in the Park!
Thank you for taking them.



July 19, 2013

Party in the Park Feedback

Robyn & Ryleigh


This is awesome!
Thanks so much. We will be sure to credit The Valley Voice for photos when they're posted on our site




July 12, 2013

Party in the Park Feedback

Roman Zugarazo, Drummer for Halfway to Hollywood


Hello Craig,

Thanks a lot for the review. The photos look great!. Talk soon.



June 27, 2013

Did You Fly For Pie?

Kevin Chan, Terry Fox Foundation


Hi Craig,


With the conclusion of the Chilliwack Airport Coffee Shop’s Pie Day, we just wanted to thank you for your support and running the news release we had sent out.


We have another wrap-up release that sums up the success that the Pie Day has had and we would like for you to share it with your readers and those that came out to support!


Once again, thank you so much for everything



June 20, 2013

Building Better Lives

Bill Raddatz, Exec. Dir. Ruth & Naomi's


We at the Mission are very busy building a better tomorrow in the lives of those who use our services. We are always taking applications for the Men and Ladies program, expanding facilities for clothing and food distribution services, adding a new education floor, and nursery. As well, we are designing and implementing a community garden in the downtown core. (Paramount lot)


June 18, 2013

Good Old Fashioned Community Spirit

Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz


Hey Craig,

I am so far behind in my emails *sigh* but I really didn't want to miss the chance to say another huge thank you to you - not only for these pictures and the time you took to take and send them, but to you for showing up at all of these great events. Such community spirit makes me grin from ear to ear.

Hope you had a great weekend.




June 8, 2013

Singer's New Adventure

Debbie Bergeron, Calgary


We wish Country-Gospel singer Debbie Bergeron good luck on her new life adventure in Calgary.


"It truly is new life adventure. Starting over from scratch so to speak. But it is exciting too.
I truly appreciate your support," wrote Bergeron in her response.




June 8, 2013

A Naval Thank You

Daniel Brophy Lieutenant (Navy)


Thank you for your ongoing media support. It is a huge bonus to the cadet program to have a supporter like yourself. I was wanting to know if I could have your permission for the Canadian Cadet Organizations, 349 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Chilliwack, Navy League of Canada, Navy League of Canada Chilliwack Branch for reproduction of your images.


We need this permission so that we can put your photos onto our websites and include it in different publications and notices that we make. Photo credit would be published in reproductions. Thank you for your consideration.



May 31, 2013

Special O Torch Run

Megan Grittani-Livingston, Special Olympics BC


Thank you so much, Craig! We really appreciated your great coverage last year, and it's so kind of you to spread the word again. I'll be out with the run in Chilliwack this year, so I'll keep my eyes peeled for you and your camera to say thank you in person!



May 27, 2013

Our CFD Friends

Jon Van Huigenbos, Chwk Firefighter


I'm a huge fan of your website and would like to know if you have any more pictures of firefighters helping out at jump start day yesterday? I keep looking for an article to pop up with all the pictures but I haven't seen one yet!

I'm a firefighter and enjoy the pictures you post of us in action.



May 24, 2013

Brent Butt's Best

Bev Macgregor Chilliwack


It was the best! W e enjoyed his humour very much we even recruited a few others to buy tickets and a fabulous night enjoyed by all of us! Thank you so much for making thus night possible!


May 24, 2013

Art Classes Now Offered in Sardis

Jen Sibley, CCAC


Hi there,
I was looking on your e-paper and I notice the information for us on the link page was a bit outdated.
Chilliwack Community Arts Council 604-769-ARTS (2787)


Also, I am wondering if you wanted the information on our upcoming workshops and classes. We have 15 classes running in June and then our summer camps in July and also adult classes. I can give you specific details on each
classes, or if you rather, general details. Let me know if you find this appropriate for your paper.


May 24, 2013

Walk for Prostrate Cancer

Dale Erikson, PCCN Chilliwack


Thank you for your usual support!


May 24, 2013

Annual General Meeting

Carol Smith, Exec. Sec. CCS


We would appreciate having notice of our Annual General Meeting posted on the Valley Voice. When: 5 pm, Tuesday, June 25. Where: The Best Western, 43971 Lickman Rd.

Was really pleased to see our story about the new Welcoming Communities logo front and center. It looks great! Thanks for all your good work.


May 14, 2013

Our Hard Working Mayor

Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz


1:31am! Oh my goodness Craig. I hope you were able to get back to sleep. Jim and I have had a wonderful long weekend. Jim spoke today at Greendale MB Church and then we went out for lunch with some dear friends from Kelowna who lost their daughter in a terrible accident 9 years ago :-(


It was bittersweet catching up with them. We went for a long walk up at Hicks Lake and then went to visit our kids who are camping up at Cultus. And we have all day tomorrow - just emails to catch up on - and maybe some gardening...it is a beautiful thing to take some time off :-) I hope you get to do the same Craig - I think we might share the same kind of schedule.


May 14, 2013

Working Together

Beth McArthur, Ride to Live


Thank you very much. I hope between the two of us, and your followers, we can help this cause.



May 14, 2013

The Heart of the Arts

Rod Hudson. CCAC

Thanks for the great pictures and write-up on the opening, we appreciate your coverage.



May 14, 2013

Literacy in the Community

Debbie Denault, CLCS

Thanks for your note Craig and for posting the information. Congratulations on your diligent work on behalf of the community.


May 6, 2013

Lawn Bowlers Needed

Carol Bell, Chilliwack LBC

Thanks for this Craig. So much appreciate your showing up yesterday. As you saw, the club is in need of rejuvenation. Bowls BC is working with us and I'm hoping we can grow the club into a viable entity on the local sporting scene. You're helping and it's oh so welcome.


May 6, 2013

Mobility Scooter Give-away

Bev & John Hood, StreetHope

Craig, you singlehandedly did it once again, with the great article you posted on your Valley Voice Online Paper!!! Can't thank you enough for getting the word out!


May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Brunch

Cora Price, Woodridgeponds

Thank you Craig for granting us the exposure and promoting our event. Truly appreciate all that you do and the site you’ve developed for the Chilliwack community. Every bit helps. Keep doing what you’re doing cause it does make a difference!


May 4, 2013

Gill Bar Cleanup

Tyee Bridge, Fraserriverkeeper Soc.

Thanks Craig, appreciate you putting out word and letting people know about the volunteers' work on the river. Hope to have more news about more permanent-type solutions in months to come.



April 19, 2013

A Moving Experience

Ian Stephen, Chilliwack

Thank you Craig for your excellent coverage of the Coqualeetza Elders
Group protest.

I am not Stó:lō so am reluctant to state an opinion on a matter internal to the Stó:lō community. In broad terms though, I believe that anything that encourages inter-generational communication and appreciation is a good thing, and that whatever strengthens the cultures of people in the
region enriches us all.

From that perspective I am very grateful for the text, images and audio that you have provided from the event at the Coqualeetza grounds and longhouse.



April 18, 2013

Coqualeetza Elders Rally

Terry Wilkinson, Chilliwack

Thank you SO much for your beautiful pictures! You did an awesome job of representing everyone! Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you again at a future event! I will forward these on via Facebook to all those that I know attended!



April 12, 2013

Walk On

Deanna McIntyre, MS Society

Thank you so much, Craig! I appreciate it. Every little bit helps and you never know what will cause someone to take action.
Hope to see you at the Walk again this year.




April 11, 2013

A Helping Hand

Kristel Miles, Communications Support Manager, BC Teen Challenge

We thank you so much for your support. Every little bit helps and we deeply appreciate it.



March 27, 2013

Save A Tree

Ken Bryden, West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre Advisory Board


Dear Editor,

I am from West Vancouver and don't go to Abbotsford all that often. When I was in Tim Hortons on Vye Ave., for a coffee I was delighted to find your very relevant, newsy community paper (online). I am used to skimming through the North Shore News and the Outlook, which are both a waste of good trees. Not yours; you covered local, national and international topics in a brief but professional manner. Congrats.



March 6, 2013

The Exquisite Eye

Melissa Oren, CCAC


Thank you so much Craig! I just took a look and the article looks wonderful. Your website is really coming along beautifully by the way. I love the film showings up top. What a wonderful idea!



March 5, 2013

Our American Friends

Rita & Ed Doonan, Wisconsin USA


Thank you so much for your fast response and your personal note. You have a terrific online "news paper" with a great variety of interesting articles. Without any doubt, the Valley Voice has an excellent publisher who is also very kind and helpful. Our gratitude and best wishes back to you Mr. Hill, and the Valley Voice.



March 5, 2013

Remarkable Women

Chilliwack NDP candidate Patti MacAhonic


Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful piece. I think it is fabulous and very much appreciate your covering my events. Hope to see you out on March 16th at 2 pm.



March 1, 2013

Its All About the Kids

Galen Soon, VP AD Rundle Middle School


Thanks, Craig. Great story! Appreciate the coverage you have our school.



February 13, 2013

We Love Our Volunteers

Keith and Gail Davies, Chilliwack


Thank you for your excellent coverage of the Alzheimer's Walk for Memories and for the great write up and pictures. As volunteers we really appreciate your effort to support this very important cause in this way!  



February 12, 2013

Capturing the Community

Enid Kulesh, Retired Chilliwack school teacher


Thank you for your excellent coverage of the recent Chilliwack Alzheimer's Society, 'Walk For Memories'. You capture so much, not only in pictures, but with your very readable journalistic 'style'.


Also want to say...sadly I was not present at the recent concert by the Watoto African Children's Choir from Uganda, but I enjoyed reading your description and looking at your photos of the event. I read you as a joyful and positive soul...your words and your photographs are heart-felt,

and so worth looking at!



February 9, 2013

We're Walking on Sunshine

Gail Johnson, Volunteer Co-chair
Investors Group Walk for Memories, Fraser Valley


Wow.....thanks for the great article and wonderful photos of the Fraser Valley Walk for Memories! Our committee and our guests really appreciate the support and coverage we get from the Voice every year for all of our events, and of course your coverage really helps us get the word out about the Alzheimer Society and it's programs.

One of our goals is to raise awareness about the disease and hopefully eliminate the stigma associated with it. It's a very isolating disease, not only for the person with the diagnosis, but for their caregiver as well. Thanks to events like the Walk, and coverage from people like you, I believe that one day very soon we will have a cure!

Thank you so much!



January 24, 2013

Casinos & Problem Gaming

Laurie Throness, Chilliwack-Hope Liberal Candidate


Excellent picture, Craig, thanks. It was nice to meet you finally today, and I enjoyed your column in the Victoria Street Newz.


I thought your insights about addiction were very appropriate and your application of harm reduction to the idea of gambling was a new and interesting angle.


During the by-election, as you may know, I advocated for long-term treatment to free people from addictions to drugs and alcohol. I suppose gambling can be thought of in the same way.


Best wishes




December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays from the Herd

Empowered by Horses


Here's mini Fable shining his Christmas Spirit!

May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wishing you lots of love, joy and happiness.

Merry Christmas to you and yours
from the herd at Empowered By Horses.




December 24, 2012

Who Needs A Pipeline?

Mischa Popoff, Frontier Institute


You're quite right to ask "What happens if they can't push the pipelines through?" It's not as though the environmentalists are going to shut down the whole oil industry just by forestalling a single pipeline. See story here

With that said, my brother works in the oil patch in Alberta and he says that if the pipeline is stopped they will ship by rail. It's only 20% more expensive, so from the oil companies' perspective it's no problem. Of course they'll fold the additional expense into the final cost at the pump. What else is new?




December 12, 2012

Season's Greetings from Toastmasters

Bernie Constable, Area 91 Gov., Fraser Valley Toastmasters


Thank you for all you do for the community and for non-profit organizations. On behalf of Fraser Valley Toastmasters, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.



December 2, 2012

It's Payday!

Richard Harrington, Chilliwack


Thank you for this, and many thanks for the many positive articles that you have written for Chilliwack. Best wishes to you and yours as well.



November 15, 2012

More Casinos?

Mischa Popoff, Kelowna


You’re bang on the money! Chief Joe Hall should be ashamed of himself. (Re: Who's Zooming Who?)

The rationale behind the creation of native-run casinos used to be: The “white” man has abused natives for decades so let’s give natives the legal right to abuse us back.

The thinking was that stupid white people would blow their hard-earned money in these casinos and thereby set the ledger straight. It never occurred to
those promoting native-run casinos that the abuse would be meted out proportionally to natives and non-natives alike.

You don’t have to be white trash to be a hopeless gambling addict. 



November 15, 2012

A Blue Nose Thanks

John LaBelle, Veterans Annuity Coordinator, Nova Scotia


The Veterans Annuity clawback team wishes to express our sincere appreciation for printing, with photos, our latest editorial. It is a most important avenue for us to inform our Veterans and the Public of the Government poor treatment of Canada's Veterans.
Again, we say thank you and God bless.



November 13, 2012

Whoops, We Erred

Lyn East, Chilliwack


Hello first let me thank you for all the wonderful photos you have on the web page. Just a quick note. In the first photo by the headlines you have the Sgt at Arms saluting with his left hand??? Is the picture transposed?


Again thank you for the well done coverage of the Ceremony


Editor's Note: The photo was flipped so the Sgt at Arms would be looking the right way. The Voice apologizes for the layout error and thanks Lyn for bringing this to our attention.



November 2, 2012

Passionate People Captured on Film

Wendy Major, Pipe-Up, Chilliwack


Thank-You so much for such a fine write-up and super photos you took of Wed. Oct.31st noon protest in front of our MP's office of Mark Strahl.


Your pictures captured the energy, earnestness and optimism that is powering our speaking out. We speak to those that are in power and we encourage them to look to the vast opportunities in the booming green energy sectors, instead of same-old polluting the planet for the benefit of the 1%ers. The future must become about sustainability.

Thank-you for your awareness and support.



October 12, 2012

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Stories

Bev Hood, StreetHope, Chilliwack


Thanks so much Craig for taking the time to hear our stories! We truly appreciate you and the Valley Voice. We will certainly
be spreading the news (haha) about your online paper!



October 12, 2012

Musically Speaking

Grant Walker, Halfway to Hollywood lead singer


Thanks a lot, just got a chance to have a look. Great article and some very cool pictures! Hopefully we see you again next time we're out that way. Thanks again and keep in touch!


See the story here



September 27, 2012

For the Love of Community

Sharon Gaetz, Chilliwack Mayor


Thanks so much for the photo :-) I opened it up after a very intense chairing session and oh my goodness - It made me grin from ear to ear. I am so glad that you attend so many community events Craig. It really does the organizers a world of good to see that the media is present and think that the event is worthwhile to cover. And of course, it is great to read about it and see the pics on The Valley Voice.

Thanks again Craig. Jim and I always enjoy chatting with you and are grateful for the way that you have always treated our family.

Have a great day!



September 2nd 2012

Chilliwack Has It All

Joe Thornton, Stream Global Services


I just came across this wonderful article in the Valley Voice about Stream!  ( here )

I missed this one when it came out and we are going to post links to it on our company's Facebook page and then let all of our Chilliwack employees know about it so they'll go to it.

I happen to be in Chilliwack today, working onsite from our corporate headquarters in Minnesota. I've never been here before, but it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to bring my family out this way on vacation

Joe Thornton
Senior Dir of Brand Management
Stream Global Services
Bloomington, MN 55425




September 2nd 2012

Party in the Park Finale

Desmond Devnich, DBIA


A very generous and kind article. Thank you, Craig. And thank you for faithfully sharing your galleries of event photos with the community every week.

We didn't get much time to talk this summer as I was working more in the background than on-stage this year. I really do appreciate the positive coverage you have given us.



September 2nd 2012

Opening Reception Invitation

Mary Chalmers Main, Chilliwack Visual Artists Association


(Continued from the main page)


I have just been to the first day of the photographic exhibition "Light and Shape" in the Art Gallery at the Cultural Centre on Courbould, and I can strongly recommend that this is a show well worth seeing. The photographers from the local Chilliwack Photography Group, and the Cornerstone Print Group, have collected an extraordinary collection of awards amongst them, and this is reflected in the photographs on show in the Gallery.


The styles of the various photographic artists are varied and unusual, from realism, to abstract, to digitalenhancement; and are all very interesting and beautiful. The official Opening Reception where you may meet the photographers is on the 8th of September from noon to 2 PM, and is both free and open to the public. We hope we shall see you there!



June 26th 2012

Rosedale Makes Room For Tycrop

Susan Payne, Rosedale


t was with great disappointment and a sense of betrayal that concerned residents of Rosedale watched its Mayor and Council unanimously pass re-zoning applications to accommodate the Tycrop expansion, last night.


Despite listening to the concerns of the community during a three part hearing of the applications in question, the Mayor and Council retroactively re-zoned all properties in question.


This, despite the fact that expansion was well underway prior to any consultation with the community or the City, itself.(?) By amending the evening's agenda, while most had already left thinking they would have the opportunity to address this again in two week.


After quickly amending the agenda, council was able to vote on the applications immediately, to the surprise of a community already feeling like bit players in a drama in which Tycrop is the star.


Good corporate citizens consult with the community. Good corporate citizens pay the appropriate taxes and do not attempt to circumvent that process by developing prior to having permitting and zoning in place. The unfortunate truth is that if others in the community Tycrop claims to care about conducted their affairs in this manner, they would most likely be fined. They also forgot in their expansion plans the great EXPANSION of three owners wallets. This community is being desecrated.


Certainly, they would not be permitted to conduct industrial activity on land zoned residential, or build parking lots and sewage treatment facilities without appropriate consultation. Apparently, some people are more equal than others." I will continue to pursue fines being applied as bylaw zoning was violated on properties re-zoned at council meeting last night.


June 26th 2012

The Democratic Way

Glen Thompson, Friends of the Chilliwack Valley


thank you to FVRD Chair Gaetz for hosting tonight's forum

I will be presenting an economically based alternative to the APP at the public meeting. Many of us who oppose the APP are thankful for Sharon's willingness to listen to our point of view. I know that others are critical of this forum and I applaud Sharon for doing it anyway, despite the criticism. Your actions demonstrate the leadership our community deserves, expects and has received from the FVRD. Thank you Sharon.



June 13th 2012

A Farmer's Perspective

Susan Payne, Rosedale


hanks a bunch for posting the young brilliant farmer Pete Hanson's letter. We are fortunate to have you Craig not swayed by political religious etc forces. Again I thank you for your media coverage



June 11th 2012

Rugs Rolled Up In Chilliwack On Sunday

Gail Johnson, Chilliwack


wonder if anyone can tell me why it is that Chilliwack shuts down pretty much completely on Sundays? Well.....for the most part it seems anyway.

This afternoon I attended the opening and open house of Gwen O'Mahony's constituency office, something I thought was quite an important event for Chilliwack. Our first NDP MLA, and a woman to boot!! History was made.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but I can't help but wonder why it is that just about every event that happens on a Sunday here has only one local news source on site. I'm very happy that we have The Valley Voice here, and I thank you for showing up....as always! I know Gwen's "people" invited the other news sources, but perhaps it isn't in their budget to send a reporter/photographer out on a Sunday?


Thanks once again to The Voice!!



June 11th 2012

Exercising Canadian Democracy

Caring Canuck


It would appear that many Conservatives don't know the meaning of "symbolic protest."


The blackout of websites was not meant to inconvenience but to raise awareness. It certainly did that.


Kudos to the organizers and to all those brave and principled Canadians who took part and exercised their democratic right to protest - while we still can.


Below is a link to a blacked out site whose lone picture and words accurately describe the message symbolically conveyed. It's time to stand up for our democracy and our shared environment.





June 7th 2012

Yarrow Parade Photos A Blast Long After It's Over

Carol Bell, Yarrow


Thank you for this! I love the moving mountains analogy. You may just have started the mythology of Yarrow Days.

You got some major keepers. I was up at the road to get a shot of my former next door neighbour but missed him. You got a gorgeous one of him and Shayna. I'll post a link to the site on our Facebook one. Cute one of Richard with his key. Dave is in there several times with his too. The homemade ferris wheel was a hoot in the parade. You must have been right in front of the stage for the ribbon cutting - I was too busy trying to avoid fainting with fear to look around. Next year we'll have to shake hands and actually say hello. Cheers, Carol




May 14th 2012

One Heck of a Hospice Hike

Christina Johnson, Chilliwack Hospice


I wanted to check in with you today and let you know that I saw the Community Story you posted on Saturday May 12th for our Hike for Hospice Event. Thank you very much for posting the information regarding the trophies, thank you's, sponsors and food donors we sent last week as well as the wonderful photos accompanying the copy! It looks wonderful. We really appreciate your attendance and coverage as well as the support you have showed us. I look forward to working with you again for future events!



May 11th 2012

Tycrop Not Transparent

Susan Payne, Chilliwack


I would like clear up a misconception that I feel needs attention. The concerned public is not against, but for the expansion plans of Tycrop. By no means do we want to stop the proposed expansion, local job creation or the local boost to the economy.


However we do not feel this ALR Mcgrath Rd. site is the appropriate one for this type of business. If they are wanting to be on one parcel for setting up shop. We know these parcels in Rosedale are separated by the railroad tracks. Which would be a division of the plants site.


There are available industrial sites here in Chilliwack not in the ALR. I myself found a 19.5 acre parcel not far from Lickman road. This may accommodate the future manufacturing Tycrop site close to the city. Possibilities a transit route could be made for those "thinking green" or up and coming young trying to buy a vehicle. Or commuting from the UFV campuses.


With the good jobs Tycrop provides this would be a great option. We've seen this route addition take place for another big local employer in Chilliwack ie Stream.


As far as Tycrop being transparent this is not the case. Even the registered letters a few have received say nothing. On these applications which are identical to those posted on the application signs. There is no explanation or details to what they want to do other than a short paragraph. Stating " PROPOSAL: Exclude the land under application to allow the expansion of the existing industrial facilities in exchange for including lands in to the ALR." I see no detailed explanation or the properties they propose to include into the ALR. Here is a copy of what was sent to us in the mail.


May 4th 2012

Swindling Vets

Joe Beuchesne, Chilliwack


This week, the Federal Court Of Canada ruled favourably in the class action suit led by veteran Dennis Manuge v. Her Majesty the Queen in regards to Service Income Security Insurance Plan and the long term disability payment being clawed back. Mr. Manuge along with 4500 other disabled veterans have been waging this court battle with the Harper Government since 2007.


The government was wrong to litigate in the first instance, and now the court has ruled in favour of the veteran. It is sad, that veterans are forced to go to Federal Court with a class action suit to receive support funding they clearly deserve.


This decision is a shameful comment that the Harper government is unwilling to fully compensate Canada's Veteran.

Government have a moral debt owed to our brave sons and daughters, who have sacrificed life, limb, and sanity for country. This gratitude for services rendered, must be paid down in the same manner our government deals with any other debt, and that is paying in full for what is owed. It is time for the Harper government to stop swindling our veterans and give them the due respect they so deserve.


April 13th 2012

In The Trenches

This is my note of thanks to Gwen O’Mahony for taking the time to come to our Monday afternoon meeting of the Alzheimer Caregiver Support Group.  She sat quietly and listened then asked questions.  Although she is the first politician to take any interest in our group she brought up no agenda.  I did mention to her though that I thought before the Liberals came to office that the NDP were on the right track.  As soon as a diagnosis was made of a senior person with a mental or physical disability they were put on a ‘list’. 


The caregiver could then feel like there was a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.  The caregiver could immediately get help to keep their loved one at home as long as possible with the knowledge when the time came there would be a transition for their loved ones without the trauma of today with ambulances, emergency wards and warehousing.  I also explained to her about our rallies 11 years ago and the 10,000 signatures to keep our newly renovated long term care facility, Parkholm Lodge, open.  Unfortunately, for the 86 resident seniors who survived the wars and depression to make B.C. a better place, our opposition to the closure fell on the deaf ears of the Liberals, including our then X-mayor, John Les.  T


hey quickly closed the facility forcing our most vulnerable senior citizens into the Hospital Extended Care Unit and other long term care facilities in and outside the  Chilliwack area where overcrowding suddenly became a problem.  We, as the caregivers were devastated by such an inhumane act.  To totally disrupt these seniors lives and separate them from their friends and their much deserved serenity at their age and condition.  The trauma and stress was passed on to the caregivers who were numb from the shock. Many, including my mother, died before their time.  My mom lasted four days before succumbing to the stress from the move and died within seven days.  The lights went out March 31, 2002 and with it, any piece of mind for our seniors was gone.  You are on the right track, Gwen. Stay the course.


M. Faulds, Chilliwack



April 11th 2012

Who's The Fairest In The By-Election?

I find it interesting these days the the government suddenly has truck loads of cash to hand out across the province. Wasn't it just yesterday we were too broke to offer any cash for health care and education, cuts were being made everywhere, and taxes were going up to help dig us out of the hole?

I actually have to laugh though. The Liberals have no problem insisting (with a straight face I might add) that the timing of all of these big cash grants for all kinds of projects has absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming byelection. Christy Clark rarely visits us poor Valley folk, and suddenly we seem to be her favorite destination.

To me, the choice for Chilliwack's next MLA is very obvious. Only one candidate goes door-to-door talking to everyone and asking for their input (regardless of party affiliation), and that same candidate shows up at nearly every event in Chilliwack to learn about what's happening. This is done with no big announcements or fanfare. It isn't done because it's a photo-op. It's done because Gwen O'Mahony genuinely cares about Chilliwack and it's people. To me, the choice is obvious. It's time for a change, and there's only one woman for the job.


Gail Johnson, Chilliwack



April 2nd 2012

MLA Vicki Huntingdon Not Interested in Joining A Party

Thank you for your question. People love to speculate, but I have no plans to join the BC Conservatives before the next election.


In 2009 the people of Delta South gave me a mandate as an Independent MLA and I will continue to honour this.

Best regards,
Vicki Huntington, MLA
Delta Sout



February 29th 2012

Writing Wrongs

We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for your efforts in righting this situation. We appreciate your prompt response to this matter and the fact that the article seemed to be written from the heart. This is extremely helpful to our cause and to reassuring our position in this community as long standing good citizens and caring neighbors, involved patents, employers and more.

Thank you
Ryan Winczura, Chilliwack



February 29th 2012

The Voice Was There

Please express my thanks to the "Voice" for attending the recent opening of Gwen O'Mahony's campaign office. There was a massive turnout of enthusiastic supporters who are working hard to see Gwen elected.

Despite the fact that all media outlets were invited, I am not aware of the fact that any other local media sources were in attendance except for the "Voice". I realize that Adrian Dix has been in Chilliwack several times over the last few weeks and I realize that this event was held on a Sunday, however, an event of this significance should have been covered properly by all media outlets.

Congrats to the Voice for being the only media source that seems to be truly supportive of Chilliwack community activities.

Dick Harrington, Chilliwack BC


February 23rd 2012

Heart Centered Leadership For Girls

With supporters like you I KNOW we'll start reaching more kids this year!


Empowered By Horses




February 19th 2012

Walking For a Cure

Wow! What a super write-up and great pictures you posted re our recent Alzheimer's Walk. Thank you for sharing them with everyone!

I have suggested to Gail Johnson and the Alzheimer's Society, that next year we also use the Chilliwack Library showcase to advertise our Walk, 2013.

I really would like to see some of your joyful photos with the advertising material in the showcase next January. We would, of course, show them with your permission, and credit you as the photographer.

Thanks so much, from all of us, for your support re our endeavour at the end of this past January. The Society means so much to those whose loved ones are suffering from various dementias, and to the patients, themselves, who need support in the early stages.

Much appreciated!!

Enid Kulesh
Volunteer, Chilliwack Alzheimer's Society




February 13th 2012

The Home Stretch

Hi Craig ... many thanks! It's a different sort of book - there isn't a
suggestion of evangelizing in it, just the wobbly path of a lapsed Anglican and nothing can be more lapsed than that. I look at Near Death experiences, the soul, if there is one and try to make the Book of Revelation a bit easier.


Rafe Mair, W. Vancouver



February 13th 2011

Roller Call

Hey guys! SO our Recruitment Day, BEAT, SKATE, SHOVE is approaching very quickly! We
have exactly one week today! Really hoping to get it out there to make sure everyone interested in coming out has all their protective gear, skates, the whole shebang! If anyone isn't sure that Roller Derby is for them or not, they are WELCOME to come and watch our first day to see what we're all about! Would you mind mentioning this and letting Chilliwack know that we are expecting our new Fresh Meat by 10:00 next Sunday morning (Feb 19) at the Landing Sports Centre! Thanks everyone!

Meghan *Bang-her*, Chilliwack



February 1st 2011

We Try!

I see my friend John from German New Medicine found his way to
your site. He has some great teachings.

I have another submission for you.
The last one only generated one look to my website from the Valley voice news to date.

Would you mind keeping my title the same this time?

Last time my title was changed from, "no magic in Hypnotherapy" to "no hypno hocus pocus" I don't know if that had any effect at all but I did cringe when I saw the change.

I would prefer my title to stay as is or talk to me about changes first if
you don't mind. Thanks so much.

Teya Graves MH CHt
(Master Hypnotist, Clinical Hypnotherapist) Certified and Registered with the IMDHA (International Medical and Dental
Hypnotherapy Association)



Editor's Note: We reserve the right to apply our heads and subheads to any submission. Copy is used verbatim so don't forget to spellcheck. Thanks.



January 22nd 2011

Chilliwack Dialysis Needed

The support and caring you are showing to the community of people requiring life sustaining treatment of hemodialysis is appreciated and so touching, more than you can ever know. I hope together we can make a dialysis unit in Chilliwack a reality.

Best regards,
Elaina Wugalter, Chilliwack



January 11th 2011

Little Kickers Joins the Community

I just wanted to thank you for featuring us on your website. As a small business this type of publicity is exactly what we need to get word out about our classes. We will definitely let you know about events that we will be running in the community.

We are launching our classes on the 11th of February at Central Community Church in Chilliwack from 10 am - 11 am. We would love it if you could come out and take some pictures if you think you can fit us into your schedule.

I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Ryan, Little Kickers, Chilliwack



January 11th 2011

Empowered By Horses Hits The Silver Screen


Thanks again for reaching out to us last month and publishing the
article in the Valley Voice.

As it turns out, Jonathan from Shaw TV DID come out to the Empowered
By Horses farm a few weeks ago.
And the "Good News" story was aired today!!!

Below is a link to today's show:

Happy New Year, Thank-you for helping us kick it off with a blast!




December 29th 2011

Fill The Rink for the Food Bank Drive A Success


A big thank you for your support of the Fill the Rink for the Food Bank
event at the Chiefs game last night. A record crowd of 3,204 delivered
45,000 lbs of non-perishable food for the Chilliwack and District Food Banks – enough to stock their shelves for 108 days. A heroic effort by a great many people, including you. Thanks.

Glen Ringdal, Chilliwack Chiefs



December 24th 2011

CVAA's new All-Volunteer Executive Board of Directors

Wishing you all the best for the holiday season and a happy, healthy & prosperous New Year! Thank you so much for all the work you've done, bringing attention to the local art scene and getting all the breaking community news out there. Very much appreciate all your efforts. I think you've had a real impact on delivering the news here!

The Chilliwack Visual Artists Association has had a changeover this month with an all-new volunteer executive - I look forward to seeing their new program of events and gallery shows! In January I'll be meeting with the new president (photographer Jim Britton) and will let them know how to reach you to pass on CVAA news.

Merry Christmas,

Sue Grass, CVAA


November 16th 2011

Harrington Grateful To Media

For Coverage


I wish to thank you all ( in alphabetical order) for your excellent coverage of this municipal campaign.

With so many people running for both city council and for the school board, it must have been difficult to ensure equal opportunity for all, yet still maintain a proper coverage.

As for my council race, I was impressed with the quality of the submitted questions and a true attempt to cover all important issues that face this community.

Win or lose in this campaign, I am thankful for the impressive media coverage that has occurred.

Dick Harrington, Chilliwack BC



November 3rd 2011

Christmas Craft Crawl


We so appreciate your getting the word out for us. It really makes a big difference & with Community support from folks like you, this event has grown over the years into quite the going concern. Last year, we had the biggest turnout ever (over 500!). It was a happening weekend & we're expecting more of the same for this year. Fun!

Holly McKeen, Greendale Pottery & Country Guest House




November 2nd 2011

2011 Civic Elections


Dear supporter,


Tomorrow morning we kick off our 18 day re-election campaign and re-launch of our web site: www.chuckstam.com

The full platform is there for those interested (or bored).

I remain honored and humbled by the incredible support and rewarding times we have experienced over the past twelve years together.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if ever you have suggestions or queries regarding your City Hall please let me know!


Contact Chuck by e-mail here.

Chuck Stam, Chilliwack Councillor


October 2nd 2010

Battle of Britain Memorial Service


Thank you for the awesome photos of the Battle of Britain. Our 879 Wing members all thought it was great. Where can I get a copy of the paper or is it just on-line?

Too bad the other newspapers didn't post pictures.

Thanks again.


Lyn East, Secretary 879 (Earl MacLeod) Wing RCAF Assocation



October 2nd 2010

A Toastmaster Toasts The Voice


Thank you Craig, I really appreciate all you do.

Bernie Constable, FV Toastmasters (Chilliwack)



May 17th 2010

A Learning Experience

A big thank you to Craig Hill for the great story and photos covering the ACE IT - SSA Dinner on Thursday evening.

It was very kind of you to come out and experience our Apprenticeship night with the 600 attendees, you did a super job in your Valley Voice article.

Thank you for all your time and effort, Colin and I appreciated it very much.

Pat Esau
Apprenticeship Assistant
School Dist. #33 (Chilliwack)


May 17th 2010

Network Neighbours

My name is Millie and I'm a regular reader of thevalleyvoice.ca.

I'd like to thank you for the excellent information I've found on thevalleyvoice.ca; it's always a great pleasure to read your articles
and I have subsequently become a loyal reader.

I live in Banffshire, Scotland where I try to increase the awareness about cholesterol and heart disease amongst my family and friends.


Millie Bruce, Scotland


May 17th 2010

Heart in Scotland

It occurred to me that you might be interested in including a guest article on thevalleyvoice.ca about a study from the American Heart Association that states heart disease is the World's No. 1 killer and cause more deaths than all forms of cancer combined.

For example, I could provide an article in the form of a little guide to help your readers learn more about the issue – hopefully, this would
spark a discussion about the topic at hand.

Please, take a minute to consider this proposal. Any support would be much appreciated.

With your help, we can educate the public about the dangers of heart disease and cholesterol, this hopefully can help someone avoid them.

Either way, thanks for reading and keep posting your excellent information on thevalleyvoice.ca.

I hope you have a good week.

Kind Regards,
Millie Bruce, Scotland

April 8th 2010

Art For Arts Sake

Thanks for mentioning the Art 33 show on your home page! That's great too, to have the show's poster and dates at the top of the page. Thank you!

Sue Grass, Chilliwack Visual Artists Association


April 5th 2010

An Inspiring Cause

I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible coverage you have give our cause. It's with help from people like you that we continue to fight and keep the story alive. These dogs will have justice - it's just when I don't know. Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing you again April 23rd!!

Your new follower,
Jeneane Ruscheinsky, Whistler 100 rally organizer


April 5th 2010

Horsin' Around

Just wanted to again thank you for your kind visit and the photo of Pat
and Mike. Despite the conditions, we had a good time and everyone felt they had done a full day's work! I look forward so much to this each year!

George Bowen, Lynden Washington Plowman


April 5th 2010

Howling For Love

Hello, Regarding your article "100 Vigils in 100 Cities", I had to write and say thank you for a well written, thought provoking article. I was so impressed at both the writing and the quotes from Jeneane Ruscheinsky. She's a wonderful advocate for such an important cause and I want to thank your reporter and The Valley Voice News for giving this cause the attention it deserves. These vigils are history in the making all over our country and our world. Positive change is coming for those who depend on us for safety, comfort and love. Howling for all the dogs out there to be safe and loved.
Leah Amey


April 5th 2010

Indies At Work

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say a huge thanx for covering the walk on Sat for the sled dogs and the next C-229! These articles go such a long way to helping us raise badly needed awareness about the issue and Bill, more so than the rally itself even and we are so dependant on great media outlets like yours to help get the word out! I've been helping this issue for many years and was go great to see such an informative and accurate article! The pics are also amazing!! Again, thank you so much for your exposure and reporting! It will go a long way as posting on many groups assisting us.. who will re-post, and the people will re-post, lol
Thank you, great job!! x
Paula Webber



April 3rd 2010

Democracy at Work

Thanks for the amazing article. You listened and caught the story better
than anyone else! That's why papers like your are essential to democracy! You rock!

Jamie Hoskins, Green Party candidate for the Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon riding



March 16th 2010

World Walker

Hello Craig!
A million thanks for this great story and all the photos! I linked the
story on our website already and will put some of the photos on the
"photo section" soon.
Again thank you for everything!
Luce Beliveau




February 27th 2010

World Walker

Thank you for your interest and the great photos! The newsletter is  online: http://wwwalk.org/en/

Whenever I have a new one, I post it on the website and send the link to all the people on our Address Book (around 3 300 now). I added your email address on it. On the website, there is also the LATEST NEWS that you may want to look at sometimes. I do write one more often than the newsletter.

Do we have permission to use your photos on our website? And if so, who do we credit?

Thank you again for everything and I look forward to reading your story. Have a great weekend!

Luce Beliveau www.wwwalk.org



February 17th 2010

"Read" All About It

Thank you for your coverage of yesterday's Reading Tree event. The photos are wonderful and the article has a great explanation. I am going to link to it from Twitter and our website.


Thank you,

Lori Masse, Director of Resource Development Reading Tree


January 30th 2010

An Awakening

Wow! Great layout, Craig!
And thank you for your kind words, too.

    Yeah, money drives way too many actions. The charity my book supports delivers tangible hope to impoverished third world mothers struggling to raise their children in an extremely hostile world...Craig, I'm sure that The Valley Voice keeps you hopping, but you are doing a great job!

    Once again, super layout! Let's hope your feature article gets some people thinking about a new eco-social conservationist paradigm - a better way of
conceptualizing and sustaining our beautiful world.

Cheers, Michael Clarke

Author of Awakening To World Disorder and Climate Realities



January 24th 2010

A Love Of Community Spirit


Wow.  Once again The Voice has shown it's community spirit with your awesome article and photos of our Cottonwood Mall display. 


Our volunteer committee has been working hard to put together this year's Investors Group Walk for Memories. 


Your coverage is a big boost to our goal of raising awareness about Alzheimer's disease, and of course we really appreciate your help in getting to the word out about our Walk for Memories. 

A big thanks to The Valley Voice News!!

Gail Johnson,

Volunteer Co-chair
Investors Group Walk for Memories, Fraser Valley
Alzheimer Society of BC


January 10th 2010

Operation Fundraiser

Well, we have tallied up the donations from the Survival
Challenge. Mo and I are very pleased to tell you that the total monies raised for the BC Children's Hospital Foundation was $5938.00....sixty dollars short of doubling our goal!

The people of Chilliwack really came through for this. We both want to thank you again for you outstanding coverage and support, without it there is no way we would have done so well.


Jay & Mo



December 17th 2010

Operation Fundraiser


Hello ValleyVoice. Greetings from Zürich, Switzerland.

Thank you for your on-going local coverage of Srgt Gavini & Mst Cpl Doiron fundraising for BC Kids.
Great articles and photos - much appreciated across the pond.

Happy Holidays & Keep up the important work.

May Gavini
(Srgt Gavini's sister)



November 1st 2010

The Paddle

Very good report on the Paddle for Wild Salmon on their visit to Chilliwack a few days ago. With the Native drumming in the background it makes the report just super. Keep up your great reporting here in the

Regards, Chris Gadsden



October 29th 2010

Sto:lo Resource Centre Memories

Dear Mr. Hill:

Thank you very much for your offer for Government House to use the photographs that you had taken at the Sto:lo Resource Centre opening and for the article titled "Keepers of the Culture".


Their Honours had a great time at the event and the images are a great memento for them.

Thanks again.

Yours truly,
Herb LeRoy, Private Secretary
Office of the Lieutenant Governor



September 16th 2010

Disabled Senior's $958 HST Renovation Bill

Dear City Councillors:
I recommended buying minibuses and increasing the frequency of trips to every 20 minutes.

One council member told me that would cost more. I saw the cost of new buses in the Chilliwack Progress this week. Four minibuses could be bought for

Also the changing of routes would make coverage of the city more complete and efficient.

People have too far too walk to a bus line and too long to wait for a bus, so they give up and drive cars. Clean our air please. I heard on CBC today that half of our children have asthma. I doubt that, but the incidence has very greatly increased. Most adults have chronic runny noses, post nasal drip, sore throats, coughs and head aches. That is all caused by fine particulates in the air. Mistakenly they think they have a cold. Clean up air pollution please. Even blocked middle and inner ears result from the extra mucus our bodies produce
to try to cope with air pollution.

Myrtle Macdonald, Chilliwack


September 16th 2010

Disabled Senior's $958 HST Renovation Bill
I received federal government forgivable loans: RRAP for home renovations for the handicapped, and HASI - senior ability to live independently. If we continue to live here 2 years the loans will be paid off by Canadian Mortgage and Housing. Both my brother, who lives with me, and I have numerous disabilities. With the work completed we both feel our health has improved and we are grateful. However the HST raised the costs above the government limit and I have to pay the contractor $958. On fixed incomes we cannot do so. There are others on low incomes, who are suffering like we are. We ask for the provincial government to rescind or revise the HST immediately. The old PST and GST were much less and would have been covered free of charge. New items are taxed by HST and they hit us hard.

Carolyn Machelenko, Chilliwack


August 2nd 2010

A Nod Is As Good As A Wink

    Great coverage continues on The Valley Voice, the best place for local news in the Valley along with pictures of current events here and around Chilliwack. Keep up the good work in keeping us informed.

Chris Gadsden, Fraser River Salmon Society



August 12th 2010

Thieves Steal Yarrow Colour

Yarrow is probably best known to lower mainlanders as the funky little town they encounter while taking the quiet back road to Cultus Lake.

Those passing through in the past couple of years will have noticed the array of planters which perk up our downtown core. These enhancements were added under the auspices of our local community organization but the initiative belonged to one young mother who scrounged the pots, asked local growers to donate the plants and watered them by hand until they were embraced by the local merchants. In two years there has been but one small act of vandalism. Visitors comment constantly on what a positive change the plants have wrought. We locals take pride in the splashes of green that adorn what come-from-aways might consider to be a teensy and shabby excuse for a town centre.

A week ago four of the plants were stolen. We townsfolk were horrified. This past Sunday night sixteen of them disappeared.

We would like the opportunity to say that this project received no tax dollar support whatsoever. Those plants and their containers were visible symbols of affection that were appreciated by home-towners and visitors alike. We send a collective "Shame on you" to the lowlifes that would stoop this low.

Carol Bell - Newsletter editor, Yarrow Volunteer Society

If you have any information regarding the thefts call Carol at: 604-823-6324 or Crimestoppers  1-800-222-8477


June 25th 2010

Something to Smile About

Hi Craig (aka C Hill) - I just read through your online newspaper - and found your write up explaining the grass roots and purpose of

the Valley Voice.


Thank you for taking the time to provide this important service to our community. The write up said you've only been active for a year so I'm not surprised I missed you until now. I'll definitely keep my eyes on the Voice!

And a big thanks for posting the 'Choosing to Smile' press release along with the photo from our media page – it looks lovely.

Glenda Standeven
Co-author 'Choosing to Smile'
Join me on Facebook 'Choosing to Smile'



June 18th 2010

A Special Note

I read your post on Facebook regarding those of us who never bother to write those 2 little words, and you're right. I really enjoy the Valley Voice website and check it at least once a day.


It's nice to have a source of community information that is updated almost immediately when something of interest happens, and the writers and photographers do an amazing job on each and every article!


I have to admit that I'm one of those people who didn't think to offer you a huge thank you for a job well done on an event that I am involved in.


Your article and pictures of our Alzheimer Walk for Memories in January were fantastic and very much appreciated by all on our committee who work so hard to put the Walk together and also by the participants.


A very belated but also very heartfelt thank you to The Valley Voice!! We hope to see you again at our 2011 Walk for Memories.

Keep up the great work......and THANK YOU so much again!

Gail Johnson, Volunteer Co-chair, Investors Group Walk for Memories, Alzheimer Society of BC



June 18th 2010

Fitness Fun Run

Wow the article and pictures look amazing! I will definitely notify you again when we have an event at the gym! Have a wonderful day!

Hanne Loewen, Yarrow Fitness Inc. 604-823-7200




June 18th 2010

Vissers' Voice

Your on-line paper looks great, very clean and easy to read. I'll be sure to check it on a reg. basis for news. Thanks for covering the WTE story last night.

John Vissers. Zero Waste BC
Fraser Valley Conservancy
Rail for the Valley



June 18th 2010

Yarrow Fitness Fun Run

Wow the article and pictures look amazing! I will definitely notify you again when we have an event at the gym! Have a wonderful day!
Hanne Loewen,

Yarrow Fitness Inc.




June 12th 2010

Yarrow Loves It's "Day"

Thank you so much for all the coverage of Yarrow Days! Fabulous photos.

Didn't know you existed. You're the only local media outlet that picked up on the Betty Urquhart award. Thank you so much for recognizing this. We are deeply honoured to have received the award. Proper name for the recipient is "The Yarrow Volunteer Society".

Please do amend your article about Hank the Barber. That one has been flying around Yarrow all week - we have a lot of Giesbrechts in town but no Frank. Hank is an institution and well loved.

Shall add you to our list when I send out a press release for upcoming events.

Agog at the space you gave us. Your photographer must have been here for hours. Cheryl Waslen was identified as her mother Eileen in a photo close to the end of the gallery. Cheryl has chaired Yarrow Days for the last 4 or 5 years. It's a big job and she does it well.

Carol Bell
Editor Yarrow Newsletter



June 9th 2010

CAV Memorial Ride

Thank you so much for your story & support. It is truly appreciated & the photos are great. Thanks again & I hope you make it to our event this Saturday. Best Regards,

Barry, Vice President
3rd CAV Ubique Unit


June 4th 2010

New Voice Design

Chris Gadsden commented on your Facebook status:

"Looks good. Keep up the good work covering the local news."



March 28th 2010

The Good Old Days

Hey Craig, I've attached a .pdf for you.


Yes, I've heard all the horror stories about Michael. The vendors are still scarred/ amused by his antics.


I interviewed him some years back when working on a story about street papers (before I got involved myself) and met with him when he got back to Vancouver (a little over a year ago). His big heart is obvious, but so is his big ego.


But despite the worst stuff about him, we would not be here without him. He and people like you laid the foundation for what we're doing and we are (and the vendors) eternally grateful.


Sean Condon

Megaphone Magazine Publisher



April 16th 2010

Painting With Words

I just wanted to thank you for the 'heads up' to the community about the Golden Palette Art Club's current art show at the City Hall. We appreciate all the publicity this has generated.


On a more personal note, my cheeks are still pink from seeing my painting on your page, as well as the quote of my Bio. I'm not used to being pulled out from under my rock and presented to the community.


There are so many worthy paintings in the show that I still remain surprised you chose mine as representative.


But I do thank you and maybe when I see how painless the exposure has been, perhaps I won't be so shy about it should it ever happen again.


Gratefully yours,

Lauren (Spilsbury), Chilliwack



March 21st 2010

Singer Praises Torch Coverage

I wanted to thank you for your coverage of my participation in the Paralympics Torch Relay in Hope on March 9th.

It was a very proud moment for me to not only perform but to be asked to represent Hope.

The songs that I chose to perform; I Believe In Dreams off my third CD
She Drives and the single Looking For A Love Like were self-penned and significant to the event.

I found your article and wanted to say that appreciate your support.

Debbie Bergeron, Hope BC
Singer/songwriter/recording artist



March 15th 2010

How far have we come?

Thank you for the information. I agree with you completely. It is very concerning re the lack of (torch) coverage and says a lot as to how far we have come with relation to the disabled, not far at all.

Lynda Hayden CDSRS, Chilliwack BC


March 13th 2010

Poor Local Torch Coverage

I just wanted to say that article was great! (Re: Local Chilliwack Print Media Snubs Torch Relay) When I saw the local papers coverage, I too was disgusted. glad to see someone cares.

Keep up the good work!

Kirtus at Kirtus DeFehr Photography, Chilliwack BC



February 18th 2009

Ray Ferris Speaks Out On Baynes's Children Custody Hearing


Dear Ed 


One of your reporters was standing outside the Chilliwack court house a few days ago and gave me his card. I did not have time to talk to him, but I offer you the attached information, which is germane to his concerns. In addition to what is attached a couple of other issues have arisen.


A social worker admitted to having obtained a document illegally and having deleted all his emails dealing with the source of the document. Judge Crabtree has ordered him to retrieve them. Another important item is that the medical opinion evidence may be ruled inadmissible.


The judge has already banned the doctors from assuming any cause for any of the injuries. (The principle hear is that a doctor is not able to determine whether an injury is deliberate or accidental from medical evidence only.) The likelihood of deliberate injury is determined from a combination of medical evidence and profile. Profiles with a history of negligence and frequent injury, lack of lifeskills etc.


The Baynes present an excellent profile. With the medical evidence being so shaky, the ministry appears to be trying to re-invent the family profile by bringing on various character assassination witnesses who offer only smear and innuendo. They hide behind anonymous "collateral informants", which of course is pure hearsay.


Unfortunately, section 14 of the CF&CSA requires people to report if they have reason to believe a child is at risk, but nowhere is anonymity guaranteed. It is just that the ministry always try to operate in secrecy. They have a lot to hide.


Ray Ferris

Author of the "The Art of Child Protection"


Baynes Supporters Speak Out


Dear Ed 

I want to congratulate you on writing such a fine, and crucially important, article.  I have been following this case for some time, and like many people, I am outraged at the gross injustice of the Ministry's treatment of this family, and these innocent children.


Please keep up the good work, and let the public know what this abominable Ministry is doing to good families all over BC, and especially what they are doing to the Baynes.  


You cannot be honoured enough for the work you have done here, informing the public of this crime against a family, and humanity.   Too few are speaking out against these atrocities, and it is only journalists such as yourself, and a handful of citizens, who stand between the parents and children and an all-powerful, ruthless Ministry. 


Have a wonderful day.


With Great Respect and Admiration,

Ms. Smith


More From Baynes Supporters


Dear Ed

I read your article, thank you.


It is high time the truth of the child snatchers was exposed and the secret courts, medical profession and lawyers etc, who all in collusion and making a fortune from kids, but destroying them in the process ON PURPOSE.


Yes, they know what they are doing.


I leave you with this as a possible explanation- having researched and observed since 1995 - same thing in Ireland UK, USA etc.


Kind Regards, Portia


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