Thursday, March 20, 2014

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You Don't Know Dyck 

City manager has no clue what's going on?

Staff/Voice photos


have to apologize to our readers for not having any photos of the Irwin building demolition.


I contacted City manager Eric Dyck 4-5 times, and also in person, about the planned Irwin demolition explaining the importance of historical photos.


I was at the Five Corners a couple of times after it was announced the building was going to be demolished, just trying to find out exactly when. I also sent an e-mail on the morning of the demolition asking for information.


Eric Dyck (behind in doorway) shows people around the Irwin building Monday, Feb 24, 2014.


Late last week, Mr. Dyck assured the Voice the demolition wouldn't be taking place last week or this week.


I had to go through the same thing with Dyck and the Empress Hotel demolition in 2010 and in another story here. It was only through sheer luck that we got any photos at all.



Dyck must be mistaken in thinking that people have time to camp out on the street for  weeks waiting for his demolition to take place.


He did the same thing with the Paramount Theatre and was completely clueless when the sign was coming down. That time also included multiple trips checking beforehand and waits. Long waits.


The Voice takes historic photos seriously and we were looking forward to getting some of the Irwin Building at Five Corners as it was coming down. It's real letdown that we couldn't get any.


Dyck has never made it easy. He has no regard or idea about the value of historic photographs.


And these are the guys who run your city.


Will print media have photos of the first bricks flying? From what I know about Dyck, yes.


See our great previous coverage of  Dyck at the Sardis Library site here.




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