With a federal election looming, MPs need to pay close attention to what individuals and communities need







t's not too late to improve your platform before the election. I plan to vote Liberal, although I prefer the Green Party. To vote for them or the NDP will split the vote and the Conservatives will win.  That will be a tragedy.

Please stop insulting poor people by asking us for money. Canadian voters are mostly elders, single parents and underemployed educated young men and women.

I agree with raising of taxes and I want tax havens and kickbacks stopped. Please raise taxes of all people who earn more than $100,000 per year.

It is good that you are doing something about child care benefits and day care. Do more, plus Please provide up front music lessons, sports fees and equipment and nutritious food because: 

1). Most parents cannot wait for a year to get a refund through income tax.

2). They do not earn enough to pay income tax, so there is no refund to be had.


3). Fund better affordable housing.  In the same floor space there can be two or three more bedrooms and another bathroom.  There is a ridiculous escalation of building upper middle class large expensive housing.


Get funds by the following changes


1. Put a limit on salaries of CEOs, Vice Presidents and administrators, both private and government. They may have been skilled professionals at one time, but are outdated.


2. Change from top down decision-making to grass roots leadership elected by peers for two years, and no longer, so that they will not lose touch with changing realities.


3. Cut back on salaries of MPs, deputy ministers and administrators.


4. Cut down on the many layers of hierarchy. I suspect that this is why communications broke down for Jodie Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott. There are too many precocious secretaries and advisors.

Besides with two very different roles (Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Jodie Wilson-Raybould, needed freedom from one or the other, when they conflicted). It is not too late to correct this flaw in governance, and to apologize. If Trudeau does apologize I will be sure to vote for the Liberal candidate in my constituency.

The Prime Minister would have more time for healing of relationships if he turned over more of his work to the Governor General. It is not right for him to act as a President.

Electoral Reform got left out

As it is, the opposition can be left out of Parliament. As happened once in BC, 38% of votes were for the NDP, but only two got enough votes to get a seat!

Here is what the Federal Government could do to use funds more effectively

1. Cut down on the many layers of hierarchy.  I suspect that this is why communications broke down for Jodie Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott. There are too many precocious secretaries and advisors. Hire more professionals and skilled technicians in every ministry.


2. Our forests and parks are badly neglected.  That is why we have forest fires and summer long smog, and floods in BC and northern ON. 


3. There is a serious increase in respiratory, cardiac, arthritic a cancer diseases because of this neglect.

4. Coastal cleanup and rescues are seriously outdated and slow to react. The increase in funding promised is not adequate.


5. Subsidize hospitals and institutions if they hire well educated staff, full time. Part time workers get burnt out and their patients and clients receive substandard care. 

I am a retired nurse with a B.Sc and M.Sc. with experience in surgery, chronicity, public health, gerontology, paediatrics, mental illness-mental health and education of RN students and post RN B.Sc. students. I have worked in six of Canada’s provinces, NS to BC, and four countries overseas.


Elderly and disabled people have no income tax to pay, so most get no refunds for eligible medical and dental expenses, hearing aids and pharmacare. Just heal my broken heart please as I muddle away maintaining my home and health. I am 98-years-old and for thirty years since 1989, I have been helping stretch the funds of my mother until she died in 1995, and of two disabled siblings.


One was in Assisted Living for 14 years and died Nov 20, 2018. The other lived with me, but 4 years ago went into Assisted Living and a year ago into Residential Care. Both have required much help from me because these institutions are understaffed and supplies are not provided.

Provide Respectful Adequate Quality Care to  Elders who are subsidized in Assisted Living

1. Enough staff hired so that they can have a shower or bath more than once a week.

2. Pocket money of more than $300 per month, so that they can afford gifts for great grand children, tickets for concerts in the cultural centre, new shoes and clothes.

3. Free best quality incontinence supplies of their choice. Family like me over 90, hunt for second hand clothes and sales of incontinence supplies for disabled siblings, but the best products are expensive and usually out of stock.  Drug Mart shelves are full of many unsuitable varieties.

4. Hire staff members or visiting technologists to maintain their hearing aids. Most elders give up.  New hearing aids cost $6000 or more. Expose the wealth of manufacturers.

5. Hire enough Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapist to train elders to overcome painful knees and backs, and be rehabilitated.  Residents are discouraged. Rare visits merely assess and advise. An Occupational Therapist can be invited to select and order renovations in the kitchen, bathroom, stairs, etc. Both Provincial and Federal funds are available, but not well known.

6. Free foot care, hair cuts, dentist and dental hygienist work, television, hydro and Tai chi.  Why should these basics have to be paid for out of their $300?

7. Carpet cleaning and high dusting and cleaning. Why should these have to be paid out of their $300?  Most do not have relatives who can do this work.

8. Air conditioning equipment. Why should this have to be paid out of their $300?


9. An Electrician is available at half price and similarly a plumber, but they must be paid for two hours of work. One rarely has that much for either of these skilled people to do. A Plumber will not repair a laundry room fan. An Electrician might repair appliances but not check other appliances, safety monitors for fire and CO2, and not repair a drippy tap. There are probably lots of other faulty items, but an elderly woman does not have a check list of what needs periodic maintenance, nor a nearby capable relative. 

Now don’t tell me these is not Federal responsibilities. It is up to you to see that elderly people are honored and not lost between cracks.


Elderly people living in their family home or in an apartment face dangers,  many of which they are unaware.

1. "Better at Home" is available for some.  However the funding should be increased fourfold.

2. A woman comes for two hours once a month to do cleaning.

3. A homemaker to help with bathing and cooking is offered, but few need this sort of help.

4. Volunteer drivers have to charge 65 cents per km. Thus a trip to a specialist and return, can cost $100 or more, plus a meal for the volunteer driver.

5. "Taxi Saver" tickets are much less costly.  They are more prompt than Handidart. Many do not know they are available.

6. "Meals on Wheels" arrive at odd hours and need to be heated or defrosted. They do not appeal to most of us, and cost more than home cooked. Cooked earlier their nutritional value is reduced. It is just as easy to make your own soups, but people need to be taught how.

7. Grocery shopping is offered, but sales are missed and food is expensive, tastes sweet, and is not nourishing. Buyers are unaware of the need to check labels.

Fund a course at community colleges to prepare people to do the following:

1. My laundry room dyer stopped working. No one told me it was plugged with fuzz.

2. It would be so nice to have someone with a green thumb to help with flower pots or flower beds at the front and even the back doors. 

3. For better nutrition it would be encouraging to get a herb window garden started, and checked once in a while.

4. Teach how to cook soups.  

5. Scooters fall over easily on rough streets, and will not function when there is snow.

6. We can walk short distances with a walker. Who will help us go around the city in the rain or when there is snow on the sidewalks?

7. Who will shovel the snow every time it snows, or even once?

8. Who will clean and maintain our fans and A/C when spring comes?

My grandchildren have trouble making ends meet in other provinces. The middle class are becoming poor. I am sick of hearing the Liberals aim at improving the economy for the middle class. 


When are you going to improve the quality of life of the following

1. The elderly.

2. The 50% of children who lack funds for sports, music lessons and locally grown fresh fruit, instead of imported sweet packaged junk.

3. The college educated 30-year-olds who live at home because their jobs are part time, below minimum wage and in selling fast foods???  

4. Stop being afraid to raise taxes for those who earn over $100,000. Stop being afraid to prosecute those who hide their income in tax havens.

Why are Pharmacy costs high?

1. There are too many pharmacies. In this city of 100,000 there are 32 pharmacies. Ten would be enough. It is costly staffing all of them.

2. Food and drug laws are not well monitored or fully trustworthy. Start honoring whistle blowers.

3. Some manufacturers need to be prosecuted for claiming their processed food is nutritious.





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