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Some do's and don'ts to cutting a live tree





ritish Columbians who would like to cut their own Christmas tree can obtain a permit online, or by contacting their local natural resource district office or FrontCounter BC office.

Local natural resource district offices can provide details about specific cutting requirements and approved harvest areas. Free-use permits are provided for personal use only. It is illegal to sell a tree cut under a Christmas tree permit or to cut a tree in an unauthorized area.

When cutting a Christmas tree, keep the following in mind:

• Leave home prepared. Bring ropes, gloves, tools, tire chains, a first aid kit, a mobile phone and warm clothing
• Drive carefully. Be prepared for logging trucks
• Make sure to find the right tree before cutting. Some permits specify only one tree can be cut
• Do not leave a pointed stump as this may cause injury to livestock, wildlife, pets or humans
• Choose a tree that can be cut near the base and is easy to transport. Wasted tree remains left in the forest can form a summer fire hazard
• Clean up and remove all debris associated with the activity

Members of the public are reminded to check online maps provided by districts to ensure they are cutting within a designated area. No permits are available in the Chilliwack district due to population density and tree demand.


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