here are more French Canadians living in all 10 provinces and the territories, than in Quebec. For Quebec to separate would be tragic.

Compare splitting India into Muslim Pakistan-Bangladesh in 1947. This did much more harm than good. and did not solve anything. Millions of Sikhs got driven out of Pakistan so many came to Canada, Britain and other countries. Hindus were driven out too and suffered terribly, millions of them dying. Read the book Freedom at Midnight.

Millions of Muslims emigrated from India, especially to Karachi area in southern Pakistan, where they sort of took over as conquerors. The original Muslim population keep rioting and attacking them. The unrest and strife in Karachi has continued ever since 1947.

Bangladesh being far away from the main Pakistan received no understanding or support, so broke away after much warfare. They are very poor with millions of victims displaced by awful floods every year. These floods could be controlled in India.

I was in India at that time and for long periods until 1983. Now over 14% of the population of India is Muslim. Partition was a big mistake, demanded by Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

To have French medium schools in Canada and bilingual packaging, etc. is good. A unilingual country becomes isolationist and uncaring, like the USA. In Europe everybody speaks several languages and they are unified by EU (economic union) using a single currency and having open borders.

I am proud of my three grandchildren and their children living in Montreal. They are all fluently bilingual and belong to both cultures.


I am a royalist because it is important to separate ceremony and celebration from legislation and administration. A president is overburdened. A prime minister can leave the honoring and decorating of brave people, outstanding achievers and foreign guests to the Queen and her family in Britain, and to the Governor General and provincial Lt. Governors in Canada.

~ Myrtle MacDonald

I lived in Montreal too for 8 years in 1944-45 (to study Public Health Nursing at McGill while my husband was an army medical officer); 1968-71 when I earned an M.Sc. Applied in Nursing and Research, and in interesting employment until Sept 1974. Then I went to teach in Halifax at Dalhousie University.







Trudeau and family foolishly devoted a lot of time last year to the visit by Prince William and Kate. Three or four days was too much. One or two events would have been just fine.

I also like having a Senate because of sobre second thoughts about legislation that may be rash. Also there are many excellent committees that do a great deal of research of value to Parliament. See them in TV programs on CPAC. See Supreme Court proceedings on CPAC also.

However, the Senators should not get a salary, but only modest accommodation when away from home, and travel allowance. Think of them as volunteers like us. All Canadian institutions, service clubs and churches benefit greatly from volunteer work of millions of seniors. My dad was a School Trustee and a Municipal Councilor for many years without pay.




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