Vancouver Fashion Week kicks off  March 21.











ing & Reign is showcasing its Second Collection at Vancouver Fashion Week on Wednesday the 21st of March, as the headlining/closing show of the day. Kiarash Tarikhi presents The Unstoppable collection; inspired by three different stones in Amethyst, Aquamarine and Quartz.




Clear stones with golden color inclusions, different shades of violet and fascinating effects that they have on the human body. Both spiritually and externally.

For Kiarash Tarikhi, founder and designer of King & Reign; “The Unstoppable Collection aims to bring out people’s true inner self”. He says, “You're never fully dressed without confidence.”






ABOUT THE DESIGNER Born in 1994 in Tehran-Iran, Kiarash was inspired by culture, history and poetry in his childhood. Painting got his attention when he was eight years old and he started experimenting with street art and graffiti in 2010. He displayed his artwork at multiple single and group exhibitions in Tehran, Berlin and New York.

He later pursued his education in architecture and got his bachelor degree from the University of Tehran. Soon after his graduation, he started a career in interior design and got involved in multiple design projects. In 2016, he decided to move to Canada to build a career in the fashion industry.

Chasing a second diploma, he started studying fashion design at Art Institute of Vancouver and since then, his designs has been getting the attention of his mentors, teachers that led him to start his own brand, King & Reign.

ABOUT KING & REIGN Confidence, passion, and inspiration is the secret to all beauty. Beauty and the overall concept of it struggle to exist without these elements. Quality matters. Design matters as much as life and everything around it does. The choices we make in representing ourselves with the pieces of clothing we put on, make a difference. We are bound to make a difference. King & Reign is about the colors of life. On top of accepting the moments that is colorless and meaningless. Finding the meaning in those, the perspective to understand why they may be the way they are, is the goal. It is what drives us. What motivates us.

To dress up. Never down. Always up. And to express.









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