Sunday April 10, 2011


Kilty Pleasures

Sons of Scotland Open House mixes culture and community



he Sons of Scotland (SOS) 220 Fraser Glen Chilliwack Branch held a well-attended Open House Saturday at the Coast Hotel.


Kilt-clad Grand Chief Jim Bain was having a "guid mornin" enjoying the camaraderie at their annual event when they get the chance to throw open the doors to the community.


Bain said organizers were surprised that more people showed up in the morning than they anticipated.


"We thought more would be here in the afternoon. But it's great and we've only been open 45 minutes.                                                            


Bain told The Voice that the event was "to show who we are and invite people to joins us," adding that "if you wanted to celebrate being Scottish, this is the place to be."

Displays were set up with resource materials where people could learn about Scotland and the culture.

"The tables have photographs of the things we do and explanations of some of the events we hold, history and heritage, a little bit about Scotch whiskey which is very important to us," he said with a sheepish grin.

According to Bain, the Chilliwack SOS helped other Lower Mainland branches raise over $100,000 for the Kidney Foundation.

"I would really like to say that there's an active Scottish group here in the valley. We do a lot of good work, we do a lot of social work, we do a lot of fundraising.

The kilt, especially a tartan kilt, is a symbol of Scotland and Scottish heritage, as well as of a particular clan, family, place or military unit. While this symbolism may not be important to some, it is important to the the community.

The SOS group, whose slogan is "Happily Scottish, Proudly Canadian", meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Senior's Hall at 45795 Victoria Ave. (at Cook) For more information about the local club call Ken Wilson at 604-792-6696 information or call the national office at: 1-800-387-3382 or online:

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